10 Best Backpack Vacuums In 2022 [ Top Rated Picks ]

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Looking for a personalized and close tackling tool to remove the dust, dirt, and debris? There are excellent units available in battery-powered and corded options. No matter if you are trying to find something to clean a smaller or more extensive area, I’ve got you covered. Let’s have a look at the best backpack vacuum cleaners we’ve reviewed.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Backpack Vacuums in 2022

Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing
Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing
Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing
NAMEProTeam 10Q Backpack VacuumHoover C2401 Backpack VacuumAtrix VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum
DIMENSIONS25 x 8.5 x 8.5 in13.25 x 13.25 x 30 in19.5 x 12.5 x 10 in

  1. Best Overall: ProTeam 10Q Backpack Vacuum
  2. Best Commercial: Hoover C2401 Backpack Vacuum
  3. Best Budget: Atrix VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum
  4. Best Cordless: Makita XCV05PT X2 Backpack Vacuum
  5. Best Bagless: Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum
  6. ProTeam FS Commercial Corded Backpack Vacuum
  7. Hoover CH30000 Lightweight Commercial Vacuum
  8. GV 10qt Commercial Backpack Vacuum
  9. Powr-Flite BP10S ComfortPro Backpack Vacuum

1. Best Overall: ProTeam 10Q Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results

ProTeam 10Q Backpack Vacuum

This backpack vacuum cleaner by ProTeam Super Coach Vac is a heavy-duty unit. The vacuum cleaner has been designed to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. The unit in the operating mode is tranquil, so you do not need earbuds during the operation. This makes the cleaner an ideal cleaner for offices and households. The range of noise produced by the cleaner varieties around 66 dBa only.

Moreover, this backpack vacuum cleaner features a heavy-duty flex hose the connects the wand with the canister. With this, you can also add additional tools when you need them. Additionally, the design of the wand is ergo

nomic, and this provides you an angle that is ideal for floor vacuuming. This wand design also adds to increase the efficiency with the help of a slight air gap that helps to maximize the airflow on the surface of the floor. The unit also features a wide range of attachments and accessories. These include a soft dusting brush, upholstery tool, telescoping wand, multi-surface floor tool, and a crevice tool. These attachments not only make the use easier but also adds so much to the versatility of the backpack vacuum.

Furthermore, you get a tool belt and a hook that offer easy access to the tools. This hook and belt also help to manage the power cord so that you can clean without any hindrance. Moreover, the unit is efficient when it comes to performance. This is a machine that would save a lot of your cleaning time. Due to many added accessories, you can do the task easily without arching your back and arms. Most importantly, the vacuum boasts a 4 stage HEPA filtration system.

Also, this system helps to clean the air thoroughly and also capture any allergens that might cause asthma. At the bottom line, the low profile and cylindrical canister design offer you a streamlined and contoured body of the cleaner. This is also really light in weight, which makes it easy to maneuver.

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2. Best Commercial: Hoover C2401 Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Hoover C2401 Backpack Vacuum

This backpack vacuum by Hoover is the Commercial C2401 backpack vacuum cleaner. This is a lightweight unit that weighs only 9.3 pounds. This weight makes the unit super easy to use and move around while cleaning. The vacuum cleaner features a power cord that covers 50 feet of length. This allows the user the freedom of mobility without looking for a power socket.

Moreover, the Hoover C2401 backpack vacuum boasts of having a harness system having a chiropractor design. This design offers an ergonomic displacement of weight. This also provides many adjustment settings so that you can customize the fit according to your needs and comfort. Moreover, the weight of this vacuum is among the lightest in the market. Adding further, with this combination of specifications and flexibility, the price tag of this cleaner is also really reasonable.

Furthermore, the Hoover commercial also offers a wide range of attachments adding to the versatility of the unit. The unit features a soft dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a 38-inch metal wand, an 11-inch wide turbo floor tool, and a 6-inch crevice tool. The design of all these tools is also such that they can tackle all the suction tasks with ease. Moreover, you get a clear lid of the canister, which enables you to monitor the situation of dust and dirt you have collected.

Additionally, you also get disposable bags to deal with dirty messes. However, these bags being disposable can also rip when they get full. You may need to spend some extra bucks for their replacement over time. The cord of the unit is the star that steals the whole show. While it is long, it is manageable as well; however, when extended fully. It might add some weight.

Also, the floor attachments have the superior build quality, and it is really fun to clean using it. The slight downside about the unit is that it does not work great with high pile carpets. Overall, it forms a good unit that is super lightweight, and it is an excellent option for mid-sized household use.

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3. Best Budget: Atrix VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

Atrix VACBP1 Backpack Vacuum


The Atrix VACBP1 HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner is a low profile, lightweight, and affordable suction machine. The device also boasts a wide variety of attachments and tools. It features a crevice tool, a round brush, a powerful airbrush that is air-driven, and an extension wand that can be adjusted between 22 to 37 inches. Moreover, the exhaust produced by the backpack vacuum cleaner discharges from the rear side. This means that it does not add to clear the mess from the path of the hose of the vacuum.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner has an extreme suction power. This suction is so intense that at some point, you may need to put some effort into breaking the suction while cleaning. Due to this suction power, you can handle any of the household suction tasks with ease.

Furthermore, a convenient holster for the tool is also built into the belt strap of the harness. This means that you can get your hands on any tool you want within close reach. You also get HEPA filter, meaning that your air will be filtered and free from any allergens or pollutants. Furthermore, the company also offers replacement filters, and you can get these online as well. Moreover, these filters are available at an affordable price so you can keep your unit working optimally. The cord length of this vacuum cleaner is concise. The length is such that you would want an extension cord. However, it is a slight perk as the cords tend to add weight to the whole unit. You can checkout more budget-friendly vacuums here.

Additionally, due to the reliable suction power, the unit is capable of grabbing the debris and dirt from quite a distance. Moreover, using this one to clean the room makes the room feel clean and fresh. Even during a deep cleaning session, the cleaner is easy and comfortable to use and operate. At the bottom line, the Atrix VACBP1 backpack vacuum cleaner forms a lightweight and low profile design that offers you a smooth motion and clean every nook and corner of your house.

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4. Best Cordless: Makita XCV05PT X2 Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

Makita XCV05PT X2 Backpack Vacuum

The XCV05PT backpack vacuum by Makita is a cordless option. The backpack vacuum provides you 60 minutes of continuous operation with the help of 2 lithium-ion batteries. However, if you use the lower suction setting, it would last you for one and a half hours.

Moreover, if you already own lithium-ion batteries, then you can opt only to get the device without batteries. Like most of the backpack cleaners, this vacuum performs excellently for cleaning bare floors. Also, the unit weighs only 9.4 pounds, and this lightweight makes this one easy to move. With this, you do not have to worry about hurting your back and shoulders. Additionally, the Makita XCV05PT is sturdy and also features high-quality attachments to increase the efficiency of the device. The motor is brushless, and everything is kept cool with the help of carbon brushes. This makes sure that to improve the performance of the unit and also enhance its life span.

Furthermore, you also get a two-stage HEPA filtration, so the air is free from any fine particles and irritants. Moreover, this backpack vacuum cleaner helps you to save the cleaning time, especially when you are cleaning more extensive areas. Additionally, the overall design has a good quality design, and it is comfortable to use. The dust bag has a capacity of 2 qt, and hose length covers about 3.25 feet. Now the downside is that the waistband has a poor design and feels a bit low quality.

Also, the on and off cord has an abridged length, and this might break it due to pressure. The upside is that the batteries last for a good time period, and this helps you to save a lot of time. This also reduces the frustration for managing the cord knots as well. However, it might cost you some extra bucks to get the batteries. At the bottom line, the Makita XCV05PT forms a good purchase within a budget and performs well.

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5. Best Bagless: Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results

Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum

There are a lot of brand names that are manufacturing cordless backpack style vacuum cleaner. Here is the Prolux 2.0, which is a combination of sound engineering and smart design. The unit is not only a cordless backpack vacuum but also bagless. The vacuum cleaner is incredibly light in weight. This allows you with continuous operation of straight an hour and cleans any area you want. The unit has a lightweight, and this will enable you to clean continuously without arching your back and shoulders.

Moreover, the backpack vacuum features a cyclonic suction technology that helps to accentuate the efficiency by 40 percent. The suction power is also significant that cleans nicely. The unit weighs only 8 pounds, and this is as heavy as the weight of your average house cat.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner is straightforward to use. You will find that it is effortless to clean. Moreover, when the bagless storage containers are full, it is really easy to empty it. The vacuum cleaner in the construction features the combination of high impact plastics and polymers. Besides, the motor behind the cyclonic technology has an advanced lithium-ion battery. This means that you do not have to sacrifice on power whether the battery is charged fully or ahs just a few minutes before it dies away. Moreover, the HEPA filtration system featured by the backpack vacuum is washable and reusable. Also, all the moving parts of the cleaner can be manipulated without using any special tools.

At the bottom line, the performance put out by the cleaner is definitely comparable to the units that are larger and heavier. You will actually be pleased to see how this one works. Prolux 2.0 forms one of the lightest and very useful backpack vacuums. This is very effective and has a reasonable price tag. The cyclonic technology adds so much to make this one shine bright among the list.

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6. ProTeam FS Commercial Corded Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

ProTeam FS Commercial Corded Backpack Vacuum


Here is another option from the company ProTeam. This one is called ProVac FS 6 backpack vacuum cleaner. This is also an industrial vacuum cleaner and is loaded with useful accessories. These include a telescoping wand, an extensive floor tool, a hose, 50-foot long power cord. All these attachments combine to add versatility to the vacuum cleaner. With this vacuum at your hand, you can easily clean carpets, hard floors, and around the tables with ease and comfort. It is also a fact that FS 6 is a unit that has an expensive price tag. But the performance exhibited by the unit is just excellent.

Moreover, the vacuum has a smaller capacity of bin despite the higher price. The vacuum cleaner while operation produces low noise, and this rates about 65.8 dBA. This noise is low, meaning that you do not need any earbuds. Also, the unit features an adjustable harness enabling you to adjust according to your height. Besides, you can adjust the higher harness connecting it to different holes, different from the one located at the bottom.

Furthermore, the belt is designed such that it increases the ease and comfort of use—the airflow generated by the vacuum cleaner rates to be 159 CFM. The machine is a mighty heavy-duty machine; still, it is hushed. With this crazy power, you can clean all your surfaces, including carpets and floors as well.

Additionally, the backpack vacuum features a HEPA media filter that can capture almost 99 percent particles. This filter can capture the particles of 0.3 microns and larger food debris and allergens. At the bottom line, the FS 6 by ProTeam forms a great option that allows you to clean large areas of your home. Being a commercial vacuum cleaner, you can also utilize this one for offices, schools, kitchens, hotels, and cafeterias.

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7. Hoover CH30000 Lightweight Commercial Vacuum

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Hoover CH30000 Lightweight Commercial Vacuum


The CH30000 is a lightweight and handy device that is easy to use. By having this, your cleaning experience will be enhanced. The vacuum cleaner is a commercial and reliable device, which is an excellent option for detail cleaning. This allows you to clean all your hallways, tight corners and stairways rigorously.

Moreover, the Hoover CH30000 has a 33-inch long power cord. This long cord makes sure that you can reach and clean all the extended areas without any difficulty. This canister vacuum weighs only 8.3 pounds, which makes it really easy to use. This also means that you can move while cleaning without hurting your arms and back. Also, the vacuum cleaner also has a built-in blower that is meant to clean all the hard to reach areas. You can easily get to clean all the upholstery, interiors of vehicles, and draperies as well.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner also allows you to switch and alternate between all your cleaning tasks efficiently. The reason is that the unit uses a reusable commercial cloth or a paper dust bag. It is most likely that you would use the bag made of fabric for the sharper objects. On the other hand, the paper bag remains more suitable for cleaning dusty tasks.

Additionally, the cleaner also has a crevice tool and a built-in brush. You can use both of these tools interchangeably, depending on the surface you are dealing with. You can use the crevice tool to clean all the tight spaces and use the brush for cleaning rugs and carpets. Adding more, the greater suction power aids for, the higher performance of the vacuum cleaner.

At the bottom line, the CH30000 by Hoover is a high performing unit, and it is capable of handling a variety of cleaning tasks. Besides, if you are hunting for an option that is affordable, light in weight and does not compromise on performance.

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8. GV 10qt Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

GV 10qt Commercial Backpack Vacuum

The GV 10-Quart backpack is a unit that has a canister capacity that is put into a relatively small footprint. This means that the unit is a combination of power amalgamated with lightweight. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is a unit that works great on the hardwood as well as tiles. The unit has an Aluminium construction, which makes it light in weight and easy to maneuver. The vacuum cleaner weighs only 11 pounds and also features to have a three-stage filtration system.

Moreover, the device has a low profile and due to the large size of the canister. It can hold almost 30 to 50 percent more quantity of dirt as compared to other backpack vacuums. Besides, the device also boasts of having a lot of tools that add more to the versatility and comfortable use. These tools include a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a power mini head, and a deluxe floor tool. All these combined make the unit stand out and shine bright among its counterparts.

Furthermore, the power mini head attachment is an ideal option to deal
with the pet-related messes as it has a motorized head. The vacuum cleaner digs in to extract and clean all the stubborn pet hair that is deeply embedded in the upholstery and floors. Moreover, you are also provided with a reliving suction valve. This suction relief valve is built to the suction forces that can be controlled when dealing with the items with lightweight. These include lightweight curtains and rugs. The HEPA filter added into the unit makes this one be a perfect option for people that are allergic. This filter also has a washable cloth bag that is long-lasting and sturdy. Moreover, you can buy these in extra supply if you want.

Additionally, the vacuum cleaner has features padded waist and shoulder straps that you can adjust according to your comfort. The vacuum cleaner also has 110 CFM and a 120-inch water lift. These together make sure that you get efficient cleaning results. You can use this to clean high and low piled carpets easily, and the operation is quite simple as well. Lastly, you get a two-year warranty for the motor, so it forms a good investment.

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9. Powr-Flite BP10S ComfortPro Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

Powr-Flite BP10S ComfortPro Backpack Vacuum

As the name of the vacuum cleaner indicates that this is a unit that provides you with comfortable use. The unit is designed with an adjustable harness. You can customize this harness at any point according to your personal comfort zone. The unit features a power cord that is 50 feet long. This length allows the user to stretch between the cleaning sessions without interruption. Even though the cord is really long, however, extending it fully might weigh you and the vacuum down a bit. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 12 pounds, and with the fully extended cord, it may add to tire you somewhat.

Moreover, you get an on belt storage as well. This makes you access the right tool whenever you want. The tools that come along the package include an upholstery tool, a dusting tool, a 1-inch crevice tool, a 14-inch Powr-glide carpet tool, and a 4-inch hose with the blendable wand.

Furthermore, you also get a four-stage HEPA filter system. This system has a pre, post and an exhaust filter, which altogether give no way to any allergens. This means that the air you are getting is clean, free from all the dust particles. The harness is designed so that you can adjust at seven different points. Moreover, while cleaning the suction power may sometimes get intense. This happens especially when you are cleaning the rugs. Also, this vacuum cleaner works most efficiently on the hard floors.

Lastly, the unit does not produce a lot of noise, and you can operate it even when your TV is on. You can also purchase additional disposable bags at a reasonable price. Lastly, this unit offers you multiple variations featuring different attachments. You can choose the one that suits you best.

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10. GV 8 Qt Light Powerful Backpack Vacuum

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Best Results

GV 8 Qt Light Powerful Backpack Vacuum

Here I have chosen another model from the GV vacuums, which is the GV 8 Quart cordless backpack vacuum cleaner. The model has no cord, and this allows you to work easily without knotting the cords. This also allows you to move and clean freely.

Moreover, the unit also provides you with ease of use. You just need to charge the battery, strap the backpack on, and now you are ready to move around and clean up everything. Additionally, the metal wand is adjustable, and this assists in reaching the walls, ceiling walls, floors, and the zones of the power nozzle. Also, this adds to pull out the hidden debris and dust particles. You also get a floor attachment, which features a suction adjustment setting. This setting allows you to transition the suction power while changing between different surfaces. Moreover, this comes particularly handy when you transition from bare floors to carpets while cleaning.

Furthermore, the unit has a lithium-ion battery that takes about two hours to get fully charged. After being charged fully, this provides you with 45 to 60 minutes of continuous operation. However, you get to purchase extra battery packs so that you can clean without any interruption. The attachments featured by the vacuum cleaner include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a turbo floor attachment with the brush roll.

Additionally, the vacuum cleaner during operation does not produce a lot of noise. This means that you can efficiently operate the unit with your TV. Moreover, the bags last for a reasonable period before you need to replace them. The performance of the powered brush deserves some praise, but it also tends to clog with the pet hair. Overall, the GV 8 Quart offers you with the battery-powered freedom, but this has a cost. The cost you pay in terms of an expensive price tag and also the unit weighs quite heavily. The unit you will be able to clean your entire house easily, and it is a recommended option.

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There are some essential things to consider while choosing the best vacuum cleaner. These qualities and features are the key factors that need special consideration before you opt for one unit. Suction power, weight, physical dimensions, and harness quality are some of the variables that come into play while the decision making process. 

Attachments that come along a unit can not be ignored. As a general rule, the more is the number of accessories and tools; the higher is the versatility of the vacuum cleaner. However, excessive functionality may also harm the core function of the product. But in the realm of backpack vacuum cleaners, most of the tools add to improve the overall user experience. 


 When it comes to choosing one unit, the low profile and lightweight body style get the most marks while ranking the units. The primary purpose of this backpack canister with strong suction power is to develop an ultra-mobile device. This device makes sure that the user can strap it on and start the cleaning without any obstacles. Two factors are critical in terms of mobility and size. The actual weight is the most crucial consideration. The majority of these backpacks weigh between 10 to 18 pounds. Moreover, considering the physical dimensions is also essential. Some of the vacuums have low depth and width profiles, and this adds height to the canister. These vacuum canisters can range from 20 inches to 31 inches. So an operator with smaller suction might feel a bit heavy for the unit that reaches on the upper end of the scale. 


If the vacuum cleaner is very light in weight, it might be possible that the efficiency of dirt elimination has been decreased. In some cases, you might be able to cut the cleaning times with a minimum exertion of energy as well. However, an essential thing that can cut on the productivity short is the power source; Backpack vacuums are either battery-powered or corded. However, there is a wide range of expectations between the two. 

Most of the corded vacuum cleaners have a 24 inch or short power cord. This one is designed and supposed to be used with an extension cord. Others may have a cord having 50′ extension. This one adds to extend the range of power source so that you can get full suction power without cutting it short. Moreover, there is a wide variety of battery powered backpack vacuum. These allow the user to operate all-around while cleaning. These go to all lengths and eliminate all the dust and debris without interruption. No doubt that the battery-operated units work nicely, but they have a downside. The charging of the unit dies, eventually meaning that the suction would stop. Most of these batteries operate for 45 to 60 minutes after being charged fully. However, you can also purchase some extra packs of battery for back up. 


When you have a backpack vacuum cleaner that you would use strapped behind your ear, the noise production forms a critical concern. It is always recommended to wear hearing protection during operation. During any residential and commercial vacuum cleaners, the noise level is still an important consideration. Even if you are comparing some units, the noise production forms a significant concern. On the decibel scale sone vacuum range in the ’60s while others may reach up to 70’s level. This range can make a considerable difference when it comes to the general level of noise. You can learn more on the website


The price is the most critical factor, while any purchase you are making. Upgrades and warranties also form another critical factor. The addition of the HEPA filtration system makes the standard feature among the backpack vacuum cleaners. These HEPA filters have a multi-stage system that stops all the allergens from reaching us. These do not let these microscopic allergens escape, so most of the manufacturers consider the filtration systems. These filter systems are given equal importance as the suction power. 

Furthermore, the accessories always add to accentuate the overall value of any backpack vacuum. The unit can reach the top position in ranking that features a lot of attachments on the package. Moreover, tool management also provides more marks during the ranking process. Some vacuum cleaner also boasts a tool holster into the belt. This makes sure that you get the right tool within your close reach. 

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For what kind of cleaning you may use the backpack vacuum cleaner?

The backpack vacuums are designed to tackle the mid-sized to bigger jobs. With the help of a specialized cleaning tool, you can clean your desired area more efficiently and quickly. This also adds maneuvering capabilities throughout the room. These backpack vacuums allow the user to weave and bob through a room or your entire house. This cleans all the debris and dirt and, in the majority of the cases, cleans the air as well. With the help of all the tools and attachments added in the backpack, you can deal with every single cleaning job. 

Moreover, this little pack within a mobile shell allows you to clean your entire house. You can also reach the curtain rods and fan blades with the help of the suiting attachment and extension wand. Return of stairs to their former dust and dirt free state will be attainable. And you will be able to do all this without dragging any suction device hurting your back and shoulders. These backpack vacuums form the best equipment for quick, small tasks. 

How much weight you can carry around easily?

The usual vacuum cleaner often limits your mobility and restricts your movement due to the weight. However, the backpack vacuums allow you to take your cleaning chore to a new level. Most of the backpack vacuums weigh less than 20 pounds. These once they get a proper position, allow you to pull the hidden dust, dirt and pet hair really effectively. The appropriate position of the vacuum cleaner is also essential. The traditional upright vacuum cleaner can add major strain on your shoulders, arms, and lower back. However, with the backpack vac, you get a center mass supported suction combined with lightweight. This means that the user gets the most comfortable and fatigue-free cleaning sessions. 

How much the attachments and accessories matter?

Attachments and additional features always add more to the overall efficiency of the backpack vacuum cleaners. The majority of the units have added extension wands, crevice tools, and powered brushes. Many of the vacuum manufacturers offer sweetening deals. These companies add extra features such as blower function. Moreover, the companies add multi-staged HEPA filtration systems as well. The strap design does not form an additional feature. Although in terms of backpack vacuums, the strap design does form an additional specification. 

Additionally, these straps and harness styles also come in many different designs. These may add different paddings that range from very thin to heavily padded pillow-like thick. The quality of the harness can also make or break the user experience. Some manufacturers also claim that their staps are more comfortable to use. 

Which features are offered by more expensive units?

The freedom from the cord is the primary feature that is added in a unit with an expensive price tag. The battery-operated units are also more expensive, but this also offers you a full range of motion and allows maximum mobility. Moreover, the units which are more expensive also tend to have increased warranty lengths. In many cases, the warranty jumps from 1 year to a full 3 year-long warranty. However, it is not guaranteed that more expensive products can expect a higher quality of the materials. This is also not 100 percent sure that the quality of attachments would be the greatest. Still, you expect that the quality would be better as compared to the cheaper models. 

How can you store a backpack vacuum cleaner?

The design of the backpack vacuum cleaner is such that it is often a tedious task to store it. The narrow and tall canisters, straps, extension cords, and oodles of tools combine and create a jumbled mess altogether. However, some of the manufacturers provide a storage bag. On the other hand, some leave it totally to the creativity of the owner. You can get a dual hanger storage setup that can comfortably accommodate the cleaner along with its cord and tools. You can also make use of heavy-duty wall hooks, totes, or corner of any closet. 

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