9 Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet Reviews In 2023 | Top Rated Picks!

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Berber carpets are among the oldest carpets available and all for good reasons, they can withstand stains & dirt really well. I used to rent a budget apartment and what I’ve noticed while living in rented places is that Berber carpets are among the most common ones used in such places with high foot traffic, due to their durability. I personally find them decent and easy to clean, if you have got the right tools. So that’s going to be the topic of my today’s guide. What are the best vacuum cleaners you can find for your Berber carpet in the market without spending too much? I will go over the features of the top upright vacuums as well. I used a few of these vacuum cleaners for my Berber carpet and can share honest thoughts along with some of the top-ranked picks.

Top 3 Vacuums for Berber Carpets

Miele C3 Berber Carpet Vacuum
Shark NV352 Vacuum
eufy 30C Robot Vacuum
NAMEMiele C3 Berber Carpet VacuumShark NV352 Vacuumeufy 30C Robot Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

1. Best Overall: Miele C3 Berber Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results

Miele C3 Berber Carpet Vacuum Cleaner



When we talk about the top canister vacuum for Berber carpet, you will certainly come across the Miele complete C3 Marin canister. Most of the carpets made in such fashion come with loops and have Olefin fiber in them. Therefore, they tend to get a bit rough, and whatever you spill, remains on the surface for a while before it gets sucked into the base of the carpet. So, it would help if you had a vacuum that can pick up the dirt but won’t be hooking into the loops of your carpet. For that, the Miele’s C3 Marin is a great choice.

Moreover, the vacuum comes with an electro brush that has the ability to scrub the stubborn stains from your carpet without getting stuck with the loops. Furthermore, it has the power to capture the debris, and the twister brush can give you the deep cleaning that you need. Also, the swift 180-degree rotation assures that no corner is left undone when you are cleaning.

Although the loops on most of the Berber carpets are not fragile, there are a few things that you need to consider. Getting yourself a vacuum that has natural bristles that provide soft touch can help to a great extent for a thorough clean. Furthermore, the power matters and your vacuum has to come with enough power to suck all the allergens that reside on the base of your carpet.

Type: Canister Vacuum
Weight: 10.3 lbs
Filter: HEPA AirClean Filter
Motor: 1200 Watt
Cord: 25ft
Opt: Height Adjustment & Motor Speed Adjustment

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2. Shark NV352 Vacuum for Berber Carpet

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Shark NV352 Vacuum for Berber Carpet



If you are looking for an ideal upright vacuum for Berber carpet, you can close your eyes and pick up a Shark Navigator NV352 from a nearby market. It is one of the best upright models that provide you a thorough cleaning. Because of the gentle dusting brush roll and the pet upholstery tool, cleaning your carpet becomes fairly easy. There is an option that allows you to switch off the dusting brush roll whenever you need it. It is essential for cleaning the delicate patches of your house flooring.

Moreover, the handling and steering of this vacuum are pretty easy. You don’t have to struggle to avoid the furniture and other obstacles that may hinder you from giving your house a deep clean. It is lightweight and comes with the option of turning into a hand vacuum. All you have to do is lift up the canister, and it becomes possible for you with a single button push.

Another great thing about the NV352 is the ability to pick up the allergens. Many people take a look at the cleaning of the carpet and how it looks from the surface. What they overlook is the base where all the allergens reside. Thus, a powerful upright vacuum cleaner like Shark Navigator NV352 is what you must consider for picking up the allergens from your carpet. Furthermore, this machine also comes with the HEPA filtration system, which eases the problem of asthma patients. It certifies the fact that this vacuum is able to pick up dust particles with up to a 99.9% efficiency rate.

Type: Upright Vacuum
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Filter: HEPA AirClean Filter
Capacity: 1.2 quarts
Cord: 25ft
Support: 5-year Warranty
Add: Anti-allergen complete seal technology

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3. Best Robot: eufy 30C Berber Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

eufy 30C Berber Carpet Vacuum Cleaner



The technology has come pretty far, and today you have robot vacuum cleaners in a number of different homes. If you are also interested in the best robot vacuum for the Berber carpet, you can take a look at this EUFY RoboVac 30C robot vacuum cleaner. This best vacuum cleaner is a compact and lightweight model that can be operated easily with the help of WiFi. In case you’re up for the best lightweight vacuum then nothing can beat RoboVac. All you’ve to do is install the EufyHome application and connect your machine with it.

There are different options that you can utilize for cleaning. The BoostIQ technology assures that the vacuum is able to increase and decrease the suction power as required within a matter of seconds. It automatically adjusts to the operational requirements and can provide you with as long as a 100 minutes operation.

Moreover, you get to function with this machine with the help of a remote control too. There are different side brushes and cable ties that you can put up at work. You also get a 1-year warranty and a complete guide regarding how to operate this robot vacuum.

Type: Robot Vacuum
Weight: 6 lbs
Operation:100 Minutes Constant
Max Suction: 1500Pa
Working: 2nd Gen BoostIQ
Support: 1-year Warranty
Add: Auto Adjustment

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4. Best Cordless: Dyson V8 Stick Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Best Results

Dyson V8 Stick Carpet Vacuum Cleaner



Are you looking for a top-rated cordless vacuum for Berber carpet? Want to get yourself equipped with the finest stick vacuum? Look no further. This Dyson V8 model is what you need. Depending on the fact that you are searching for a cordless model and you want to equip yourself with a compact machine, the Dyson V8 comes with all the features to satisfy your requirements.

It operates with the help of a battery, which, after a full charge, gives about 40 minutes of usage time. It would be enough to clean a room thoroughly. Moreover, the running depends on the mode on which you operate because the 40 minutes lasting would only be experienced by individuals who run it on standard mode. If you operate on max settings, you will be able to last about 8 minutes.

However, for Berber Carpet cleaning, the max setting would be inappropriate. So, you must not worry if your goal is to clean a Berber carpet with the V8. It comes with a soft roller head, which you can use for gentle cleaning on Berber carpets. Put the machine on standard mode and add this attachment, you will be able to last as long as 30 minutes!

But it may not be a handy machine for a ton of other vacuuming purposes. Still, as we discuss the perfect vacuum cleaners for Berber carpet, it certainly qualifies as one, and you can surely give a solid cleaning to your carpet with the help of this upright vacuum cleaner.

Type: Cordless Vacuum
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Battery: 40 Minutes
Filter: HEPA AirClean Filter
Bin: 0.14 Gallons
Extra Tools: 4
Add: Can transform easily into a Handheld Vacuum

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5. Best Budget: Hoover UH70120 Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Hoover UH70120 Carpet Vacuum Cleaner



If you take a look at the modern-day upright vacuum cleaners, you will find ‘brush roll’ as one of the specialty features by numerous manufacturers. While it comes from different brands, the team Hoover is considered the brain behind this dusting brush roll. Understanding the changing landscape of cleaning and the demand of the market, Hoover has made appropriate adjustments to its products and come up with some market-dominating vacuums.

The T-series UH70210 is a prime example of how they have adapted to the changing industry. It is seen as an efficient vacuum that helps with all sorts of floor cleaning troubles. With the 5-point height adjustment system, the Berber carpets can be cleaned easily, and the pet upholstery takes care of fur and pet hair that falls on furniture. Moreover, you get a crevice tool alongside which has an extension wand as long as 1 foot.

Moreover, there is a 25-inch retractable cord that takes care of your cable management. You can simply tap a pedal, and the cable will come back to your machine. Overall, this upright vacuum cleaner is one of the best budget-friendly options on the market.

Type: Upright Vacuum
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Filter: HEPA AirClean Filter
Cord: 25ft
Add: Folding Handle

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6. Best Canister: Galaxy 1150 Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results



German vacuums have made a great name in the market. Soniclean, just like Miele, is one such example of it. While there were people that ran into a few problems with some of the peers of Soniclean Galaxy 1150, this one is a modified and upgraded version that addresses all the issues. The manufacturer has come up with relevant attachments to help people clear out the problems that they were facing with the older models.

The primary issue was cleaning the surfaces of the ground. So, you get the appropriate attachments to deal with the task. For instance, carpet cleaning has become fairly simple with its turbo carpet brush, and it has all the potential to suck dirt and debris from the base of your carpet. Also, the natural bristle tool provides a softer option that you can use on the Berber Carpets to clean them without damaging the fibers.

Moreover, there are other tools, such as upholstery, dusting, and crevice tool. This means that you get a complete cleaning package with your vacuum. So, it eliminates the need for using different machines for different surfaces as almost all the matters can be dealt with with the help of different attachments that come with this Soniclean Galaxy 1150.

Whether you have deep pile carpets or wooden floors, tiles, or concrete floors, you can operate this machine on all sorts of flooring. There are large rubber wheels that can swiftly move the machine around. However, you may have to give a second thought if you have high pile carpets.

Type: Canister Vacuum
Weight: 12 lbs
Motor: 1150W
Filter: HEPA AirClean Filter
Support: 5-year Warranty
Add: 360º Hose Rotation

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7. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Mediocre Results

Another upright vacuum that you’ll find in this list is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2. It has the radial root cyclone technology, which powers the cleaning process of this machine, making it a great choice for Berber carpets. This upright vacuum might not be the most lightweight option on the market but its handling is pretty straightforward. After a couple of days’ use, you’ll be able to move it across your carpet with ease.

The best part about this vacuum is that it is a multi-purpose machine. So, you get a chance to work it across different types of flooring. A gentle twist of your wrist would be enough to move the vacuum across the floor, and you’ll be able to get a thorough cleaning with this hefty machine.

Moreover, the vacuum comes with a large capacity, sufficient enough to give your whole house a thorough cleaning. There is a self-adjusting vacuum cleaner head to help you with your cleaning. The self-adjustment feature assures that the vacuum seals in the place appropriately and adjusts to the carpets and hard flooring without any issue.

Another important aspect of this Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum is that it comes with a hygienic design. The Dust bin has a very decent layout, and you can empty it with a single push of a button. It helps people who are looking to stay away from touching the dirt contents and collected material.

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8. Severin Corded Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.3/5 | Best Results


Do you look up to the bagless vacuums? Are you willing to go for a canister vacuum that does not require regular bag replacement? Well, you need to take a look at the Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Bagless Canister Vacuum. It comes with a number of different options that make it a heart favorite for many people. First of all, you have the HEPA filters, some of the highest-rated in the market, available in this machine. For instance, the h13 and h14 filtration assure air filtration of as much as 99.95% and 99.995%, respectively.

Moreover, the machine operates on a multi-cyclone technology. It helps in pulling all the dirt that may reside in your Berber carpets. Although the vacuum might not be a suitable option for people who like to run on high-pile carpeting, the lightweight and easy-to-move operation, with multi-cyclone functioning, makes it a great choice to roll on Berber carpets.

Furthermore, it comes with a hose that has a pretty decent length of 5 feet. So, you are able to reach tough places such as under furniture and give a thorough cleaning to your home. Also, you get a ton of different attachments supplied along with this machine. If you plan on moving the vacuum around the hard flooring, you must not worry. The rubber tires assure that you move swiftly without scratching the flooring.

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9. Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Best Results

We begin with a canister vacuum from Miele, and it would be perfectly alright, to sum up, our list with another product from this company. The Miele Classic C1 Cat and Dog vacuum are great for homes where you have a lot of pets around. It gives you a chance to run the machine at different speeds with six different motor speed options. Also, there is a 7 feet hose with 18 feet long cord that compensates for the length of the cord, which might be relatively small for some people.

The best thing about this vacuum is that you get a chance to clean the Berber carpets safely. The operation has no brush involved, which is the primary concern of people who are vacuuming Berber carpets. If you have motorized brush functioning, you need to take care of the brush type, bristle material, and all different sorts of things. But as you are able to suck in all the dust and dirt without any brush, it becomes pretty safe for you to clean Berber Carpets.

Moreover, if you have hardwood floors or high pile carpeting, it would be safe to use this best vacuum on all the different surfaces. Unlike many models in our list that are not suggested for use on high-pile Berber carpeting, this one would give you a proper and thorough cleaning of all the different surfaces.

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So, this was the list of vacuums for Berber carpets. Whether you look up to the best shark vacuum for Berber carpet or you get yourself an upright vacuum model, make sure that you identify your needs and make the appropriate selection. Else, you may satisfy one part with your selection, but all other aspects of cleaning and demands would be left unsatisfied. Lastly, if you think you don’t want to use vacuums, here’s how you can clean your Berber carpet easily.

How to Select a Vacuum for Berber Carpet?

Before you finalize your choice, you need to note that the optimum vacuum for Berber carpet is only the machine that addresses your requirements thoroughly. So, before you make a purchase, here is what you should consider.

Suction Power

For a vacuum to operate on Berber carpets, you need good suction power. It is an essential factor because you don’t want the allergens and dust particles to reside on the base of the carpet while you move around the machine to clean the surface. Moreover, another aspect to take care of is the fact that suction power should not be way too strong. Make sure that you get a machine with adjustable suction power so that you can vary it to suit your cleaning needs.

The Beater Bar is Your Enemy

If you have a vacuum with a beater bar, remove it before you run the machine on a Berber carpet. If it is not removable, avoid cleaning your rug with such a machine. The problem is that the beater bar can seriously damage the carpet. As the beater moves around, it can snag and rip off the loops that are visible on the surface of Berber carpets. Therefore, if you want to assure that your carpet won’t rip off after you vacuum it, assure that you remove the beater bar or get a machine that does not have one.

The Battle Between Upright and Canister

 It is one of the biggest debating points as to which vacuum is better suited for carpet cleaning, upright models, or canisters. If you take a look at the list above, you will find various vacuums that come from the upright category and then there are a few that come from the canister section. Well, both have their own pros and cons.

The canister vacuums are very helpful in terms of suction power. Considering the solid suction, they make a great fit for Berber carpet cleaning. But on the other hand, you end up with uprights. Although they are a bit less powerful, they tend to work very well, considering the different attachments that you get alongside. So, this part depends on your requirements and preferred choice.

Other Features

Some other aspects include the baggage and cord. A few people prefer bagged vacuums, while others tend to be more inclined towards bagless. Furthermore, a huge choice is available for those who look up to throw away the hassle of cord management and demand a cordless machine. Then comes the filter, which is pretty important, and HEPA is what you must look up to because of the high standards.

Apart from the above, additional attachments and warranty always come in handy when selecting a good vacuum.

Tips for the Maintenance of Your Berber Carpet

All this vacuum selection and the trouble of getting the best vacuum for Berber carpets is because we want to maintain our carpets. If you are looking to make it last for a long time, you need to pay attention to the different aspects of cleaning and maintaining a carpet. Here, we will discuss a few things that are likely to help you out.

Appropriate Care

It would help if you began by taking care of your carpets. There are different types of Berber carpets that are available in the market. Each of them requires a different type of handling. If you get yourself an olefin, steam cleaning is what you must prefer. However, if you have a nylon carpet, you can go well with dry cleaning. Moreover, woolen carpets are another popular choice which is perhaps the most lavish and expensive ones. So, it is critical to handle them appropriately, and they need the utmost care. The high suction vacuum can be a great bet to take care of woolen rugs.

Consistent Cleaning

Don’t clean your carpet for a day and then leave it for a month to absorb the dust and dirt. It is not only making your place dirty, but it also has a number of hygienic issues associated with it. Especially if you have pets and children around, you should pay attention to vacuuming your home more often. Try to prevent the build-up of any dirt between the loops of fiber and make sure to use a good vacuum that is made particularly for cleaning such carpets to avoid any trouble.

What to Avoid?

When you are placing a Berber carpet in your house, there are a few things that you should consider. First of all, try to keep the pets and children away from it because of the higher chances of spills and stains. Once you get it stained, it becomes hard to get rid of it. Moreover, be careful with the furniture placement and try to avoid putting something on it. If you end up with a table or couch on your Berber, make sure that you don’t pull or drag. Instead, gently lift up the item and move it around as you like. Also, try to avoid going over the carpet with shoes. Especially if you have heels, you may end up ruining the whole carpet.

Final Words

So, this was the guide for selecting the leading upright vacuum cleaner for the Berber carpet. Make sure that you consider the features, pros, and cons of the given models and thoroughly inspect them considering your needs. Don’t just be inspired because of the presentation or features of a machine. If it is addressing your requirements, you would be good with the product. However, if it fails to satisfy your needs, regardless of how powerful or costly it is, it will be of no use.


1. Can I use a carpet cleaner on berber carpet?

Yes, you can use a carpet cleaner on berber carpet. However, you should test the cleaner on a small area of the carpet first to make sure it doesn't damage the fibers.

2. Is berber carpet outdated?

No, berber carpet is not outdated. It is a popular type of carpet that is known for being durable and stain-resistant.

3. How long will berber carpet last?

The lifespan of berber carpeting can depend on a few factors. If it is properly maintained with regular vacuuming and cleaning, it can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. That being said, berber carpet is not the best option for high-traffic areas, as it tends to show dirt and wear more easily than other types of carpeting. I would recommend considering a different type of carpet for areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

4. How often should Berber carpet be cleaned?

The frequency with which you should clean your Berber carpet will depend on a number of factors, including how much traffic the carpet receives, whether or not there are any pets in the home, and whether or not there is any sort of moisture issue (like a high concentration of humidity). In general, I would recommend cleaning your Berber at least every 12 months - but if you have pets or there is a lot of moisture in the air, you may need to do it more often.

5. Is Berber carpet better than regular carpet?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences and what specific needs each person has. Some people may prefer Berber carpet because it is more durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, while others may find it too rough or stiff for their liking. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of carpet is best for them.

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