16 Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors In 2023 – [ Top Picks ]

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Cleaning is a major chore, and if you are a female just like me and own a large house to maintain, you definitely know the struggle. Moreover, if you are tired of pulling heavy vacuum cleaners around the house as well as also like to have hardwood flooring, I’ve got a solution. Hardwood, no doubt, gives your residence a luxury appearance, but if you are unable to maintain it, with regular cleaning, it might start looking ugly instead of beautifying your house. It is a good thing to have a good vacuum cleaner, but sometimes that cleaning becomes tiresome. So choosing a good broom is a good option. For safety and good cleaning experience, you must own a good broom with ideal bristles. This fulfills your tasks without extra effort. Here are some brooms rated best among the class, you can choose anyone that is best suitable for you. So let’s check out my collection of best brooms for hardwood floors in 2022.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors in 2022

Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing
GE Top Loading Pet HairSamsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine
NAMEEvriholder Hardwood Floor BroomOXO Good Grips Hardwood Floor BroomLandHope Push Hardwood Floor Broom
TYPETelescopic ExtendableAUTO AdjustMulti-Purpose Squeegee
DIMENSIONS36.9 x 1.6 x 7.9 in38.5 x 3.5 x 10.8 in12.6 x 2.13 x 55.1 in

  1. BEST OVERALL: Evriholder Hardwood Floor Broom
  2. BEST CHOICE: OXO Good Grips Hardwood Floor Broom
  3. BEST VALUE: LandHope Push Hardwood Floor Broom
  4. RAVMAG Hardwood Floor Broom
  5. Swiffer Hardwood Floor Broom
  6. Dust Pan Hardwood Floor Broom
  7. Carlisle Hardwood Floor Broom
  8. WISPsystem’s Best Hardwood Floor Broom
  9. TreeLen Hardwood Floor Broom
  10. Bissell Lightweight Floor Broom

1. Evriholder Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Evriholder Hardwood Floor Broom


The broom by Evriholder comes in black and yellow color and is specially designed for removal of pet hair as well as thorough cleaning of hardwood floors. With the blade measuring 12 inches, this big wiper squeegee dries a large area with every pull, allowing you to complete your cleaning fast. The high-quality natural rubber blade also prevents spots, saving you the hassle of additional drying using towels or mops. The natural rubber of the broom attracts pet hair like a magnet and very easily removes the hair from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum.

Moreover, the large squeegee handle extends to 5 ft., which eliminates tedious bending while drying floors. You can reach high windows without needing any stoll due to the squeegee handle. The broom features a long handle, so you clean easily without bending or arching your back. The bristles pull the hair up but then catch the tufts and spread them around. You will find that using short quick strokes with the rake turned upside down produce the best results. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile.


Furthermore, this broom is most effective on pet hair when the rubber blade is used, as opposed to the rubber bristles. The bristle side does a bit of hair removal, but it often tosses hair out of the way or into the air. I find it’s best to use the blade side, and then once everything is clean, to ‘fluff’ the carpet with the bristles. It makes it look very new and fresh. Overall the broom is very effective and yet very cheap. Also, it comes in four options so you can buy just broom, broom and a brush, compact broom or pet grooming wipes as well.

Brush:12in Blade
Handle:36-60 in
Handle Type:Telescopic Extendable
Weight:0.91 lbs
Product Dimensions:36.9 x 1.6 x 7.9 in


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2. OXO Good Grips Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

OXO Good Grips Hardwood Floor Broom


The OXO Good Grips Sweep Set covers a traditional broom set featuring an extendable broom and a dustpan. The brush has flagged bristles that result in covering a larger surface area. Moreover, the feathered texture is effective in grabbing any dust and dirt. The handle is also extendable, which means a person of any height can adjust it according to personal comfort. It covers 53 inches at the longest. The dustpan in the set also features a long handle and comes with teeth to comb out dirt and a flexible tip that conforms to surfaces, so dust is not swept underneath it.

Additionally, the broom is excellent for houses that exclusively have hardwood or mostly hardwood and tile floors. Moreover, the bristles of the broom are really safe, which means that you do not need to worry about damaging or scrapping your carpets or floors. On the other hand, the bristles being really soft bend out of the way, and if you are using this one for rigorous sweeping, there is a chance that you may also bend or break the bristles (see also carpet sweepers).

However, the dustpan lasts longer as compared to the broom. They also provide very compact storage, the dustpan locks open for easy emptying. The lightweight, with non-slip grips, is easy to maneuver, and the broom snaps into the closed dustpan for upright, compact storage.

Handle:53 in
Handle Type:Extendable
Weight:2.2 lbs
Product Dimensions:38.5 x 3.5 x 10.8 in

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3. LandHope Push Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

LandHope Push Hardwood Floor Broom


One Broom that can clean your entire house effortlessly from floors sweeping, scrubbing, carpets cleaning, water wiping, and even car washing is Landhope Extra Large Push Broom. The handle is telescopic and adjustable, making it suitable to be used by a kid as well as by a tall individual with ease. The handle can be adjusted easily according to the height of the person using it. The range of adjustable handles ranges from 31.5 inches to 54 inches. The bristles are made up of rubber, which can quickly move and scrap off the messes from various surfaces including tile, hardwood, carpets, outdoor surfaces, and pretty much everything.

Moreover, the attached squeegee works great on cleaning windows, and the bristles can be used on carpet to remove hair. You would be extremely pleased with the broom and how well it gathers up pet hair from hardwood floors and carpets. The wide width of the head enables you to finish cleaning within no time, and you do not need to spend hours scrubbing your carpets and floors.

Furthermore, the broom can also clean up liquid spills from the floor and dries very fast after washing. It doesn’t sweep corners easily due to it’s design. Overall, it’s the best choice as pros overcome the cons, and it offers great cleaning at a reasonable price.

Brush:Rubber Bristles
Handle:31-54 in
Handle Type:Telescopic Extendable
Weight:1.05 lbs
Product Dimensions:12.6 x 2.1 x 55.1 in

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4. RAVMAG Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results

RAVMAG Hardwood Floor Broom


This versatile Broom by RAVMAG sweeps wet as well as dry surfaces and can be used indoors and outdoors with great efficiency. The bristles are composed of natural rubber, which requires little maintenance for short and long-term use. The rubber is easy to clean, does not lose shape, and lasts for a long time. This Broom is perfect for the most grueling jobs.

Moreover, It is tough enough to handle any job, yet without damaging any surfaces. If you’ve had bad experiences of your furniture being scratched while cleaning, then let me tell you. The soft natural rubber bristles offer delicate cleaning and won’t harm your furniture in any manner. The squeezing feature allows you to clean small sections quickly, just clean from one side, flip it, squeeze it, and give it a go again.

Furthermore, it’ll remove the excess water and will take away most of the dirt as well. More than just cleaning the hard flooring, the rubber broom acts as a carpet rake for carpeted stairs, sweeping area rugs, and runners, etc. Unlike typical designs, the rubber design of this Broom locks the dirt and won’t let it slip. It also makes it able to pull amazing amounts of hair and fur. By using short strokes, you can take away most of the hair from the carpet, locked securely with the Broom for good.

The Broom has an overall sturdy construction, and the sweeping head covers an area of 12 inches. The job done by the Broom is great and suffers from wear and tear after quite longer use compared to many other products. You can also clean the brush of your broom to make it last longer.

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5. Swiffer Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Swiffer Hardwood Floor Broom

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Mop is a genius choice if you have hard floors to clean. The mop is designed to sweep and mop your floors by utilizing thick dry sweeping cloths that conform to surfaces and grout lines, with higher cleaning action on dirt, dust & hair. The wet mopping cloths take away all the dirt and grime as well as trap in the core, locking away for good. It’s advised to not use Swiffer Sweeper wet cloths on oiled, unfinished waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles, or carpeted floors.

Moreover, the whole box features a sweeper floor mop, seven disposable unscented dry sweeping cloths, and three disposable unscented wet mopping cloths. You would definitely like to use this mop with a washcloth tucked onto the end. You can spray the cleaning solution on that and scrub away on the floor.


This is a great kit for the money, and a good starter kit to see if you like the Swiffer line of products, you need to connect the mop at poles to clean properly. The thick cloths are able to pick up even the finest of the dust particles; moreover, as soon as the cloth dries out, it traps and locks them into the core of fabric. Furthermore, the fabric of cloth is very effective for sensitive hardwood floors. Wet pads, on the other hand, are not suitable to be used on waxed and unfinished wood.

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6. Dust Pan Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

Dust Pan Hardwood Floor Broom


If you are looking for something affordable, you can opt for this set, which will provide you with both the broom as well as the dustpan. Both the items feature adjustable handles and maneuvering is really easy. The dustpan itself has an angled rubber liner in front that makes sweeping in the smallest particles possible. Moreover, this one has sturdy teeth at the top of the dustpan, so when the broom collects hair/dust/lint, which usually gets tangled into the bristles, you can now “comb” the broom using the teeth. Otherwise, you have to grab and pull with your hand, which isn’t the worst thing, but if you can avoid it.

Moreover, this is set with clips together, so it can be stored very compactly together or still separately if preferred on hooks. The materials are nice, plastic dustpan with metal handles which are not too heavy and do not feel cheap. Moreover, nylon bristles are dense but very flexible, so it’s easy to sweep under furniture.

It is easy to rinse and dry all parts. You would not mind the smaller width compared to some brooms because many people do not find that a wider brush makes for easier household cleaning. This is simple to pop out and tidy up on a daily basis. In the context of price, it lies on the pricey side when compared to your standard everyday set. However, it is absolutely worth the money. The bristle cleaner alone makes cleaning up large sticky or wet messes a breeze. You can make it your new garage set.

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7. Carlisle Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Best Results

Carlisle Hardwood Floor Broom

The broom by Carlisle is another perfect option. The set is designed to stand up to commercial needs but is compact enough for household use. Unlike many Dustpans this one doesn’t have a rubber plan and has a sturdy build. Moreover, due to nearly no slope edge, it won’t catch any dust, which typically happens in most cases. You would not find this issue, maybe it’s the all one piece, or the low slope angle or both, but this would leave you very impressed with the ability of dust and dirt to make it in the pan.

Moreover, the handles fit perfectly due to the two-piece design. The broom rests perfectly against the floor, and it’s very easy to sweep dirt and debris in with little to no dirt left behind. The dustpan is very sturdily built and nice and heavy, so it doesn’t pick up easy to let dirt under it when sweeping stuff into the bin, and you don’t have to put extra pressure to hold it down like you do regular dustpans. It’s a great feature, and the bin has a lip on it that makes it easy to tilt into the garbage can without having to touch the bottom that was just on the floor.

Bonus! If you have bad lower back or balance issues and can’t bend over too far to use a regular dustpan, this one is fantastic. The broom comes with two slots where you can keep the handle intact. Moreover, you can easily store brooms right in the bin. Lastly, for it’s pricing, I think it’s a perfect option for you to go for.

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8. WISPsystem’s Best Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

WISPsystem's Best Hardwood Floor Broom

The broom provides a pretty incredible design as the head is curved, and angled bristles make sweeping and also cleaning very easy. The dustpan in the set maneuvered very quickly, and you can use it by your foot. The head provides targeted cleaning and clears the spill very easily.

Moreover, the bristles also bear a slight electrostatic charge, which draws hair and dirt towards them easily. The dustpan is pretty amazing in having teeth on the sides of the pan, which help cleaning the bristles of the broom and also prevent the grim from spreading around. Moreover, you do not have to bend down so your back does not hurt. Furthermore, you can also tackle the broom with one hand only.

Additionally, the 90 degree angled bristles are longer than most of the brooms. The dustpan is actually pretty amazing. Nothing slides underneath because putting your foot on top presses a seal, so all the dirt goes into the pan. The broom and pan lock together, and it took a minute to figure out how to unlock them. There is a hook on the back of the broom. It sits in a hole on the pan, and then you snap the top of the broom to the pan. Overall, a great cleaner both for the value of money and also the job is done by it.

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9. TreeLen Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

TreeLen Hardwood Floor Broom


Another option if you are conscious about the value of money is TreeLen Dustpan and Broom, which also come in a set having both broom and dustpan. It provides ease at sweeping your office or house. This broom’s bristles are so smooth to glide along the floor, yet sturdy enough to hold up to daily use. The dustpan with handle is quality made and catches all the crumbs without having you bend down. Such a back saver, however, if you are using the broom to dust your entire house, and often, to request the free extension pole to lengthen the broom handle, so you do not have to bend at all. It makes the whole product perfect and worth every penny.

Moreover, the teeth are long enough to clean the bristles off with no problems with the length of the broom handle. Furthermore, the bristles would not be able to absorb water if you have a mess. This may prevent you from dragging the mess in your entire living space. Moreover, the broom is made up of recycled pet bottles, which also makes it an excellent, environmentally friendly product. Overall, an excellent product both for the job it does and also for the value of money.

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10. Bissell Lightweight Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Best Results


Bissell is a well-known name in the cleaning industry. This broom by Bissell features bristles made up of natural horsehair that are very soft to touch. Plastic is a very crucial topic nowadays, so this product makes use of natural horsehair, so not polluting the environment anymore. The broom has an adjustable handle that can be collapsed into small spaces easily. This also enables you to reach under furniture with ease.

Moreover, it works great, and It is easy as well as fast to sweep the house quickly instead of dragging out the vacuum every day. This broom does the trick. The rubber bristles grab the dog hair, and it stays together without stirring around and resettling. The rubber bristles are retractable, so you can use this as a regular boom if you want to. On the other hand, it is not suitable for thick pile carpets. With use after some time, the joints can become loose and weary.

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11. JINCLEAN Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Best Results

JINCLEAN Hardwood Floor Cleaner


JINCLEAN offers a lot of mops in different sizes from which you can choose the one that suits your needs. This one on our list is the mop that covers an area of 24 inches. This product comes with one mop and two packs of the refill. Due to the size and cleaning efficiency, you cause it to clean every particle of dust within no time. The mop is made of soft fabric that attracts dust and fine hair, as well. The sweep head being large provides a bonus of cleaning a more substantial area in just one go. Another important thing to notice is that when it gets dirty, you can easily disassemble and wash the cloth with detergent and warm water.

Moreover, the mop cleans the dust, and it gives a shine to the floor without any use of water (for maximum shine see also hardwood floor cleaners). For assembly, there is a metal frame that you slid up onto the sleeve. You can just adjust it to the pole by using the easy-lock system. The telescopic wand covers a range of starting from 34 to 59 inches. The mop is simply a transition from one cleaning type to another and can save you a lot of time and energy as it can be used on a variety of floor types such as tiles, hardwood, and cement floor as well. Overall, it’s an excellent product for value as well as price.

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12. Fuller Brush Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Fuller Brush Hardwood Floor Broom


Whenever you need to sweep your kitchen, you can grab Fuller Brush Fiesta Kitchen Broom that not only sweeps through the kitchen effectively but also serves to clean all your home with ease. The red-colored broom is made with long-lasting, polypropylene bristles, which are resistant to chemicals, oil, and grease for continuous use. Perfect for every task, this split-end, which are shaped flagged bristles, are designed to catch and gather all dirt and small particles with ease, efficiently picking up fine particles that other brooms miss.

The 10-inch wide sweeping path saves your time and energy and is equipped with a 2-piece steel handle to clean entire floor surfaces or quick messes. The adjustable handle extends from 29 inches to 52 inches to supply the perfect height, while the handy, built-in hole allows for easy hanging between uses to prevent the bristles from bending and extending the broom’s life.

Moreover, the broom is designed especially to clean your kitchen with a low profile. Furthermore, the head is washable, and you can clean any type of kitchen mess and wash it. You can simply detach the head from the handle and place it under the faucet or wash with a garden hose, then hang it up to dry.

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13. Fox Trot Hardwood Floor Broom

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Fox Trot Hardwood Floor Broom


FurBuster Rubber broom is a multi-purpose cleaner that has bristles made up of rubber and also features a squeegee. The FurBuster is very effective in sweeping dust, dirt, pet hair, and lint from rugs, carpet and hardwoods as well. The feature of squeegee is very useful and helps to clean windows, car shields, and also wet and dry areas. It wipes away the liquid spilled on tiles, hardwood and outdoor surfaces, as well.

Moreover, in the context of the design, the broom has an adjustable handle, which makes it very convenient to use for a person with every height. This feature also enables you to reach and clean hard to reach areas as ceilings, roof, and floors as well. Unlike the plastic brooms,, the natural rubber bristles do double duty. Pet hair is swept up by the grip and static as the rubber bristles glide over the surfaces. Spills, whether wet or dry and everything in between, is no match for this dual-sided cleaning tool.

All these features make cleaning and maintenance easy. Also for cleaning of bristles you can use soapy water. The natural rubber lasts for quite a long time, and you can expect it to work for you for a long time.

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14. Soft Sweeping Floor Broom

Ratings: 3.9/5 | Best Results

Soft Sweeping Floor Broom


You can call it a pull broom or dusting brush, depending on how and where you used it. Meibei feature bristles with split tips that help to capture all the dust and dirt without scratching or damaging the floor or any other surfaces. The handle can be extended between 36 to 51 inches. Moreover, the broom head is also able to clean both dry as well as wet spills. Furthermore, the broom is also very effective on different types of floors. You can clean rugs and carpets and also hardwood floors and tile floors as well.

However, the small head enables you to clean the hard to reach areas and perfectly clear all nooks and corners. It is an excellent product for the minimal houses that use minimum decor around. You can also clean your walls and ceilings using this broom. On the contrary, if you have carpet, the bristles may prove very soft to scrape the fur out of the carpet. Also, this can also not be used as an outdoor broom.

Moreover, if you have a large area to clean, the head can prove to be a little frustrating due to the small size, as it is only 10 inches wide. On the other hand, the small size makes it reach all the nooks and corners.

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15. Dutch Rubber Floor Broom

Ratings: 3.9/5 | Best Results

Dutch Rubber Floor Broom

EuroShine Dutch Rubber Broom covers an area of 12 inches. This broom features electrostatic action to clean hair, dust, and lint. The broom is useful for both wet as well as dry messes.

Moreover, the compression fitting rubber thread enables you to wiggle it onto the threaded pole, and pressure simply holds the rubber head in place. The rubber material is a hundred percent natural. If you already have a pole or prefer a different style, then you can also just get the broom head by itself. You can also use the Squeegee for tile, vinyl floors, wall slidings, and windows as well. You can also use it for mopping and sweeping the pet hair, as well. Moreover, you can use the head also with other poles and also purchase poles separately.

Moreover, rubber brooms are specifically easier to sweep hair as it is easier for your back to push rather than pulling it. Moreover, if you take a closer look, you would see that the teeth are really flimsy and short, and if you put higher pressure on it, it might squash. Overall, it formed an excellent cleaner and made up of good quality, the broom head only allows you to use it with any standard handle, suiting your height.

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16. SLC Broom and Dustpan

Ratings: 3.8/5 | Best Results

SLC Broom and Dustpan

This dustpan features two-sided teeth, which makes it easy to comb out dirt and dust from broom bristles into dustpan without using your hands. Moreover, the teeth are of different lengths. Long teeth are suitable for soft garbage and hair. The short teeth are good for leaves, peels, and other hard garbage. The dustpan also features the lip made up of rubber that fits perfectly onto the ground and sweeps the tiniest bits of dust and paper.

Moreover, the broom has flagged bristles, and 180-degree rotation design makes the maneuver easy and comfortable. The three-foot flagged bristles have a soft feathered texture, which effectively grabs dirt and dust as well. The 180-degree rotation feature helps you to clean underneath the furniture with ease.

Furthermore, the floor squeegee made with EVA foam rubber head, and squeegee head can rotate up to 180 degrees. This squeegee is an excellent tool to clean dirty water, oil, hair, and dust for the room, shower wall, tile, window, flat floor surface, and never scratch furniture. The Dustpan measures 33.5 inches tall, the floor squeegee measures 33.2 inches, the broom is 48.3 inches tall with three poles together. These measurements are from the top of the handles to the floor.

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1. Is it OK to use a broom on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use brooms on hardwood floors. When choosing a broom, look for soft bristles that trap hair, dirt, and dust, helping to prevent them from settling on the floor.

2. What do you sweep hardwood floors with?

Use a broom with soft, delicate bristles to sweep wood floors. Get rid of dirt and sand by vacuuming weekly or biweekly. Soft brush attachments will reduce scratching.

3. Is it better to sweep or vacuum hardwood floors?

Vacuuming hardwood floors is recommended for removing small dust particles that sweeping may miss, particularly in wood floor crevices, while sweeping is best for removing heavy debris. Every one to two months, surface-treated wood floors should be wet cleaned.

4. What type of broom is best?

Synthetic bristles make ideal broom bristles since they are resistant to decay and can be washed in warm, soapy water. Thus, bristles made from maize or horsehair are prohibited. As the bristles sweep across the broom's surface, they should have frayed tips that trap dust, filth, and hair.

5. Is Swiffer better than a broom?

Swiffer Sweepers are a great item to keep around the house. It is preferred over a standard broom for cleaning hardwood floors because it easily picks up dust and hair and can be turned over and used on the other side.

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