11 Best Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews In 2023 | Suitable for Other Hard Surfaces

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There’s no denying that laminate floors are among the most durable & common floors, especially in the rent places. I’ve lived in places with laminate flooring for most of my life and I can tell you that it’s not that hard to take care of these floors if you do it the right way. It does require a bit of extra effort to maintain them properly and personally I find mops as the finest tool for laminating floors clean. The microfiber mop head doesn’t have to be too wet, for me damp, gentle mops have been ideal. There are several spray mops that I’ve tried personally along with the microfiber ones and I’ll be including them in the list with others that I might try in near future due to their exceptional ratings. So let’s have a look at the list which I created based on my experience and analysis.

3 Top-Rated Mops for Laminate Floors 

BISSELL PowerFresh for Laminate Floors
Bona Stone Laminate Floor Mop
TreeLen Laminate Floor Mop
NAMEBISSELL PowerFresh Steam MopBona Stone Laminate Floor MopTreeLen Laminate Floor Mop
SPECIALAmazon's Choice ✔️40% Faster ✔️Reusable Pads ✔️
TYPESteamSpray MopWet/Dry

Best Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews

1. Best Steam Mop: BISSELL PowerFresh for Laminate Floors

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Great Results

BISSELL PowerFresh for Laminate Floors


I have been using Bissell products for a long time, especially their vacuum cleaners and If you want your house to be free from chemicals as well as fragrance, you should opt for Bissell Power fresh steam mop. It is designed to clean and sanitize your floors without any use of harsh chemicals with the help of steam. The easy flip-down scrubber is built to deal with sticky messes.

Moreover, the smart digital steam system is incorporated in the unit, from which you can choose from high, medium, and low steam mops setting depending exactly on your cleaning needs. This mop for laminate floors features the swivel steering and a power cord that covers an area of 23 feet. The package includes accessories such as a carpet glider, microfiber scrubbing pad, soft microfiber mop, and spring breeze fragrance disc. The power delivered by the machine is 1500 watts, which is enough to deal with even the heavy messes.

Furthermore, when you have to deal with tough stains and germs, a steam mop for laminate floors proves to be the best option to use. There are other best stain removers as well but I’d suggest you should go for a top steam mop in this case. The water tank of this unit features a capacity of 12 oz of fluid to supply the unit with steam hot enough for efficient cleaning. Additionally, the scrubber aids the cleaning process, and the brand claims to speed up the cleaning process up to 2 times with the help of the scrubbers.

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2. Best Overall: Bona Stone Laminate Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Very Good Results

Bona Stone Laminate Floor Mop


I love Bona products as it’s a very well-known and highly trusted name in the cleaning industry. They are known to make a variety of excellent quality cleaning products. Now, if you are hunting for a cleaning tool that would make your cleaning chore more of a fun time, Bona is on top. The mop by Bona works on a variety of floors, including stone, linoleum, sealed porous marble, terrazzo, LVT, and no wax-sealed tile but is best suited for laminate floors. The mop head is made extra-large, which enables you to cover 40 percent more area compared to the others available in the market.

Also, the package also provides you with a full-sized 34 oz ready-to-use Bona stone, tile, and laminate floor cleaner. The cartridge of the instrument can be filled very smoothly, and the pad is washable which adds a lot of convenience and ease of use. This also saves us extra spending to get new cleaning mop pads, as you can use and wash it again and again, even in a washing machine.

Moreover, the design and build of the cleaner are durable and light in weight, making maneuvering easy. Additionally, the corners have rubber, and the hook is retractable, making storage very easy. And you do not need to find extra space for storing the cleaner. Furthermore, the baseplate is also bigger and has flexible corners. These help you to prevent the damage you might expect if you do not have rubber at the corners. These rubber linings would also help you avoid knocking the items away and prevent any damage.

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3. Best Budget: TreeLen Laminate Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Very Good Results

TreeLen Laminate Floor Mop

In case you want to buy a spray mop that can tackle both wet and dry messes, you should opt for a Professional laminate microfiber mop. The microfiber pads can be used as dye pads to grab and clean all the lingering pet hair. The electrostatic charge that the mop fibers attain is the best way to attract pet hair and clean away the dirt. This mop is designed to clean multiple surfaces, including cement, bamboo, tile, stone, hardwood, and laminate flooring. The microfiber pads are also really easy to attach and detach without any discomfort. Attaching hook and loop fasteners makes the process smooth and quick.

Moreover, the universal joint of attachment allows rotation of up to 360 degrees, which adds to the freedom of movement. The lower profile also prevents you from getting any backaches. Another essential feature is that the microfiber pads are washable, even in a washing machine, adding to the longevity of the dual-sided mop head and reducing your buck as well. Moreover, the edge of the mop head has a plastic base and helps to protect your furniture. The 15 inches wide mop head covers a large area and shortens the time taken to clean. To use, you should drop the pad on the floor and stick the pad with the mop with the help of locking fasteners and you are good to start cleaning.

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4. Best Rated: LINKYO Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Good Results

LINKYO Laminate Floor Mop


This mop by LINKYO offers a professional-grade cleaner that has a sturdy design. When you would open the packaging, you would be surprised to find out that the steam mops are quite thick. Moreover, the mop pads are soft as well and make it easier to work with. The handle, on the other hand, is made up of durable stainless steel. The mop frame is made up of Aluminium, and high-grade ABS plastic adds to the durability of the unit.

Additionally, the handles’ adjustable extension piece can extend up to 70 cm, which can make it easy for you to reach deeper under the furniture and also high up the walls. The metal mop frame can be rotated up to 360 degrees, and it is perfect for home and office use as well.

Furthermore, this unit forms a perfect example of a dry mop, which is simple yet very useful for everything you need for excellent laminate floor cleaning. The tool also features two reversible microfiber mop cloths and one standard microfiber mop pad, which are machine washable. The dry microfiber mop is designed such that it can grab on every dirt particle, dust, and pet hair. The feature that all the microfiber mop pads are machine washable adds to your convenience and ease, so you can easily throw them in a washing machine and not worry.

Overall, the LINKYO microfiber floor mop is a great option and is good for light dusting and stain cleaning. You would make a worthy purchase on buying this one.

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5. Best Microfiber Mop: O-Cedar Flip Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Good Results

O Cedar Flip Floor Mop

To help with your chore of floor cleaning, O Cedar has created a cleaner that is easy to use and features mop heads having dual sides of microfiber mop. If you want to get the dirt and grime out from your laminate flooring effectively and efficiently, this mop features stripes that are designed to scrub through every strip.

Moreover, you can use the microfiber mop heads in many different ways. Firstly, you can use it as a dusting mop acting in dry condition to pick up all sorts of dirt, dust, hair, and other messes from your laminate floors. On the other hand, you can also dampen the mop head and use it as a wet cleaner, adding more power to the cleaner for dealing with sticky messes. Also, it can act as your best broom for floors too.

Furthermore, the microfiber mopping pad is machine washable, and these features enable you to use this pad multiple times. The dust mop also features a long easy-to-grab handle that makes it easy to use and allows you to maneuver it conveniently. The head can reach every nook and corner, adding more bonuses to the maneuverability of the tool.

Additionally, in the context of price, this spray mop for laminate floors is an affordable and environmentally friendly option. The light weight of the cleaner makes it easy to maneuver and move. Overall, the tool forms the best purchase if you yearn to have all your laminate flooring clean with a little amount of water and minimum use of chemicals. You would not be disappointed by this lightweight mop cleaner.

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6. Best Spray: Rubbermaid Laminate Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Good Results

Rubbermaid Laminate Floor Mop

The spray mop by Rubbermaid is a perfect and safe option that is designed to clean different types of floors, including tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors as well. The mop is excellently designed and picks up to 50 percent more dust and dirt in a single swipe as compared to other options in the market. The mop also features a scrubber that is built to scrub stubborn spots. The cleaning solution that comes along with the tool provides 22 oz of the cleaner. The bottle is also refillable, which adds to the convenience. You should fill the bottle with some hot water and add two teaspoons of any cleaning solution, and you are good to start cleaning.

Moreover, the microfiber mop pads featured by the spray mop package are washable in a washing machine. The spray trigger of the unit is not operated by a battery, and this allows you to control the amount of the cleaner as much as you want. If you want to use less clean, you should dispense a lesser solution, and if you want more, you can dispense more quantity of the cleaning solution — the weight of the mop of light and yet really durable.

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7. Best Robot: iRobot Laminate Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Good Results

iRobot Laminate Floor Mop


The iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop is an innovative and the most modern design of cleaner in recent days. Built with smart navigation technology, the mop uses its artificial intelligence to sense where it has already cleaned so that it does not scrub the same spot twice. This feature enables the cleaner to clean your entire floor without repetition.

Moreover, the cleaner is designed to clean from 1000 to 350 square feet in just a single cycle. The cleaner navigates around the objects and even cleans from under the furniture. The design can mop and clean a wide range of surfaces, including tile, stone, hardwood, and laminate flooring with such ease and convenience. You are only supposed to attach any cleaning cloth, or microfiber pad and press one button either clean or sweep whichever you want. The best thing about the cleaner is that it can work with a variety of different types of cleaning cloths or mop pads.

Furthermore, the cleaner is designed so that it can mop for 150 minutes to 210 minutes after charging the battery fully. Additionally, the cleaner is built to lock and collect the debris and also prevents it from falling back again on the floor. The dirt tank attached built-in the cleaner has a capacity of 0.25 gallons. This makes the cleaner deal with everyday grime and dirt. Overall, it is an excellent cleaner and one of the blessings of the advancement of technology.

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8. BISSELL Spinwave Laminate Floor Mop

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Good Results

BISSELL Spinwave Laminate Floor Mop


Bissell is very well known for its wide range and excellent quality cleaners. This cleaner by Bissell is designed to scrub your floors for you, so you do not have to do it yourself. This means that you do not have to gather and put a lot of energy and effort into cleaning laminate floors. By investing in a good cleaner, you can get a clean house with ease and convenience. This spin-wave cleaner by Bissell makes a really safe product that you can use for cleaning hardwood and sealed floors as well. The water tank has a capacity of 28oz, and this capacity is really enough to clean all the floors in your house without rushing to refill the tanks again and again.

Moreover, the unit also features soft touchpads that are made to clean your floors gently and also provide scrubby mop pads that are meant to deal with the sticky, tough, and hard messes and stains.

Furthermore, the spin mop heads of the spray mop reduce your cleaning efforts and make the use easy and comfortable. These disposable mop pads are not only really effective but also last for a good time (see also flat vs spin mop heads). Another feature that is important to mention is its on-demand spray, which makes you dispense the desired amount of the cleaning solution for cleaning your floors. The cleaner also makes very low noise during cleaning and adds up the bonus for sensitive ears. The weight of the unit is really light, making it easy to use and maneuver. Lastly, the microfiber mop pads are washable, so you can reuse them multiple times.

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9. LIGHT N EASY Floor Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Good Results

LIGHT N EASY Floor Steam Mop


The light n easy steam mop can act as a steam cleaner and a steam mop as well. You can detach to turn the unit into a separate handheld steam cleaner. You can perform multiple tasks with it, such as upholstery refresher, bathroom, kitchen deep cleaning, and also as a garment wrinkle remover as well. This steam cleaner also features three different settings for steam mops, which are high, medium, and low. These settings can be easily used to clean tile, grout, ceramic, marble, laminate, and sealed wood flooring. You should use distilled water if you have hard water.

Furthermore, intelligent steam control features are excellent for beginners. You do not need multiple options or functions to control the steam. Moreover, the unit starts up to start making steam and cleaning in just 20 seconds. Additionally, the mop head is built in such a way that it facilitates the cleaning process. The steam produced by the cleaner also tends to be on the heavier side. The excellent thing about the cleaner is that it weighs only 4.5 pounds in weight, and you do not have to put a lot of energy and effort to carry it around while cleaning.

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10. SKG 1500W Steam Mop Floor Steamer

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Good Results

SKG 1500W Steam Mop Floor Steamer

This steam cleaner by SKG offers a great deal not only in terms of price but also in terms of the effective cleaning provided by it. This cleaner features the heat for producing steam with a temperature of 212 Fahrenheit. This high-temperature steam is very good at cleaning very effectively and efficiently. It’s an excellent steam mop that is designed to clean a variety of different surfaces, and this also occurs due to the range of accessories that come along. These include a triangle head design that makes the unit easy to maneuver and reach every corner and nook.

Moreover, the six-in-one multiple-function design is added to enable you to clean your toilets, kitchen, and rooms as well. You can use this mop on wood, tile, vinyl and laminate flooring as well. Additionally, the smart digital setting allows you to vary the steam from maximum to minimum, depending upon the type of mess you are dealing with.

Furthermore, with the help of the snap-on carpet glider, you can easily take care of all your rugs and carpets. This steam cleaner’s water tank unit can be easily detached from the central unit for easier cleaning of the tables. The swiveling head of the unit is capable of rotating up to 180 degrees and adds to the convenience and ease of use. Lastly, the length of the handle is adjustable, and you can fix it at any length where you feel convenient.

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11. Ubesto Microfiber Spray Floor Mop

Ratings: 2.6/5 | Average Results

Ubesto Microfiber Spray Floor Mop

The Ubesto three-in-one spray mop forms a whole cleaning system in itself. This is a three-in-one system that enables you to upgrade your cleaning regime to the next level. The deep cleaning solution and the mop head are attached, so you do not have to deal with a bucket filled with dirty water. Also, you don’t have to rinse standing at the sink again and again for cleaned floors. Other systems are made such that you have to use only the cleaning solution that is made by them, but this is not the case with Ubesto three-in-one spray mop, which offers you to use any of your favorite cleaning solutions. You just need to fill the 600ml cleaner bottle with any of the cleaners, attach it with the mop, and you are ready to start your cleaning.

Furthermore, the mop also features microfiber mop pads that are reusable, which means that after you are done with cleaning, you can now remove the pad and wash it and use it repeatedly. This not only saves your bucks but also adds to the life of your mop. The pivoting head of the mop also allows you to reach under the furniture, into every corner and nook where the traditional sponge or broom does not reach. Overall, the Ubesto mop pad forms a really cost-effective and environment-friendly tool to clean your laminate flooring with ease and convenience.

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1- What are laminate floors?

Laminate floors are synthetic floors that are made up of layers of five different materials fused together. Each layer is unique and serves a special purpose, so you should be really careful in finding the right cleaner for laminate floors.

2- Do laminate floors need regular cleaning?

Yes, due to the fact that laminate floors are made by layering different materials, so regular cleaning with proper cleaning is necessary for the safety and longevity of the laminate flooring. Also, Today’s how to mop guide can help as well.

3- Can you use the laminate floor mop for cleaning other surfaces as well?

Yes, the mop with which you clean your laminate floors can be used to clean other surfaces as well, such as stone, tile, vinyl, and hardwood. You might have also noticed that in the list of best laminate floor mops there are some which are best cleaners for other floors as well.

4- Can a string mop or sponge be used for cleaning laminate floors?

No, these materials, such as a sponge and a string mop, tend to hold excess water in them, and they are also likely to leave streak marks on the laminate so you should avoid using these on your clean laminate floors.

5- Can I use a lot of water for wet mopping laminate floors and use chemicals intended as shiners on the laminate floors?

No, my recommendation is to avoid both, wet mopping and using chemicals as shiners. When it comes to cleaning your laminate floor, less is more. Excessive amounts of water or the use of harsh chemicals can damage the flooring and leave behind streaks or spots. A better option for cleaning your laminate floors is not to use a wet mop, instead use a dry mop or sweep them clean. If they are really dirty, you can dampen your mop with a little bit of water and then mop the floors. Be sure not to let any water puddle on the floor, as this could also cause damage.

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