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If you yearn to add value to your living space by increasing the area, a wooden deck is an excellent investment. Without a doubt, the deck looks beautiful and classy, but it still remains a significant chore cleaning it properly. Now when you have spent so much to add value and beauty to your home, you need to protect the investment by cleaning it. You can perform a cleaning to retreat it every two to three years. Cleaning not only makes the deck look good but also adds to its lifetime. If you do not take care of the decks properly, it can become weathered looking. So, to solve your problem, here are some of the best pressure washers for decks in 2022.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Pressure Washer for Decks in 2022

Karcher K4 Decks Pressure Washer
Simpson MegaShot Deck Pressure Washer
Generac 7019 Deck Pressure Washer
NAMEKarcher K4 Decks Pressure WasherSimpson MegaShot Deck Pressure WasherGenerac 7019 Deck Pressure Washer
TYPECorded ElectricGasolineGas-powered
DIMENSIONS34.33 x 12.05 x 12.8 in26 x 18 x 35 in24.2 x 18.9 x 35.5 in

  1. BEST OVERALL: Karcher K4 Decks Pressure Washer
  2. BEST CHOICE: Simpson MegaShot Deck Pressure Washer
  4. Generac 7019 Deck Pressure Washer
  5. SIMPSON PowerShot Deck Power Washer
  6. Nilfisk C110 Deck Pressure Washer
  7. Bosch High Pressure Washer

1. Karcher K4 Decks Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results


This pressure washer by Kärcher is a robust and heavy built power cleaner and has been engineered with handles and wheel so that you can efficiently locomote it around while cleaning. The machine is potent and very fast and is exactly what you expect from a great pressure washer under 300 dolars. You can not only use it to clean your large driveways but also can manage some delicate jobs like bicycles and wooden cleaning.

The machine also features a trigger gun that is designed for you so that you can easily switch between powerful and gentle spray settings. The LED light in the handle indicates on which level you are. Moreover, this high-end all-rounder K4 produces surprisingly low sound and is a bonus for sensitive ears. Although the machine proves to be heavy and pricey, the weight and the price, they are just worth it – though, there are pressure washers under 500 bucks, too, if you looking for something more powerful.

Furthermore, the cleaner also features an auto-feeding fluid system, and you just need to take the top off and insert the cleaner bottle upside down. You can also reuse the bottle, again and again, saving your money. The hose and gun also provide an excellent length. Lastly, all the cables wind up quickly for easy and comfortable storage.

Type:Quick Connect
Voltage:240 volts
Cord Length:5 m
Hose Length:6 m
Flow Rate:420 liters_per_minute
Wattage:1,800 Watts
Batteries:2 AAA batteries
Weight:25 lbs
Product Dimensions:30.5 x 58.4 x 39.7 cm

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2. Simpson MegaShot Deck Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Simpson MegaShot Deck Pressure Washer


Simpson provides a great gas cleaner, which is really easy to use and set up. It is straightforward to start the machine as it just needs a single good pull, and it gives you fantastic cleaning power. The machine is designed in just the right size. On top of that, the engine container for providing oil is great; you just need to add the gas to a large fuel tank, and you are good to go.

The amazing power really cleans up the house siding and your patio. You might feel a bit skeptical during purchasing, but after testing it, you would start to love this cleaner. The brand has performed an amazing deal in engineering this unit that provides you with ultra cleaning within an hour with an impressive 2.5 GPM rate. This also features an attachment for surface cleaning. It will make the cleaning chore effortless and fun.

Moreover, the thing that attracts most of the people about this unit is its Honda engine. Honda engines are very well known for the reliability of small engines. Moreover, there are a lot of other units that feature a high PSI, but those (majority) of them have the plastic hose, bumpers, and spray wands. Additionally, Simpson’s power cleaners’ parts are made up of heavy gauge metal and can definitely hold up to the abuse. The horizontal engine shaft has a pump that is rear-mounted, and it is easy to use. Overall it is a great cleaner, especially in context of price and works wonders.

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3. Generac 7019 Deck Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Mediocre Results

Generac 7019 Deck Pressure Washer

Generac is another option providing you the gas cleaner, and it allows you to adjust the pressure in four different settings ranging between 2000 to 3100 PSI at a turn of a knob. This range of pressure enables you to work from cleaning the car to your driveway with ease and not changing the nozzle. Whether you are planning to clean your deck, patio, gutter, vehicles, or even furniture, this washer is there for every job. The upright design of the unit allows you to store it in a smaller space. The small footprint and the orange front allow the dampening of the noise from the engine.

Furthermore, Generac has excellent value with a great pump and a great engine and also lies on the affordable side in the context of price. If you desire to have the adjustable pressure feature, this must be your choice.

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4. AR ANNOVI REVERBERI Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results



This washer by AR is another cleaner that is designed to clean around the house perfectly. The machine is sturdy and really well built, and an upgrade on their under-100-dollars pressure washer. Of all the features, the most important thing about the washer is that it is really easy and comfortable to use. The electrical cord is long enough that you do not need to plug it on and off to work around. Moreover, it is very easy to wash and clean the water filter. If you take proper care of these electrical devices, these will last you for quite a long time. Also, make sure that wash tips are clean.

After washing, you need to spray the machine down and turn off the switch and then turn off the water. Now unhook the hose and detach the nozzle wand, now put it in its holder and stretch the water hose. Lastly, wind it onto the spool, which is provided on the machine. Overall, the machine is really easy to use with great PSI. After using it, you would notice a clear difference. In addition, see more similarly priced great pressure washers under 200 dollars or these pressure washers that are only marginally cheaper.


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5. SIMPSON PowerShot Deck Power Washer

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

SIMPSON PowerShot Deck Power Washer


The option of PowerShot by Simpson is a durable and reliable option. This also features the commercial-grade Honda engine that enables you to use this washer year after years with a minimal amount of fuss. The washer has tires, and the body is made up of heavy-duty steel. This can also be called a pressure beast as it weighs 81 pound only. If you plan to use this machine on a daily basis, then you should definitely get your hands on this one. For proper use of this washer, you are suggested to read the instructions carefully.

Firstly, the pump should be primed by letting the water run until all of the air gets out of the hose if you do not want your pump to burn. The AAA pump needs to be primed for 30 seconds, but some hoses can also take longer to be primed after priming, take it off and insert the pump saver and now screw the inlet tightly. After 10 hours, you are suggested to change the engine and the pump oil. Also, stay careful and try not to break your equipment. Also, take care to use 15 to 50 W. Overall, it is a great washer that does wonders.

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6. Nilfisk C110 Deck Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

Nilfisk C110 Deck Pressure Washer

Nilfisk is among the best-known names in the pressure washers industry. This small washer by Nilfisk is an excellent machine, and despite being on the decidedly less pricey side forms an all-rounder cleaner. Moreover, it also features five different accessories and three nozzles. All these attachments make this one clean from driveways to the patio. These accessories also enable you to work quickly and easily. You can easily employ it to clean cars, windows, and the kitchen even. It allows you to fill it straight from the tap.

Moreover, the washer features a lot of features ensuring safety, and the design is really well thought. The large wheels make maneuvering a lot easier and comfortable. The design is compact and is well made. The best thing about it is its rotating jet nozzle that helps to clean very thoroughly.


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7. Bosch High Pressure Washer

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Mediocre Results

Bosch High Pressure Washer

The Bosch Universal pressure washer has been designed to have noticeably more force as compared to other counterparts. This means that the machine is capable of coping with the bigger areas and also big cars. Despite providing the heavy-duty, Bosch has kept the design light in weight and compact as well. The handle is folding, and this makes it really easy to store even in a small space.

Moreover, this unit does not need any special assembly and works straight coming out of the box. It features three in one nozzle, which means that you can switch between the different varieties of spray depending upon what you need. The nozzle is designed to produce high pressure through the detergent so you can easily apply the soap. It provides you with a premium machine that not only works heavy duty and also manages the lighter duties for you as well.

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Now when it comes to cleaning your wooden deck, you can use chemical deck brightener and use it by simple hand scrubbing. But hand scrubbing would not provide you with deep cleaning, and for the job to be done correctly and nicely, you would need a power pressure washer. It is often that a pressure washer can effectively clean the wooden deck by using plain water. Although there are chances that you may ruin your deck if you do not use the washer properly. As the pressure washer applies a lot of pressure, and this pressure is enough to scratch the surface of your deck, as the fibers tend to splinter with too much force.

The pressure that is needed to wash the surface of the deck is rarely more than 1500 pounds per square inch (PSI). This pressure is still able to damage the wood of your deck. Pro-tip is always to use less pressure in terms of pressure washing. The pressure washer enables you to remove the dirt embedded in the wood.

There is a rush of cleaners available in the market that come in a variety of colors and shapes with different kinds of claims. Some of them are bleached, some are detergents and designed to clean the wood, but there is one thing you should keep in mind to always read the directions given by the manufacturer and always follow every single word. Moreover, if you opt to use the pressure washer, remember that its purpose is to clean the surface dirt and also to remove the chemicals. A pressure washer is designed with a lesser quantity of water. Furthermore, it provides a more natural way to remove the residue of the cleaner in the pressure washer as the cleaner comes off very diluted.

Furthermore, your deck cleaning pack should include a brush with stiff bristles, and importantly the bristles should be synthetic and not natural bristles. You will find out that synthetic bristle brush would last longer compared to natural bristles. You would also appreciate a longer handle to work with ease and reach every area you desire to. Moreover, you would need to get multiple brushes to get your job done by all means. The right tool can definitely make a clear difference. To start cleaning, you should scrub the deck first. You can also lightly use water and use the cleaning solution to assist the cleaning. There are other solutions as well, which are not supposed to get squirted but are required to be sprayed lightly while cleaning. The cleaning ingredients often need a small amount of time during which the contaminants are broken down.

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