18 Best Steam Mops In 2022 [ Best For Tile & Grout ]

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When you clean your floors with steam, you sanitize the surface without using harsh chemical agents. Steam cleaning clears out all the residue or streaks on the floor. Steam mops help to scratch the toughest stains. Continuous steam also helps to kill germs as the temperature of the steam is quite high. A lot of people are also allergic to many odors and fumes present in chemical cleaners. Pet owners also appreciate the use of steam cleaners. Moreover, it is an economical method as you don’t need to purchase separate cleaning products to dissolve grease and soap scum.

Additionally, the convenience puts the steam mop at a win-win situation, and you just have to throw the pads after use. A steam mop does the hard work for you. You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub or lug around or empty heavy buckets of dirty water, either, making it a good option if you have joint issues or pain. You can get your floors cleaner with traditional mopping. Furthermore, tiles have a fantastic surface on the floor. It is durable, beautiful, and quite easy to maintain. It is not an issue cleaning tiles; however, this can not be said about the grout between the tiles, which is porous, and it is tough to clean. Listed below are some of the best steam mops for tile and grout which you can buy without breaking your bank.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Steam Mops in 2022

BISSELL PowerFresh
McCulloch MC1275
PurSteam MultiPurpose
NAMEBISSELL PowerFresh Floor & Tile Steam MopMcCulloch MC1275 All-Purpose Steam MopPurSteam MultiPurpose House Mop Cleaner
DIMENSIONS11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 in8"H x 5.2"W x 10.7"D8.07 x 9.45 x 23.94 in

  1. BEST OVERALL: BISSELL PowerFresh Floor & Tile Steam Mop
  2. BEST CHOICE: McCulloch MC1275 All-Purpose Steam Mop
  3. BEST VALUE: PurSteam MultiPurpose House Mop Cleaner
  4. BISSELL Spinwave Steam Mop
  5. Shark Genius Cleaning Steam Mop
  6. Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner
  7. McCulloch MC1385 Steam Mop
  8. SKG Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
  9. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner
  10. LIGHT N EASY All-In-One Steam Mop

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Floor & Tile Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results

BISSELL PowerFresh Floor & Tile Steam Mop


When it comes to cleaning your home, especially floors, tiles, or pet stain cleaners, you’ll find Bissell everywhere due to their quality products. Bissell being famous is not surprising as it’s amongst the ones with the best reviews, and no one really knows which came first, the reviews or the popularity. The PowerFresh Mop comes in seven different variants, including Demineralized water, pads, fragrance disk, steam mop water, natural all-purpose cleaner, natural cleaning wipes, and steam bundle.

The first and excellent thing about the product is ease. It’s easy as well as a straightforward process to assemble it and get it ready for use. The next thing is the lower profile, you do not need to bend too much to reach some of the cabinets, and due to its lightweight construction, you can carry it around without any problem.

Moreover, Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop enables you to sanitize your floors without using any chemicals. Additionally, the cleaner does a great job of cleaning hardwood and linoleum floors, along with nicely cleaning the tiles.
On the other hand, if you use it for too much sanitization in a single area, it might leave streaks on the floor, and you might find the cord a bit short, but considering the price tag and features, it’s an excellent product to try.

Cord Length:23ft
Power Rating:1500W
Power Tank Capacity:16oz
Weight:6 lbs
Steam Control:Continuous Steam
Product Dimensions:11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 in

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2. McCulloch MC1275 All-Purpose Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

McCulloch MC1275 All-Purpose Steam Mop


McCulloch MC1275 is manufactured as a portable canister system, which comes along with 18 accessories, including nylon brush, brass brush, mop pads, stick mop head, and other odds and ends. While looking at the set, you would know that this system will allow you to clean everything in your household, that’s why it’s an All-Purpose steamer.

Moreover, while holding 48 ounces of water, this steam cleaner will take just around 8 minutes, to warm the water up to the operating temperature. The squeegee accessory helps to clean the shower door, also cleans the bathroom tile (see also bathtub cleaners). Additionally, the cleaner leaves tiles with a sparkling shine and also helps to brighten up the grout. You can also use it to clean hardwood and linoleum floors. There are tracks of this machine to clean the greasy kitchen stove and even the dirty BBQ equipment. Skinny attachments prove useful for bed bugs; cleaning and larger attachments are useful for floors. On the downside, you might notice the wand getting hotter if you use it continuously for an extended period, but for the given price range, it’s one of the best cleaners.

Type:All-Purpose Steamer
Cord Length:15ft
Power Rating:1500W
Heat Up Time:8 min
Max Steam Time:45 min
Power Tank Capacity:48oz
Weight:10 lbs
Steam Control:Continuous Steam
Product Dimensions:13.5″H x 10.5″W x 17.2″D

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3. PurSteam MultiPurpose House Mop Cleaner

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

PurSteam Multipurpose House Mop Cleaner


As the name indicates, this cleaner is a multi-purpose mop covering a range of materials from floors to fabrics. Taking from hardwood and vinyl floors, cleans tiles also carpets, to steam cleaner, garment steamer, mirror, and glass cleaner. The detachable handheld unit makes it useful for cleaning garments, mirrors, and glass. Moreover, the product comes with multiple accessories and provides sanitation against germs and bacteria.

Furthermore, 11.50oz of tap water needs just 30 seconds to produce hot, highly pressurized steam. It can also be used to clean your kitchen and remove the grease from tough areas. Additionally, it is super easy to assemble and use it. Also, it’s a pet-friendly mop with 99.99% sanitation without any harsh chemicals. If you’re fond of lightweight cleaners then this is the right one for you to get and it’s budget-friendly price tag makes it the best.

Type:All-Purpose Steamer
Weight:2.2 lbs
Support:Free Replacement
Product Dimensions:23.7 x 9.5 x 8.2 in

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4. BISSELL Spinwave Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results

BISSELL Spinwave Steam Mop


If you need a steam cleaner that reduces the time you need to spend on scrubbing using your hands, you should opt for Bissell Spinwave Powered, 2039A, as it comes with soft-touch pads for gentle cleaning which helps with tough and sticky messes. At the bottom, there are spinning scrub brushes; (two brushes) that rotate and do adequate scrubbing within an appropriate time. Moreover, the cleaner is suitable for tiles and works excellent with sealed hardwood floors.

Furthermore, it also works great for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen floor, and the small size makes it easy to reach corners and pull up all nasty stains and spills (see also ‘Best Carpet Stain Removers‘). The on-demand spray allows you to dispense the right amount of solution on to the floor. Additionally, the tank is enormous, with a capacity of 28 ounces, and time for steam production is 45 minutes straight. Also, the 22 feet long cord makes the use easy and comfortable.

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5. Shark Genius Cleaning Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Shark Genius Cleaning Steam Mop


This one checks all the things you require from a steam mop, yet still within a reasonable price. It comes with three intelligent steam control settings, automatic steam control, cleaning modes, and portable mode. If you are looking for versatility without a compromise on the power or size, this mop system is for you. The cleaning system uses pressurized steam to get into the grout, providing deep cleaning to the floor. You can kill bacteria hidden low in the grout troughs also by hot steam. You can also opt between spray and steam modes, and spray mode helps to loosen the dirt and clean it efficiently. Steam mode, on the other hand, sanitizes the area.

Moreover, the controls are located on the handle, so you do not need to stop and reset amid cleaning. Additionally, the mop pad has a design with a double pocket that enables you to use both sides, and you can cover a double area compared to a single pad. The accessory scrubbing pas and the extensions turn shark cleaner into a convenient handheld unit. This feature makes it fit and clean your household. Lastly, the sleek design and lightweight of the cleaner make it a straightforward and convenient pick at an affordable price.

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6. Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner


At first glance, you might consider this one as an ordinary and awkward cleaner due to its design, but trust me looks don’t matter. The streamer comes along with 15 gadgets, including brushes, scrub tools, mop head, wand, sponge, nozzle jet, two microfiber pads, and a brass utility brush. This vast collection of accessories help you to clean almost everything in your home.

Furthermore, it takes 8 minutes to steam up 45 ounces of water to full pressure and make you ready to get started with your cleaning. Starting from grout and tiles in the bathroom and glass, shower door to carpets in the living room, it is capable of cleaning everything.

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7. McCulloch MC1385 Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

McCulloch MC1385 Steam Mop


Without any surprise, the McCulloch MC1385 canister system is another top-rated steam cleaner. The most exciting feature of this cleaner is that it comes with 23 different accessories, including Microfiber and Scrubbing Mop Pad, Storage Bag and Fill Cup, Round Brush, Bristle Brush Attachment, Jet and Angled Nozzle, Extension Wand, Squeegee, Scrapper and, Large Mop Head. All these gadgets play a part in improving the performance of the steam cleaner.

Moreover, the unit has the ability to create continuous steam for as long as 2 hours. Furthermore, the steam is also hot and highly pressurized. Regardless of the canister system, the unit has a pretty slim profile, and you can freewheel it to the area where you need to work. The grout cleaning properties of this cleaner are very impressive. On the other hand, prolonged use makes the handle really warm, warm enough that you can not grab it unless you cool it down. This can extend the cleaning period.

Additionally, it is expensive compared to other canister systems, a little bit expensive is usually painless, but this one is too expensive. Furthermore, the steamer is a bit hard to fill; you need some sort of funnel to fill it properly. Still, it is not a big deal but something to be considered.

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8. SKG Multi-Purpose Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Best Results

SKG Multi-Purpose Steam Mop


On seeing this steam mop, you will notice that its head is triangular in shape rather than a rectangle, (as most cleaners have). The thing that you would definitely love about this is that it is detachable, making it a handheld unit. This means that you can not only use it to clean tile and grout but also reach easily on other places, which are usually unreachable by a steam mop.

Moreover, the product comes along with many accessories, which greatly help to increase the cleaning range of this mop compared to a typical steam mop. The product comes with a slip ring to clean carpets (see also ‘Best Carpet Cleaners‘), a table cleaning board, a square frame, a tile steam head, straight nozzle, brush frame, extension hose, round brush, copper brush, an angled nozzle, measuring cup, funnel and all the clothes to fit the frames. Coming to the water tank, as soon as you would fill the tank, you would see that it is just ready to go on the work. The steam is enough to sanitize, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning your floors and other household surfaces without using any harsh chemicals.

Additionally, the sound alert system installed in the cleaner keeps you informed about the status of the machine. The cleaner keeps beeping regularly until it is working properly, and the sound turns louder when it needs its tank to be refilled. For the proof to the pudding, you would see it working through various surfaces. It cleans carpets, tiles and grout, shower doors, and even stove in the kitchen. Intense steam cleans away all the dirt and grease. Lastly, the triangular head is a bit small and covers a small area. The corner shape is good to reach the corners properly. Other than that, it is a great product. Variable steam control allows you to control the steam you need, the sound alert system is also straightforward, and produces a lot of steam in a small time period. The head of the mop is small, and you need more time if you have a larger area or households to clean.

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9. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

Wagner 915 On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner is a 1500 watt machine, and you become surprised at first seeing the size of the product. But when you use it, you come to know that it produces a blast of highly pressurized steam that helps to loosen the soap scum trapped within the grout in the bathroom. It comes with a special nozzle that you can use directly over the exact spot, and you want to clean. Eight of all accessories are amazing, and the 8-foot hose is the best for cleaning large areas.

Moreover, the on-demand trigger is effortless to press and allows you to decide when to release the steam. The unit is capable of producing continuous steam for 45 minutes. Furthermore, the indicator allows you to know how much water is present in the water tank; however, if it goes out of the water, thermal reset jumps in and turns off the unit. This feature has tracks of certain annoying people. The steamer also heats water often, and the red light turns on when it is heating water. If you want to learn how steam mops work, check our guide on it.

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10. LIGHT N EASY All-In-One Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Best Results

LIGHT N EASY All-In-One Steam Mop

Light N’ Easy Steam Pocket Mop is the product that has received pretty good reviews by the users. The cleaner is compact, lightweight and can easily be moved around in the house. The small cleaner is not built to tackle big messes rather deal with the smaller ones that are often left lingering over weeks. 4 Pounds of weight is the first plus point. Moreover, 30 seconds to build the steam comes second. When it comes to cleaning, it does an excellent job on hardwood floors, linoleum floors, tiles, but grout stays a bit neglected.

Moreover, as it does not come with the carpet glider, so you need to buy a separate one if you want to use this one to clean your carpets. Furthermore, this option is a decent pick for cleaning occasional messes such as pet accidents and spilled drinks, but it can not cope with the heavy-duty cleaning procedure. However, for small spaces such as apartments, this proves to be a very inexpensive unit that works good.

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11. Bissell Multi-Purpose Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Bissell Multi-Purpose Steam Mop


Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet is a useful pick to clean not only the floors but also other areas of your home. The use of steam is not helpful for cleaning the floors only, and it also helps to clean almost every part of the household. Additionally, the excellent variety of accessories that come along with the cleaner enables you to cover everything starting from curtains to grout. The lift-off separates, turns into handheld steamers that cover every small corner. The addition of the squeegee helps to clean your windows. The flip-down easy scrubber tackles hard spots nicely. Rubber units combine brushes and blades in one tool.

Moreover, the effectiveness of scrubber, which even removes dried spots of paint is just excellent. The friction is very low due to the microfiber’s pads. The base steam level allows a smooth gliding on the floors. Moreover, a swivel head also makes it clean around and under the furniture.

Furthermore, the hot steam kills almost all the germs and bacteria without the use of any harsh chemicals, marking the cleaner safe for pets and toddlers in the house. Nearly every feature of this cleaner is good. However, the tank is a bit awkward; it is not removable, so you have to hold the whole unit in the sink until it fills up. Always on steam feature, however, does not hurt while using on the floor but can be a bit painful in handheld mode.

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12. Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Best Results

Dirt Devil Versa Steam Mop

Here I’m going to introduce you to a steam cleaner that, along with cleaning floors, can also clean fabrics and furniture. The red-colored sleek designed mop offers 2-in-1 functions, firstly, as a handheld unit and secondly, as a mop for the floor. People call this one as a dream steamer that significantly cleans the hard floor, making them look brand new. The concentrated streamer can be used around the sink and shower and the more significant attachment for carpets, floors, and other surfaces. Despite the fact that the cleaner is not fancy yet, it is a lightweight unit that, unlike others, poses no problem when using even tap water. Other steamers require to be used with distilled water, so dirt devil gets the point in the context of ease and convenience, compared to other cleaners. Although there are a lot of good things about this cleanser, the body is made up of cheaper plastic, and the length is very short. An average height person has to bend uncomfortably to use it.

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13. Shark 2-in-1 Blast Steam Mop

Ratings: 3.9/5 | Best Results

Shark 2-in-1 Blast Steam Mop

Shark Blast and Spray are highly recommended for cleaning the floors and tile while still in an affordable price range. People having mixed floors can opt for it without hesitation. The mop has a lot of fibers that enable deep cleaning of the grout, and the mop pockets are dual-sided, that enable you to cover more area in a single session. The fabric is highly interwoven. The material of fabric makes you use less effort in scrubbing while saving your time as well as energy. At this price, the mop head produces even and pressurized steam all over. Moreover, it is easy to use. You just need to press the spray followed by pulling the trigger and flipping the mop head.

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14. Reliable Steamboy 3-in-1 Steam Mop

Ratings: 3.8/5 | Best Results

Reliable Steamboy 3-in-1 Steam Mop

Reliable Steamboy is the steam cleaner that does not make you miss the canister system for deep cleaning of the grout. It is not as famous as other options but is a very nice pick, being user-friendly, powerful, simple, and as the name says ‘ Reliable’. Because of the small triangular head, it fits and cleans the small curves and corners. Moreover, the small washable microfiber pads capture dust and also keeps the finish of the surface safe. The carpet glider attachment enables you to clean carpets removing stains easily. The best feature is its tank with the replaceable water filter. This helps you use tap water rather than distilled water and save your money, needed to buy distilled water. Moreover, the steamer is very fast and powerful, provides steam for 25 minutes, after heating for a couple of seconds. Furthermore, it makes a sturdy build product at such a price.

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15. Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

Ratings: 3.7/5 | Best Results

Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

The manufacturer claims it to be ‘green product’, in lessening the impact on planet Earth. The mop helps you to clean the floor in a standing position without bending and not to strain your knees and back. The mops help achieve a sanitized floor without using any harsh chemicals by the use of high-temperature steam. The perfectly even steam production makes Ceramic floor tiles, Vinyl and Wood laminate floors, clean and sanitized.

Furthermore, the cleaner makes use of distilled water for cleaning. All you have to do is to fill the water reservoir, attach a reusable microfiber pad, and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any floor surface. Furthermore, this procedure absolutely removes a TON of dirt. The pad is relatively thinner than most of the pads of other cleaners.

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16. Sienna Eco Steam Cleaner

Ratings: 3.6/5 | Best Results

Sienna Eco Steam Cleaner

Sienna Eco Canister Steam Cleaner is an excellent cleaner, especially if we talk about tiles and grout. After using it once, you would definitely jump to this one for daily cleaning. The most important feature of this cleaner is the temperature of its steam. It operates on 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 12 degrees hotter compared to McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System. Moreover, the pressure of steam is really high, rendering it a potent machine.

However, in the context of the number accessories, the list of Sienna Eco cleaners is not long, but the limited accessories provided by the product are the ones that you need. It has two microfiber cloth pads and two extension tubes, also it has a funnel, round brush, fabric brush, angle concentration, and a squeegee. Another notable feature of Sienna Eco is its portability, you can use it wherever you want, due to its small size. Additionally, it has a 3-foot hose.

In addition to all these features, there is one thing to be noted, that you can not regulate/control temperature, which makes it very hot and sometimes can become challenging to handle and use. Furthermore, it can occasionally spit out some water, which is not a big deal if cleaning tiles and can be something if you are considering the wooden floor.

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17. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Ratings: 3.5/5 | Best Results

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

If you are on a budget and are searching for an inexpensive steam mop, O-Cedar is a perfect option for you. It comes with two additional mop pads. All you need to do is fill water in the tank and plug it in. There are adjustable steam controls that make it friendly for different kinds of surfaces.

Moreover, the water in the tank takes seconds to heat up and build on steam at high pressure. The cleaning tool is very light in weight and also has a carpet tool that can be used to clean and refresh your carpets. The pads are washable, and the cleaning machine and pads really serve for their price. Lastly, it is considered the best mop for laminate floors and cleans the floors effectively without leaving any streaks.

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18. Pure Enrichment Steam Cleaner

Ratings: 3.4/5 | Best Results

Pure Enrichment Steam Cleaner

Pure Clean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner is 18 pieces heavy-duty set that comes along with all essentials needed to steam clean your home, effectively both indoors and outdoors. This cleaner is called a multi-purpose Household System by the manufacturer, which is true. The attached vacuum puts this product in a win-win situation. The water tank or boiler has a capacity of 11.5 liters to be filled in.

Moreover, this water produces continuous hot pressurized steam up to 45 minutes, which helps to clean grime, grease, mold, stains, and bed bugs without utilizing harmful chemicals. The head of the mop is also triangular with detachable microfiber pads that can be removed and washed after each cleaning session. The power cord of the cleaner is as long as 16 feet making it easy to use, as you do not need to move the whole unit along while cleaning. This makes it be used comfortably to clean a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile, granite, waterproof wood flooring, laminate tiles, most cotton and wool carpets, and washable wallpaper.

However, the lack of storage for the attachments makes it a bit difficult to keep all accessories put together. You would feel a need that there should be an attachment storage system built in the rolling unit to keep everything together and easily accessible. The product comes with a lot of accessories, with a high capacity of the tank, the pads are washable and makes it affordable, long cord makes it easy to use.

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1. Are steam mops worth getting?

Yes. To get rid of tough stains and filth, steam cleaning is a natural and effective method. More than that, household bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and Staphylococcus as well as dust mites and surface mold are all eradicated by steam cleaning. Using steam as a cleaning agent has additional advantages. 

2. What is better shark steam mop or Bissell steam mop?

Shark's steam mop can be used longer and to cover a larger area if that is what you need. Bissell offers more cleaning options for deep-seated grime. It comes with a scrubbing pad and carpet glider for cleaning various surfaces.

3. Is mopping or steaming better?

Regular mops and steam mops have their place in our arsenal of cleaning tools. Even though regular mops are better for spills and short accidents, steam mops can disinfect your floors

4. Are steam mops bad for grout?

Steam can be used to clean grout, whether it has been sealed or not. In fact, steam cleaning won't harm the sealer

5.  Does steam mop really clean floors?

A steam mop can kill most of the bacteria and dust mites on a floor within a short period of time. To quickly touch up floors, a steam mop is much easier than a mop and bucket.

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