15 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2022 [ Portable & Cordless ]

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If you are someone who bothers to vacuum your car just like me, then I’ve got good news for you. As the majority of us have now become lazy slobs, happily willing to pay excessive bucks to someone to perform once a weekend ritual. If you own a car, then it is your inherent responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of it. Vacuuming your cars’ floors, seats, and other surfaces are essential to remove the debris, dirt, dust, and other particles that can compound to damage the parts of your car in the long run. It also adds to the healthy attitude of the passengers and the driver, especially if there are people with skin allergies and asthma.

Moreover, there are a lot of devices that can do the trick of cleaning for you but with portable, lightweight vacuum cleaners that are designed to handle the cleaning job very effectively and take almost half the time. On top, having a special car cleaner keeps you on the board. These are designed and remove the pet hair and liquids leaks, as well. So you can put your hands on any one of these best car vacuum cleaners for cleaning your car efficiently.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2022

BLACK and DECKER 20V Car Vacuum Cleaner
Armor All Wet And Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner
NAMEBLACK+DECKER 20V Car Vacuum CleanerArmor All Wet/Dry Car Vacuum CleanerDyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner
DIMENSIONS18 x 6.88 x 6.75 in10.6 x 14.2 x 14.4 in10 x 16.3 x 6.1 in

  1. BEST OVERALL: BLACK+DECKER 20V Car Vacuum Cleaner
  2. BEST CHOICE: Armor All Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner
  3. BEST BUDGET: Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Best Cordless: Dustbuster Advanced Car Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Best Handheld: Gtech MK2 Car Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Best Portable: Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner
  7. Best 12V: Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner
  8. Dyson V7 Car Vacuum Cleaner – PET HAIR
  9. DEWALT Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

1. Best Overall: BLACK+DECKER 20V Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results



The Black Decker MAX lithium vacuum cleaner has a main nozzle that is capable of rotating up to 200 degrees. The built-in onboard brush allows it to add an extra edge at cleaning when it’s about the upholstery and other crevices. This unit can clean any surface or area irrespective of its angle. The Black decker provides a really compact design and weighs less than four pounds. This allows you to move it anywhere you want and perform excellent and efficient cleaning in no time. Moreover, the package has featured a unique docking station which provides you with easy and comfortable storage and charging station as well.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner also comes with a bagless filtration system that has three stages. This helps you to capture and deal with the finer particles and dust, as well. The dustbin of the cleaner is average-sized, and you can pop open it when it is full and need to get rid of the messes. However, the emptying process of the dustbin might cause some discomfort, but you can empty it by using a chopstick. Additionally, the docking system provides a small footprint, and the sleek design and lower profile add to the benefit, and you can simply move the whole unit even when it is charging.

Additionally, you are also suggested to clean the filter regularly as washing can considerably enhance the suction power compared to the dirty filter. It’s excellent for weighty sand and mess situations, as sand tends to get stuck in the pivot and hence to jam it reducing the efficiency of the device.

Voltage:20 volts
Charge Between:50°F (10°C) & 104°F (40°C)
Dustbowl Capacity:15 ounces
Suction:Lithium Technology
Filteration:3-stage System
Weight:3.7 lbs
Product Dimensions:18 x 6.9 x 6.8 in

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2. Armor All Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Armor All Wet Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner


The vacuum cleaner by Armor all can be called an All-rounder as it features a uniquely designed leaf blower attachment that can be used to clean up your yard after you are done cleaning your entire car. The Armor All AA255 features a powered motor with a power of 2 horsepower that means it is meant to lift almost anything from any surface from your car’s interior. The cleaner is designed to provide cleaning for dry as well as wet messes and thus provide you with deeper cleaning. However, it does not provide you with enough room to keep all the attachments inside the trash collector when it is not in use. But you can affix them at the top of the unit.

Moreover, the hose of the vacuum is of adequate length and covers approximately 6 feet. This allows you to use the attachments with greater ease. Additionally, the rotating end of the hose adds to the comfort and ease of use. The accessories set covers almost everything that you need for cleaning. However, it does lack the extension tube, which is present in many other vacuum cleaners.

Furthermore, the collection bucket is able to hold quite a large amount of debris while it is still easy to handle. You can also carry the unit while you are vacuuming. Although the unit does not slide very well on the ground, so you need to keep it in check. For this you can add tugs to drag it along. Lastly, the clamps that connect the top of the unit to the bottom trash collector can sometimes prove to be a bit annoying to align together, even if you connect them correctly, they would still be stubborn sometimes. Overall, it’s an excellent vacuum for cleaning your cars efficiently.

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3. Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a very well known name in the cleaning industry, and you can not really go wrong when choosing Dyson cleaners either for your home cleaning or even for your cars. However, this vacuum says the word ‘car,’ but that does not make a huge difference from the actual vacuum cleaner. Albeit, the accessories that you get are specific for the wealth of the car — talking about its convenient hose and the motorized brush that is made to remove pet hair especially. The stiff brush, which can also be called as the stubborn dirt brush works excellently for oomska and ground in the muck. At first, you would take some time to figure out the difference between a couple of V6 models, but after a while, you will find out that it differs in terms of accessories and attachments.

Moreover, this car and boat model features the accessories that come in the “accessories package you can buy separately,” and there are also a few that are not present in that. So it definitely makes sense to get this model as it costs you less and also provides you with two extra accessories. In terms of suction, power V6 lags a bit behind the V8 and V10, but the model is excellent in maneuverability compared to V10 and V8 despite all of the bonus goodies. However, the suction power is powerful enough that it can cover most of the car cleaning tasks, and you can easily change it into the hand cleaner to remove minor dust outbreaks and smaller spills from your home as well and also your boat (see also backpack vacuums reviews for quick and small tasks).

Furthermore, the run time provided by a single charge will last you for 20 minutes. Now, if you plan to use this to clean your entire house, it would not be enough. However, the vacuum cleaner will provide you a solid clean up for dust, dirt, and pet hair. Also, the cleaner is straightforward to use as the accessories attach or clip very easily, and a little button can get all the trash fall out, and you can remove it. However, when the bin gets stuffed, it becomes a bit difficult to empty it, and for that, you may need a chopstick to remove the dirt.

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4. Best Cordless: Dustbuster Advanced Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results

Dustbuster Advanced Clean

The Black Decker dustbuster vacuum cleaner provides you with an extra-long crevice tool that adds brilliantly to your comfort and ease. This long crevice tool helps you to clean the areas that are really hard to reach usually. The vacuum cleaner features two different speeds that allow you to work fast and slow according to the need of cleaning. Also, the power boost mode is there that helps to provide you with a higher power. The suction of the motor is 15.2 watt which is provided by the battery technology. This feature makes sure that you can power up the battery at any time you want to use it, and it also makes it the best battery car vacuum cleaner. However, the small motor is powerful enough that its power can clean your car effectively. The suction provided by the cleaner is pretty good. However, it can prove to be noisy when you use it, and this may irritate the pets and toddlers around while you are cleaning.

Moreover, the charger system is also quite efficient, and it illuminates in a bright blue color when the battery gets fully charged. However, you can not see any response when you plug it in initially. Additionally, the vacuum action is cyclonic that acts to separate the larger particles from the fine ones. This will not put a lot of burden on the filtration system hence enhancing the life of the vacuum cleaner. Although the filter is a good one but does not have the features for HEPA filters and it would have been much better if it was a HEPA filter. Still, the filter is known to do an excellent job of filtering the particles based on size. Overall, it’s a superb cleaning machine with a compact design.

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5. Best Handheld: Gtech MK2 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Gtech MK2 Car Vacuum Cleaner


The MK2 is among the best handheld vacuum cleaners for cars. The compact build of the Gtech provides you a small and light design that allows you to move around with the unit easily. Due to the secure storage, the cleaner acts as always on hand cleaning devices for emergency spills and cleanups. The run time provided by the device is 20 minutes, and because suction power is not quite strong, so it takes more than 20 minutes to clean up your entire car. Moreover, the dust compartment of the device is clear, so it is really easy to empty when it gets full. The time taken by the battery to charge fully is about an hour, and it also provides you with an extra battery. This means that you can charge the spare battery easily, and you also get an option to buy a battery separately.

The additional car kit provided by the Gtech vacuum cleaner includes a lot of accessories and attachments. Amongst these is a really flexible crevice tool that allows you to reach every hard to reach area. Even if you do not get the additional kit, you still get a mini tool that is motorized, and there is an extendable tube too. The crevice tool is not flexible and gets into every nook and corner. The unit also features an LED headlight that makes cleaning much more easy and comfortable. This illuminates the entire pathway lit to see every dust and dirt particle to provide excellent cleaning. Overall, this is a very well built vacuum with clever technology and provides you with perfect cleaning experience.

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6. Best Portable: Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

Liberrway Car Vacuum Cleaner

The LIBERWAY vacuum cleaner is listed among the best portable cleaners, and this is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it features a motor of 100 watts that is built by the fabrication of a fan-made by an aluminum alloy rather than the conventional blades made up of plastic as present in the majority of cleaners. This motor provides a suction power of 5000 Pa, that is enough to grab any of the mess from your car easily. The incredible thing about the unit is that you can plug this one in your cars’ port made for lighting the cigarette, and this allows you to get into every nook and corner of your vehicle to achieve deep cleaning. The build of the vacuum cleaner is really small, and it is light in weight. This enables you to move and clean around with ease. Moreover, the cord covers a distance of approximately sixteen and a half feet, which makes sure that you can go anywhere and clean around.

Furthermore, it also features three different attachments including, a brush, a crevice tool and an upholstery tool and an extension hose. The hose helps you to enhance your cleaning. The outer part of the canister system is built to filter the larger particles while the inner works to trap the finer particles and dust. The unit provides a bagless system, so the removal of the vacuumed mess is really easy and without any hassle. Lastly, the only downside is that the filtration system is not HEPA and thus can not trap particles smaller than 0.3 microns. Overall, it is a great cleaner in all aspects. It would have been best if it had a HEPA filtration system.

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7. Best 12V: Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Best Results

Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Vacplus car vacuum cleaner comes with an excellent and clever design that helps you achieve easy and fast cleaning with this unit. The cleaner is portable and provides extreme power and allows you to work without worrying about energy consumption. You can use this unit anytime and anywhere. It’s portable and lightweight, which allows you to take it along on vacations and get cleaning help wherever you want. Moreover, the power cord of the unit covers an area of 16 feet and also features a lot of attachments. These attachments can also be connected together for greater versatility for cleaning.

Additionally, the handheld vacuum cleaner also features two stainless steel HEPA filters that are not only washable but durable as well. This allows you to get a replacement whenever you face any problem regarding the filters. The crevice nozzle can reach the narrow spaces and corners with ease, and the hard brush helps to easily pick up the pet hair and tough stains and dirt embedded in different surfaces. It makes Vacplus a perfect pet hair cleaner too.

Furthermore, the car vacuum cleaner by Vacplus has a head that is detachable, and it is easy to dump and remove the trash from the filled container. The LED light is very useful for cleaning the interiors of cars. With the help of these lights, you can easily clean your car even at night time. The suction power provided by the unit is satisfactory and can be improved further. Overall, Vacplus is a great vacuum cleaner and is hard to beat in terms of the value of the price.

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8. Dyson V7 Car Vacuum Cleaner – PET HAIR

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

Dyson V7


The Dyson V7 is designed especially for the cleaning of vehicles. The vacuum cleaner is light in weight, portable, and has the capability of handling huge messy situations. The compact design covers only 12 and a half inches in length and also features few tools that are really helpful for cleaning toughest spots and even upholstery fabric. The unit is engineered with cyclonic suction technology, which functions being bagless and with washable filters. The filters are washable, adding to the lifetime of the machine. The dust bin that holds all the messes gathered by vacuuming can be easily dumped, and the mess can be removed with great ease and comfort.

Moreover, the power options provided by the Dyson V7 are AC and DC chargers, which come along the unit. So you can charge the machine quickly inside the car overnight. The V7 by Dyson is very efficient in picking up the pet hair from upholstery. The mini hose is really flexible and proves to be very useful in the car cleaning job. Also, you would notice a noticeable reduction in the suction power of the unit when you use the tools having the wide nozzles. Furthermore, you will get a run time of 30 minutes when you charge the battery fully. However, the run time would depend largely upon the mode of operation you use. For obvious reasons, the standard eco mode would consume lesser power as compared to max mode. However, the max mode is needed rarely, while dealing with tough stains and spots.

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9. DEWALT Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Best Results

DEWALT Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner by Dewalt provides a package that looks like a toolbox. However, it is packed with a mighty punch of cleaning wherever it reaches. The vacuum cleaner is compact in-built and versatile to be powered by a standard electrical cord or a battery, whichever you opt for. The vacuum also comes along an XR lithium-ion battery; however, the external charger does not come along, and you need to buy the charger separately. The upside of the battery is that it can be used with other tools by Dewalt, that is compatible with the charger. The tools that are featured with the cleaner are contained inside the vacuum unit, and this helps to make the storage and carrying the unit around, real smooth, and comfortable. Moreover, the hose with the unit is really flexible to use and store.

Furthermore, the suction power provided by the vacuum cleaner is satisfactory and becomes really impressive while it is operated with a battery. Talking about the extraction power, it is not as excellent as the commercial-grade wet/dry vacuum cleaners, but the overall usefulness of the unit outweighs the occasional bumps when dealing with hard messes. Although the exhaust port is ok, it is not in the best place. The placement of the blower can be a bit awkward in position, and it requires the user to cross over the hose with the unit in order to avoid scattering the target particles all around the area. Additionally, the unit while operation produces very little noise, and that is a treat for sensitive ears.

The tools included with the vacuum cleaner include a wide nozzle tool, a crevice tool, and a hose, which is really flexible. The unit also features the HEPA filter that helps to keep the dirt, dust, and allergens in check. Moreover, these filters are reusable and washable, which adds to the longevity of the device. The bin supposed to hold the debris can hold up to two gallons of the mess that is easy to clean by dumping it. It would be preferable to clean the bin before getting it fully packed with the mess.

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10. Best Lightweight: Dyson V10 Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Cleaner


The thing about the vacuum cleaner designed especially for cars is that they are cheap and easy to assemble, but these do not provide a lot of suction power. However, it is not the case while talking about V10 by Dyson. No doubt that Dysons’ V10 lies on the expensive side; still, it gives you the most efficient and quick way to clean the interior of your car. The V 10 is not only powerful enough, but it also boasts of having three different setting modes that help to enhance the battery life of the unit. In the long term, the bin of the cleaner is not only easy to empty but also is big enough to capture a lot of dust and debris.

The power of the motor allows you to lift even the stubborn hair shed by your pets. This holds true for even the two low power settings. Almost around 30 minutes are enough for you to clean the interior of a large car. However, the battery life depends on the type of setting you are using, as you do not need to utilize the highest setting for everything. In fact, you would barely need the maximum setting as you can clean almost everything in the medium mode quite efficiently. Pro-tip, you can use the low setting for hard surfaces and switch to the medium spot for a while until you clean the tough spot rather than using the medium setting as a default.

Moreover, the Dyson V10 features a lot of accessories, but these do not count in as the car specific tools. On the other hand, the V6s tools are made especially for car cleaning. But the mini motorized pet hairbrush and the crevice tool provides you enough power that you would not bother to get the car specific tools.

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11. Vax Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – UK

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Vax Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Here we have another cordless option – see all top cordless vacuum cleaners here – that is known for its excellent performance, which is comparable with Dyson. This vacuum cleaner was primarily created to be a household cleaner, but it lags behind in power for that stung but forms a really affordable and efficient car cleaning device. The pro kit that comes with the vacuum cleaner comes with a number of brush heads and extension nozzles, which are very efficient and effective at tackling the tough and deepest spots. On the other hand, the main head that is aimed as a multi-surface cleaner can be removed from the end of the extension stick. This head can be used separately to pick up the muck and pet hair.

Moreover, the cleaner is excellent; however, the handles’ grip is a little bit difficult to handle and seem to have an ergonomic design. The device might also prove to be a bit heavy as compared to the counterparts from other brands. The vacuum cleaner itself is a 24V version that has a shorter run time and is also cheap in terms of value. The handle, on the other hand, is also detachable, and you can easily maneuver it over stairs, upholstery, and every part of the car. The sleek design is steerable that allows you to move and navigate around furniture. For the hard to reach areas, the long wand is ideal, whether high or low, or in between. So you can forget about backache occurring when you bent to clean around your house. Overall, it makes a great cleaning machine.

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12. Makita Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit

Ratings: 3.9/5 | Best Results

Makita Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit


The cleaner by Makita XLCO2R1B provides a straightforward and sleekly designed vacuum cleaner. This provides you with a powerful tool that is designed primarily to attack the fabric of the upholstery and other household items such as floor surfaces and stairs even. The vacuum features the battery and charging system provided by Makita that can also be used with compatible tools by the same brand. The handheld style allows keeping the cleaner light as a feather in weight and compact. You can use a crevice tool, an extension nozzle, and an 8-inch floor attachment that is meant to clean a variety of surfaces while also keeping it efficient and light in weight.

Moreover, the cleaner features a two-stage filtration system which is bagless and can capture particles ranging from very small to large in size. The filters used in the cleaner are reusable and washable, but you can also freely buy filters additionally so that the air keeps flowing while you can wash the other filters. Talking about the battery life, the vacuum provides cleaning for 10 to 15 minutes of continuous cleaning. Moreover, the charging system is quite rapid and fully charges the battery in less than 30 minutes, the majority of the time.

Additionally, when you use the unit as a handheld option, this covers almost 18 inches of length. The extension attachment that comes along when combined with the floor nozzle makes the unit into a lightweight system into one house help and can be utilized for carpets and a variety of different surfaces such as bamboo and hardwood. The battery power also provides great flexibility, the vacuum originally comes with 2.04 Ah battery, but you can also buy more as add on buy. The majority of the Makita batteries tools are compatible, and these compounds on as a bonus for the owners. Lastly. The charger itself is designed to monitor the battery and also aids in preventing harmful overcharging of the battery.

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13. Bissell Garage Pro Auto Tool Kit

Ratings: 3.8/5 | Best Results

Bissell Garage Pro Auto Tool Kit


Bissell is another very well known name in the cleaning industry. The lightweight vacuum cleaner functions as a heavy-duty cleaning device. It does not form a typical car vacuum, but you can say that it is a vacuum at the service of the car wash in your garage. The cleaner features a filtration system that is two-staged and helps to keep the fine mess in the canister, which is bagless. The filters in the unit are reusable as these are washable, and you can easily replace them with new ones. This feature extends the life of your device. The 12 amp motor helps to provide powerful suction for cleaning your garage and every nook of your car. This cleaner is designed as a dry as well as a wet vacuum cleaner, which is made keeping in mind to deal with the hand spills and also to tackle the messes from liquids.

Moreover, the blower really helps to keep your space free of messes. The tools that accompany the unit include seven attachments that fulfill all your cleaning needs. These add to the versatility of the device. The upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush are very useful for detail car cleaning. The holding capacity of the device is four gallons that would allow you to perform multiple cleaning sessions before needing to clean it entirely. Additionally, there is an indicator light that illuminates telling you to remove the mess from the vacuum cleaner. The dirt tank is also semi-translucent, and this makes you see the level of the mess.

Furthermore, the unit also comes with an accessory bag that is meant to contain all the attachments in it. Additionally, the design is a wall mount, which makes it very convenient to keep it ready to use, and at hand all the time. The hose is also quite extensive, and you can easily cross over a large space. Bissell garage pro overall makes an excellent cleaner.

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14. Foxnovo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 3.7/5 | Mediocre Results

Foxnovo Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Foxnovo car vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaner that is portable and is available at a good value. This system weighs only 2.35 lbs, which means that you can take it along to clean your entire house effortlessly. This vacuum cleaner also features excellent accessories that are really useful, and it also comes with a bag, which can hold the full spread of accessories. It is generally a rare event to find a good cleaner with such cleaning efficiency packed into a compact device at such an affordable price. However, the Foxnovo is great at it.

Moreover, the size of the debris bin is also quite reasonable, and the design is also semi-translucent so that you can actually see how much mess you have packed inside. Now when it comes to empty the dustpan, the process here is also quite clean and simple. A lid opens up with just a flip, and you can remove the contents easily. This unit with 106W power provides suction up to 4000Pa, which makes the cleaning of all the corners of your car quite easy and effortless.

Additionally, the device is also sealed highly so that the noise does not disturb you while cleaning. The hoovers design features a stainless steel HEPA filter and three different attachments, including a crevice tube, a brush, and an extension hose. You can also use these accessories in different combinations for different occasions. The 12v power cords needed to be plugged into a charging port. Cords are necessary, and there are no batteries or AC power. The filter, which is made up of stainless steel, is also washable, making it durable and easy to clean as well. Moreover, the debris bin has the capability to hold 0.5 liters of mess. However, care should be taken to empty the bin before it fills fully, especially when it has moisture or pet hair stuck in it.

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15. Philips SpeedPro Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 3.6/5 | Mediocre Results

Philips SpeedPro Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner by Philips has a sleek and lightweight design that also changes into the handheld device with the help of integrated tools. The nozzle of the cleaner provides you with an edge to edge cleaning as it can rotate up to 360 degrees. It allows you to capture the dust and dirt faster, and not even one of your strokes goes in vain. When you change the unit into the handheld type, it becomes the perfect tool for quick touch-ups, especially. The nozzle also provides the versatility to clean both carpets and the hard floors as well. The upholstery tool adds a bonus for the upholstery cleaning.

Moreover, the head of the cleaner also features LED light that is designed to expose any dust and dirt that ensure excellent cleaning. The turbo brush has its own motors that rotate a cleaning bar to ensure pet hair removal, and also, these are very good at pulling off the dried up mud. The smaller crevice brush is good to work at the seats of the car and other awkward stains and spots. The brand claims that the battery, when charged for 65 minutes, will provide you a run time of 21 minutes in the turbo power mode.

On the other hand, the eco-mode that operates at lower power is also strong enough to fight the lousy dirt away. The different top whack turbo mode is built to fight the toughest stains, and it is needed very occasionally. Moreover, Philips is sincere when it comes to the claim of their battery run time. This also adds to the reputation of the company and makes it an excellent purchase.

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1. Can we use vacuum cleaner to clean car?

The sometimes tedious task of cleaning your automobile properly can be simplified with a vehicle vacuum cleaner. We have compiled a list of the best automobile vacuum cleaners. Vehicle vacuum cleaners make it easier to clean your car properly.

2. Are car vacuums worth it?

In general, we do not recommend getting one just to clean your car. You should consider purchasing one if you track a lot of heavy dirt or wet material into your vehicle (outdoorsy types take note).

3. Are cordless car vacuums any good?

While some motorists might be able to park near a power source, we believe a cordless vacuum cleaner makes far more sense for cleaning automobiles, even if their battery packs add some unnecessary bulk. Technology advancements have made automobile vacuum cleaners powered by lithium-ion batteries more durable and effective.

4. Do 12V car vacuums work?

When you do not have access to mains electricity, a 12v vehicle vacuum is ideal for cleaning your car. They can also be used to spot clean in between major vacuumings with your “full-size” vacuum.

5. Can you use a house vacuum to clean car?

In most cases, you already own a household vacuum, which is often the best option for cleaning your vehicle. If you live in a residence with an easily accessible power outlet, the least expensive and most powerful option is often a plug-in vacuum cleaner.

[tcb-script type=”application/ld+json”]{ “@context”: “https://schema.org”, “@type”: “FAQPage”, “mainEntity”: [{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Can we use vacuum cleaner to clean car?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “The sometimes tedious task of cleaning your automobile properly can be simplified with a vehicle vacuum cleaner. We have compiled a list of the best automobile vacuum cleaners. Vehicle vacuum cleaners make it easier to clean your car properly.” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Are car vacuums worth it?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “In general, we do not recommend getting one just to clean your car. You should consider purchasing one if you track a lot of heavy dirt or wet material into your vehicle (outdoorsy types take note).” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Are cordless car vacuums any good?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “While some motorists might be able to park near a power source, we believe a cordless vacuum cleaner makes far more sense for cleaning automobiles, even if their battery packs add some unnecessary bulk. Technology advancements have made automobile vacuum cleaners powered by lithium-ion batteries more durable and effective.” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Do 12V car vacuums work?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “When you do not have access to mains electricity, a 12v vehicle vacuum is ideal for cleaning your car. They can also be used to spot clean in between major vacuumings with your “full-size” vacuum.” } },{ “@type”: “Question”, “name”: “Can you use a house vacuum to clean car?”, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: “In most cases, you already own a household vacuum, which is often the best option for cleaning your vehicle. If you live in a residence with an easily accessible power outlet, the least expensive and most powerful option is often a plug-in vacuum cleaner.” } }]}[/tcb-script]

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