Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Review – 2021 [ Best for Pets ]

You must love your pets if you have any, but they can be messy sometimes. Houses with pets are normally hard to clean, and to make such houses look tidy, you have to use the right kind of tools. Not only a product with label pets friendly would work for you; rather, you have to make sure that it is actually what you have wanted. In the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro review, I’ll make sure by the end you know everything about the cleaner and can make the right decision based on your needs.

Bissell crosswave pet pro is an upgraded tool of the crosswave that contains all the key features required to deal with the most common issues of the pets. This tool is specially designed to cater to the needs of households with pets. If you still are using any of the pet-oriented tools from crosswave, it is now the time for you to upgrade the tools and get a Bissell Crosswave pet pro for you. Below mentioned is the detailed review for this tool, which will help you to know how this tool can help you in fulfilling your cleaning requirements. Let’s start with the specs of the top-rated vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Specs

Type: Wet/Dry
Color: Silver/Purple
Tank Size: 0.2G
Tanks: Two-Tank Technology
Cleaning Path W: 12″
Power Rating: 4.4amps
Suction Power: 100-150 aW
Clean-Out Mode: Manual
Cord: 25ft
Noise Level: 62- 68 db
Brush Roll Grip: 8″
Brush Roll Spin: 3000 rpm
Built: Hard Floors & Area Rugs
Weight: 11.5 lbs
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 12 x 46 in

The Design & Tools

The Bissell crosswave pet pro is a uniquely designed and professionally styled multifunctional tool specially made for cleaning in households with pets. The tool is designed to clean several floor types. The Crosswave pro is efficient in mopping and cleaning the hardwood floor both at once. You just need to move the tool quickly on the floor you want to clean.

The head of the Bissell crosswave pet pro is designed uniquely to clean the mess caused by the pet hair. This is one of the common problems that pet owners face concerning the pets they have at their homes. Normally the vacuum cleaners are least effective in cleaning the hair mess of the pets because these hairs bog down the bristles of such cleaners, and they break down. This is why the Bissell crosswave pet pro has its head designed in such a way that it sucks the hair of your pets from the floor.

Moreover, it has a widened head with a bristle pattern that is redesigned so that the tool can vacuum the pet hair safely. You don’t need to put any extra effort to pull the hair from the floor. The cleaner is one of the best-non-specialized tools made for cleaning the mess of the pet from the house. It is a pet-oriented tool that caters to all the cleaning needs of a household. The tool can be used for various purposes, including cleaning dirt and light soils. Its specialty is to clean the pet hair from hardwood surfaces. This multi-functional tool minimizes the need for any other cleaning tool at your home.

How does the Bissell Crosswave work?

The Bissell crosswave pet pro has two tanks. One tank is for dirty water, while the other is for the cleaning solution. You just need to move the cleaner from one surface to another. While you move the tool, the wet vacuum part of the Bissell will suck all the dirt and the debris as well as scrub the hardwood floor surface. To minimize the puddles, the vacuum of the Bissell will suck back the water.

You need to empty the tank once it has absorbed all the pet hair. While emptying the tank, you don’t need to worry about creating the clogs in the drain. There are separate portions for both hair clumps and dirty water. All the water gets into the drain while the hair clumps go in the trash portion.

Also, the Bissell pet pro is easy and simple to use. This tool has simply locatable controls that you can operate efficiently. When you are about to use the tool, there is a single control button for you to control to start mopping. Mopping is the basic thing in cleaning, and while you are doing it, you need to put your key focus on all the soiled areas you find in your way to mopping. If you want to clean the entire surface, you can use it all over the floor.

Moreover, the Bissell pet pro has several brush heads that have various uses and can be used on different surfaces. You can switch between the brushes and clean any surface that you want. One problem that normally people face while cleaning with a vacuum is the accumulation of film and grime while this Bissell crosswave pet pro is free from such issues, which makes it a must-have device.

Furthermore, when you have finished cleaning the surfaces, separate the water tank, clean it, and then clean the filter. You can even store it upright or hang up the handle however you want. One problem that you may have is fixing the attachments to the vacuum body because they usually don’t fit, and you have to find a space for them. All the other things are simple to control and manage.

What does the Package Contain?

Mostly the Bissell packages come in two sizes for the floor cleaners they have. Those two are the trial sizes so that the pet owners can have one suiting their cleaning requirements. The availability of two sizes is to help you to start cleaning right away without indulging in having other cleaning tools. Also, there is a feature in the package called febreeze, which keeps all the stubborn bad odors of your pets away from the floors. This is the best thing that the users like the most about this cleaner.

Moreover, the package contains the interchangeable bristle heads, which can be used by the owners to conduct different tasks. The bristle head is designed in a way that efficiently cleans the vast and deep surfaces and quickly removes the pet hair and all the unnecessary mess from the floor. You can try different combinations to find out which head works the best for cleaning the unnecessary mess from your house’s floors and surfaces. It becomes a complete cleaning solution for your house.

Additionally, the Bissell crosswave pet pro has a large cord that provides a vast space for moving the tool in all-around your house. The tank at once can carry the weight of 28 ounces, which can easily be used in small-sized or medium-sized houses and spaces. You can empty the container any time you want and clean the surfaces with soil and dirt. You can continue cleaning after emptying the tank for once.

What are the Benefits of Using Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

You must have different cleaning tools for your home, but they all can be time-consuming, less efficient, and not a proper solution to your cleaning problem. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using the Bissell crosswave pet pro:

1- Cumulative cleaning 

Cumulative cleaning is one of the key benefits of Bissell Crosswave pet pro. This tool has a combination of a vacuum as well as a mop, and this combination lets you do the in-depth and in time cleaning by putting the least effort. 

2- Power vacuum

The Bissell crosswave pet pro has a powerful vacuum function with a compact size vacuum. The vacuum can rotate all around, and it has specially designed brushes that never get bog down with hair. All you need to do is have good care of the brush heads. The key benefit is that you can move across the vacuum on the entire surface by using the mop and the debris as well. It gives the complete cleaning of hair and grime. 

3- Lightweight 

Bissell crosswave pet pro is one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners, even lighter than the weight of a normal vacuum that you may have at your home. It can be used for multipurpose cleaning of your small and mid-sized surfaces. 

How Can You Use the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

Normally people who have a separate portion for their pets or who have made smaller separate sides for their pets to stay in can get benefitted from this Bissell Crosswave pet pro. It is hard to handle on deep pile carpeted surfaces and can also be frustrating to use on vast surfaces. This tool is best for use in small households with hardwood surfaces because it lacks effective suction on carpeted surfaces. However, this tool can be convenient for regular and daily cleaning. The best thing is that you can capture your pet’s hair from any area wherever you find it. If you want to use this Bissell crosswave pet pro, you are recommended to use it regularly,

Moreover, regular and daily cleaning using this Bissell crosswave pet pro is important because if you let the grime and hair for some days, it will become problematic for the Bissell to clean out all the mess. The Bissell crosswave pet pro lacks the storage and power to clean the massive amounts of grime and hair. So it is better to have a quick clean of your floor daily so that the grime doesn’t accumulate. Moreover, if you have more than one pet, you need to keep the volume of accumulated grime and hair down for effective cleaning. You have to prevent clogging as well.

In another situation, you can use this tool once in week, but for that, you must have a separate vacuum or broom at your home for daily cleaning and collecting the grime and hair. In this way, you won’t need to use this Bissell crosswave pet pro daily for cleaning and have a clean house too.

Furthermore, you can use this tool safely on the sealed wooden floors, including a low depth piled carpet, rug, tiles, and linoleum. You just need to make sure first that whatever surface you want to clean, you need to give a test try to this tool first to make sure that it won’t make any problem while cleaning. Make sure that the brushes don’t start scratching the floor surface. Don’t ever start mopping on an unsealed surface.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Cons

Though the Bissell crosswave pet pro is one of the best to have, it can have some of the following drawbacks:

1- Less efficient in deep surface cleaning 

The tools of this Bissell crosswave pet pro when separated are more powerful than when combined. This is why they are least effective in cleaning the thick pile carpeted surfaces. The vacuum of this Bissell isn’t effective to be used on unsealed hardwood surfaces. To clean the carpeted floors, you would need the old traditional average vacuum cleaners. 

2- It takes time to dry 

When you have just finished mopping using this Bissell crosswave pet pro, it may leave some puddles on the surface which need time to try. You need to make sure that those puddles don’t stay on the surfaces. Moreover, thinly carpeted surfaces also take some time to dry completely. Even a single wet spot can become permanent and will look bad. 

3- Can be Time consuming 

Though this Bissell crosswave pet pro provides cumulative cleaning to your home, it isn’t sure if it cleans well in time. Because of wet spots, you need to do the cleaning again and again, and this repetitive clean can be time-consuming. 

Who Can Use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

If you are tired of switching the cleaning tools, again and again, this one is the perfect cleaning tool for you to meet all your cleaning requirements. For your small or mid sized home, the Bissell crosswave pet pro can be the best cleaning solution though it won’t reduce the cleaning time; neither it has a strong vacuum function but will help you vacuum and mop the floor once and all.

Moreover, people with small or mid sized houses and areas having the least cleaning work can use this Bissell crosswave pet pro because there is a least cleaning effort, and they can vacuum and mop the surface in a more efficient and better manner. In short, you can call it the best mop along with an efficient vacuum. If some grime is left from cleaning, you can simply clean it. Moreover, you can empty the dirt and water tank at your ease.

Additionally, those who want consistent cleaning must have this tool because using Bissell; you can clean the surfaces just by dragging the tool on them. Moreover, using this Bissell, you can keep the surfaces clean for a relatively long period.

Also, anyone having this consistency cleaning problem or anyone who wants to have a vacuum or a mop with a gentle handle would find this Bissell crosswave pet pro is perfect for them. However, it can be problematic to use in regular cleaning. People with less cleaning needs can use the Bissell crosswave pet pro.

Who Shouldn’t Use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?

If you have a large surface for cleaning, then using the Bissell crosswave pet pro wouldn’t be a convenient option. The Bissell doesn’t get access to large spaces for cleaning, and it is more convenient to use on small and mid-sized spaces. There is a vacuum function in the Bissell crosswave pet pro, which isn’t right to use on thick carpeted surfaces as the carpet may get wet too soon, and you have to clean it again and again, which can be time-consuming.

Moreover, you can’t use the Bissell crosswave pet pro on unsealed hardwood surfaces because its bristles may break on such surfaces. Moreover, if you are habitual of cleaning your house regularly, using this tool can be a bit problematic for you. The tool isn’t powerful enough to cater to all your cleaning needs with the combination of a vacuum and mop it has.

Lastly, people who currently are using the Bissell all in one tool for cleaning aren’t recommended to upgrade to this Bissell crosswave pet pro. If still, you want to switch to this Bissell crosswave pet pro, you need to make sure first whether it meets your cleaning requirements or not.


This Bissell crosswave pet pro is highly recommended as a cleaning tool for your household with pets. You need to buy this cleaning tool to meet all your cleaning requirements, even if you still have an average cleaning vacuum at your home. This Bissell crosswave pet pro is the best to manage all the pet hair cleaning situations at your home. You must have this tool if you are tired of switching among different cleaning tools while cleaning. If you regularly clean your home, you need to make sure to leave your mopping the next day and use the Bissell crosswave pet pro twice a week for a better cleaning experience. You can have a consistent cleaning using this cleaning tool without switching between a vacuum and a mop.

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Final Words 

The Bissell Crosswave pet pro is an amazing cleaning tool that you need right now to switch from your basic broom and mop. This tool provides you with efficient cleaning in less time. The tool cleans up all your pet’s mess and clears the hair from the surfaces too. Moreover, you can have the cleaned surfaces for the long term by using this Bissell crosswave pet pro.

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