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Carpets are used to keep homes fancy, and warm, and add to the overall appeal. A carpet or rug used to be made from wool and acted as an insulator in the winter season. Owing to the industrial revolution, since the 20th century, these are made from synthetic polymers. These are less cumbersome than the original wool and are cost-effective as well.

Moreover, as lavish and luxurious as they may seem, they are troublesome because they absorb a lot of dirt and other debris. They are made of thick polymers and wool, which contributes to their ability to absorb small particles. They are hence not an ideal choice for dusty places or houses which are situated near roads. Some of the most common contaminants absorbed in carpets are hair, dirt, lice, insects (see ‘How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles‘), and small particles.

Carpets must be kept clean and tidy to prevent health issues. The easiest way to do this is by vacuuming or by cleaning them with steam machines. Another, relatively new alternative is the washing of carpets at laundries. All of these methods require specific tools that are both expensive and complex. If anyone asks how to clean your carpet without a machinethe simple answer is by using a top carpet cleaner.

But being dependent on these machines can be a problem for us. In many cases, where we can’t afford or operate a machine to clean the carpet, we feel helpless. This must not happen, and we must know how to clean a carpet without a vacuum, using traditional methods. Many people who don’t have an idea of how much debris a carpet or rug takes in, argue that cleaning is not required regularly. But, while we don’t know, many of our daily health problems are due to an untidy carpet.

Carpets – Root Cause of Many Health Concerns

Carpets trap a lot of pollutants in them, like the dust mite, lead, and mold spores (fungus), and if you own a pet, then it’s dander. These small particles accumulate toxic gases from the air. If not cleaned properly, carpets can be the source of many serious health issues like asthma, fungal and other infections, and allergic reactions. Children are the most prone age groups as carpets are their indoor playgrounds.

The toxic pollutants can cause allergic reactions like asthma, emphysema, and people are sensitive to changing the weather, and pollen allergies must stay away from carpets or keep them clean. The best way to clean carpets is the use of an excellent vacuum cleaner, but other home remedies are also applicable and sometimes better as compared to vacuuming. 

Traditional Ways to Clean Carpets

Many old-school women try to find an answer to the question of how to clean carpets. Here is it. The best way to clean carpets apart from machines is by brushing.

Using a Broom

Special brooms with hard bristles are used to clean carpets. Brooms made from the original broomcorn are the most useful for cleaning the carpets. This is because salt and dirt particles aren’t trapped inside their bristles, unlike other brooms and brushes. Also, small particles left out by the vacuum are extracted out of the carpet with the help of brooms. Agitating the carpet is the technique here.

Constant agitating of the carpet and repeated brooming can aid in deep carpet cleaning. It is also referred to as dry cleaning and is probably the most competent answer to how to clean your carpet without a machine.

Cleaning Carpets With Shampoos

Many of you may think that shampooing carpets are gross and bad for the fabric of the rug. You may also think that it destroys the quality of the carpets. Not to worry, if you want to know how to shampoo carpets without disrupting their integrity and quality, you can develop your washing shampoo and apply it gently to the carpet or the area you want to clean.

An absolute edge that it has over machine-cleaning is that it adds freshness and a pleasant smell to the carpet. It is something that the machine cannot do. The shampoo can easily be developed at home and hence is not a tedious or expensive method of cleaning carpets. These are also used for deep carpet cleaning as the components of the shampoo clear both the biotic and abiotic components.

How To Shampoo Carpets?

You can create your shampoo at home and use it to clear off anything from the carpets or rugs. The components utilized in the shampoo are:

  • Vinegar – Vinegar (half to one cup) is used in homemade shampoos for carpets. Vinegar not only cleans the carpets but also aids in slime and stain removal, which is otherwise very difficult. All you have to do is softly apply the vinegar to the area to be cleaned, or it can be applied after mixing with all other components of the shampoo.
  • Baking Soda – Baking soda is used in many shampoo mixtures. It works alone and is more like Captain America of the marvel. It is magical when it comes to cleaning carpets. It is multi-functional. Also, used in the kitchen, it is inexpensive and quite easy to use. All you have to do is:

    1- Sprinkle some of it on the stained area or the whole effort.
    2- Use a sprayer and mist the sprinkles with hot water. Hot water is ideal for mixing and hence used.
    3- Leave it for a few hours (3-4), so that all the stains and odors are absorbed by the soda-water mixtures (see here how to clean vomit stains).
    4- Now simply, sponge the area to remove the residues of baking soda.

  • Salts – Salts (usually two tablespoons) are essential in deep carpet cleaning. They are mixed with solutions.
  • Oil – Any oil of your choice can be used to develop the homemade shampoo and is to be mixed with all other ingredients; vinegar, salts, and water. After the shampoo is made,

    1- Allocation of the mixture
    2- Simple rubbing with a sponge to remove the stain, debris, or odor
    3- Replacing the shampoo with freshwater and repeated scrubbing to clear the shampoo’s residues.
    4- Using a dry towel to clean and dry the rug or carpet is done to decontaminate the carpets.

So if you are baffled about how to clean your carpet without a machine, you can always turn to these simple, more effective, and relatively cheaper ways. The only plus of using machines is that they lessen human effort. Otherwise, old is gold.

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