6 Best Washing Machine for Pet Hair Reviews In 2022 | Reliable Top and Front Loading Models

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We all love pets; that’s why we allow them into our beds and our couches and let them rub themselves on our clothes. So it’s not hard to see pet hair everywhere, whether it’s clothes or blankets. Unfortunately pet hair problems are real – it becomes really a chore to get rid of the pet hair from upholstery and clothes.

Washing machines’ performance is rated based on how well they can remove the stains and clean and their water and energy usage as well as how gently they clean pet hair from certain fabrics. These machines are also included with the specialty cycle and quick cleaning. Moreover, the ease of use is another important factor to be noticed. You can also include the evaluation of the control panel, its response rate, the opening and closing of the door, and how many points it earns while you load your laundry into the machine.

How about we help you find the best washing machines for effective pet hair removal? Well, let’s have a look at the designs and top pet friendly washing machine.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Washing Machine for Removing Pet Hair in 2022

Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing
GE Top Loading Pet HairSamsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine
NAMEElectrolux Titanium Hair Washing MachineGE Top Loading Pet Hair WasherSamsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine
TYPEComboAUTO AdjustFlexWash / Steam Clean
DIMENSIONS53" H27 x 27 x 46 in27 X 47 X 34 in

  1. BEST OVERALL: Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing Machine
  2. BEST CHOICE: Samsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine
  3. GE Top Loading Pet Hair Washer
  4. Miele WSG663 Hair Washing Machine
  5. Kenmore Pet Hair Washer
  6. LG WT5070 Pet Hair Washer

1. Electrolux Titanium Pet Hair Washing Machine

Ratings: 4.9/5 | Best Results

Electrolux Titanium Hair Washing Machine

This pet hair remover washing machine has a unique feature where there is a pre-mixing of water and detergent before the water gets dispensed into the machine. You find a dispenser drawer that utilizes single detergents’ dose rather than tossing them inside the drum. No matter which detergent type you use, it gets dissolved already and reaches through the surface of your clothes, and you would not have to worry about the detergent stains on your clothes. This provides us with the shortest time of one wash cycle and very nice cleaning, despite the short period.

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2. Samsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Best Results

Samsung Flex Pet Hair Washing Machine

This machine by Samsung offers you dual flexibility as it is designed with two washers that are controlled separately but are present in the same unit. It is built, such that the bottom is made to manage the extra-large loads and also features a super cleaning cycle. You can also add steam and sanitizing setting. This also provides you to include up to five cycles of rinsing, which removes all the hair, tough stains, dust, and detergent from larger items like jackets and comforters. Moreover, the upper smaller washer is designed for smaller and delicate items like blouses and skirts, etc. Y

ou can wash the cashmere sweaters without fearing damaging them. All these features provide you the best cleaning of your pet hair from all your clothes and upholstery without putting much effort. So it makes one perfect choice for the dog and cat hair washing machine.

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3. GE Top Loading Pet Hair Washer

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Best Results

GE Top Loading Pet Hair Washer

The GE High-Efficiency top loader machine lies on the pricier side and is a classic choice, featuring an agitator that is very easy to use. It is highly impressive that it offers the option of a two-hour pre-soak, which is automatic, where you can easily leave any fabric loaded with pet hair issues. You would be surprised to see the cleaning efficiency provided by the machine, and you would get your fabric free of every bit of pet hair. The deep fill and rinse options are also available for customized levels of water. It is power efficient and also provides you with an excellent capacity.

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4. Miele WSG663 Pet Hair Washing Machine

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Best Results

Miele WSG663 Hair Washing Machine

You can call this machine a mighty mini appliance. It offers a deceptively large interior and exterior, which is a perfect space saver. These features make this one the best purchase to be installed in smaller houses and apartments. The Twin-Dos system is designed to automatically dispense the right amount of detergent, which provides the best cleaning to whites and other colors. This provides you with a capacity of 2.26 cubic feet.

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5. Kenmore Pet Hair Washer

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Best Results

Kenmore Pet Hair Washer

This washer by Kenmore features a central agitator that is huge from the inside, and you will get a high capacity. This washer is not only efficient but also energy-saving nitro. Moreover, you can add more water if you are working with a Deep cleaning option. More water gets the pet hair off more effectively. The control panel is really stylish, straightforward to use, and responds very fastly in touch. The Powerwash cycle is designed to boost up the cleaning, but you can also trim down the timing of the wash cycle if you are in a hurry.

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6. LG WT5070 Pet Hair Washer

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Best Results

LG WT5070 Pet Hair Washer

This washer by LG has a capacity of 5 cubic feet. The buttons for the control panel are present at the center and in the front of this machine. This design is ideal for people with shorter heights, and there is a folding lid that does not need to be stretched for closing it. Moreover, the cleaning cycles are breakneck and take much less time.

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Top Load Or Front Load Washer

When you go to buy a machine, the first and foremost decision that you need to make is to choose whether you want a top-load machine or a front-load machine. In terms of cleaning, both types perform great. You will not be able to see any difference in cleaning by both types. Also, there are tests that show that front-loaders are seen to perform a little bit better than top loaders. Which type you would choose depends totally upon personal choice.

Front Loading Washer

The front-loading washing machine provides the most energy-efficient option. It is designed to utilize the minimum amount of water for every load. Clothes. When they are tumbled into a small pool of water, the machine senses the type and the weight of the load and thus works to provide efficient cleaning. The front-loading machine is designed so that it can handle bulky and big items like sleeping bags and comforters easily. Most companies sell items that have pedestal drawers, and these raise the device up from the surface of the floor and save the strain on your back, thus preventing backaches.

Moreover, if the space where you have to keep the appliance is small or tight, these front loaders can be stacked, and hence due to the compressed size, you can keep it in any bathroom, closet, or any narrow area where you are provided with venting, water, and electrical connection. Furthermore, keep in notice that water can puddle near the dispenser, door gasket, and drum even, and this can cause mold growth that also causes horrible odors. So keep a narrow check. If you have chosen a front loader, you should stay more careful about its own cleaning so that you do not get odors and mold growths.

Top Loading Washer

A top-loading washing machine is a convenient option, and it is often the least expensive option. Nowadays we have options that are new, and they provide higher efficiency to help to achieve excellence. These top loading options have large tubs, and they can handle extra huge loads, and these are even though more power-efficient and use more water compared to the frontier loading washers. These come with many different options as without or with the central agitators, which are designed to draw the water through the clothing to clean them. Also, keep in mind that these models with agitators prove to be less gentle on the fabric and clean the clothes as these have the mechanism by which the clothes are moved and bounced through the water pool.

Furthermore, now, these top-loading washers are built where the water drains out and down, and this is a lesser chance for the development of odors and molds, and this is the reason that many consumers prefer the top loaders. However, it is the best option to clean the dispensers and tubs once per month. However, if I talk about the protip, take out just 2 to 3 minutes per every wash and leave your washer dry and clean, This would significantly add to the life of your machine.

I hope this guide was helpful and now you can decide which washer you need to go for. In case you’ve got any questions or want to share your feedback, please comment below.


1. Are top loaders or front loaders better for pet hair?

Both varieties function admirably when it comes to cleaning and removing  pet hair. You will not notice any difference in cleaning between the two varieties. Additionally, there are experiments that demonstrate that front-loaders perform somewhat better than top-loaders.

2. Will dog hair ruin a washing machine?

No, dog hair will not ruin a washing machine. In fact, most washing machines are designed to handle pet hair without any problems. However, it is always a good idea to check your owner’s manual to be sure. If you are worried about dog hair clogging up your machine, you can try using a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair before you wash your clothes.

3. Does washing clothes get rid of dog hair?

Yes, washing and cleaning clothes will get rid of dog hair. However, it's important to use the right detergent and wash cycles for the best results.

4. How do I get dog hair out of my washing machine?

I've had to deal with this before - it's not fun! Here are a few tips:
- Try using a vacuum cleaner to suck up as much of the hair as possible before starting the wash cycle.
- If there's a lot of hair, try using a mesh bag or net to contain it in the wash.
- Use a high-temperature wash cycle to help loosen and make it easier to remove pet hair.

5. What home remedy gets dog hair out of clothes?

Rinse the machine with half a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener and helps loosen pet fur. Use an empty cycle to clean your washer. The drum of your machine should be cleaned with a damp towel after the cycle is complete.

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