How to Make Hardwood Floors Shine | Simple and Inexpensive Way to Make Your Flooring Look Brand New

dining room with shiny wooden floor

Hardwood floors are durable, but their finish is prone to scratches and scuffs. Your wood floors take continuous abuse from high heels, pet scratches, children’s toys, moving furniture around, etc. Refinishing—the process of thoroughly sanding floors to create a new surface finish—is expensive and should be done after every decade. However, polishing with a product designed … Read more

10 Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Reviews 2022 | Clean Your Flooring Effortlessly & With No Damage

a robot vacuum cleaner on the floor

The best robot vacuum for hardwood floors needs to clean efficiently without damaging your floors. When you’re looking for a vacuum for hardwood floors, you’ll see plenty of brands that say they are suitable for all surfaces. Unfortunately, not all of these vacuums are really suited to do the job and they can’t care for … Read more

Canister vs. Upright Vacuum | Which Is Better for Your Needs, or Should You Have Both?

Canister vs. Upright Vacuum picture

A hoover is an electric machine used to clean surfaces such as floors, carpets, furniture, etc., by suctioning the dust and dirt. The choice of vacuum will depend on availability, personal preference, usage, and budget. Most households used the upright models in the past but progressively changed to the canister vacuums. There are many types of … Read more

How to Repair Swollen Laminate Flooring | Learn the Causes and Fix the Bulges

repaired laminate flooring

Most homeowners prefer laminate to other kinds of flooring. They are attractive, durable, affordable, and most importantly, can withstand little moisture. Moreover, it’s easy to install laminate flooring and maintain. However, a laminate floor is resistant to too much water or moisture. Wetness causes laminate boards to swell and buckle if you notice bubbles on your … Read more