Dyson Ball Animal 2 Review – Pros/Cons & Specs – 2023

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Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is a tricky task. It is not an easy investment when you have many excellent options available on the internet. The finest vacuum is the one that has not even efficient performance but also has a longer lifespan than others. Dyson ball animal 2 is listed among the best performance vacuums for carpets. Firstly, it performs multiple tasks when it comes to cleaning, such as they work great on bare floors, carpets and efficiently collect pet hair.

Moreover, it has many cleaning functions such as proper vacuum cleanup for concrete floors, high pile carpet, low pile carpets, furniture, etc. Among the amazing features, the Dyson ball animal 2 comes with a pet grooming tool that helps you groom and vacuum pet hair afterward easily. In addition to this Dyson ball animal, 2 is a great option for people living with large families owning pets as their home needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

Dyson Ball Animal 2

🧹 Advance radial root cyclone technology 🧹 Anti allergens complete seal technology 🧹 Ball technology 🧹 Active base plate technology 🧹 HEAP trap filters 🧹 Multiple cleaning modes 🧹 Easy to set up 🧹 Brush on/off 🧹 Automatic powerful cleaning mode 🧹 Dimensions: 15.35 x 13.39 x 42.13 inches 🧹 Product weight:17.35 pounds 🧹 Warranty: 5 years 🧹 Additional tools are included in the box

Tools Included

  • Vacuum ball/body
  • Wand
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Hose
  • Vacuum head
  • Turbo brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Hard floor tool
  • Pet tool
  • Pre-motor filter
  • Crevice tool
  • instruction book
  • Dirt compartment


The functionality of the Dyson ball animal 2 can be known through the following advanced features,

1. Self-adjusting cleaner head

Dyson ball animal 2 has advanced functionality because of its advanced features, such as a self-adjusting cleaner head. The base of the Dyson animal 2 is designed through the self-adjusting cleaner head technology that automatically lifts and lowers the head of the vacuum to seal in suction across all types of floors.

2. Motorized Brush Bar

The Dyson ball animal 2 has a powerful motorized brush bar that works in harmony with the self-adjusting cleaner head to ensure deep cleans around the different surfaces.

3. Instant-Release Wand

The instant release wand extends the cleaning tasks of the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum cleaner. The wand and long hose are released simultaneously to make it easy to perform high and under furniture tasks.

4. Tangle Free Turbine

The Dyson ball animal 2 comes with a tangle-free turbine and tool that especially collects your pet’s hair from the carpets and furniture without twisting.

5. Radial Root Cyclone technology

The radical tool cyclone technology is specially integrated to capture more microscopic small dust particles. People with severe allergic reactions can now roam safely in their home as the radical root cyclone technology and the HEAP filter capture the allergens’ maximum without expelling them back into your home.

6. Hygienic bin emptying

The hygienic bin emptying is one of the most liked features of the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum cleaner as it has a push button to release the dirt without letting it touch and open the canister to empty it in a bin. The vacuum cleaner has a full dirt compartment indicator that tells you how much of the space is left in it to collect more dirt.


Dyson ball animal 2 acts as a complete powerhouse for collecting dirt, debris, allergens, and pet hair. It consists of several advanced technologies such as advanced radical root technology, anti allergens complete seal technology, ball technology, and active base plate technology.

Cleaning Of A Carpet

Many tests have been conducted to check the performance of the vacuum for different purposes. Such as carpet, high pile, and low pile carpet surfaces specifically. The Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum cleaner can collect a surprising amount of dust and debris from the carpet that gives your carpet a brand new look. The powerful suction and self-adjusting cleaner head ensure to pull out every possible hidden grime from the carpet and floors.

There is no need for an additional pass on low pile carpet as the Dyson animal 2 easily takes out a maximum of the dirt. However, on a fluffy carpet, you might need an additional pass to clean it completely. Moreover, on a hard pile carpet, one has to increase the suction power as cleaning a hard pile carpet needs more strength because of the dust particles entrapped in its long fibers.

Hard Floors Cleaning

Before moving your Dyson ball animal 2 to the hard floors for cleaning, you will need to empty the dust canister simply by pressing a button to eject the debris out of the canister. After that, switch off the beater bar. And start moving it back and forth on the floor to collect the dust. The Dyson ball animal 2 is one of the modest powerful vacuums. Not only it leaves the bare floors cleaned, but it works great on carpets too.

Cleaning Ceiling And Furniture

The Dyson ball animal 2 has an instant-release wand that releases the wand and long-reach hose in a single smooth action making it easy to clean up the ceiling and the floor under the furniture.

Pet’s Hair Cleaning

The Dyson ball animal 2 is specially designed for people having pets and faces the major problem of pet hair across their home everywhere, all the time. The Dyson animal consists of a tangle-free turbine tool that ensures that the vacuum collects every single hair from the carpet and furniture without tangling.

Ease Of Use And Handling

The Dyson ball animal 2 has very simple to use functions and has an easy handling process. The vacuum cleaner has a long hose that can reach the maximum of spaces without moving it from place to place. Such as, it can clean up to 12 stairs efficiently without moving it from its place. Moreover, many vacuum cleaners need 2 or more passes on a single food to collect 96% of the dirt, but with the Dyson ball animal 2, one can easily clean the same percentage of dirt in a single pass.

The Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts height and switches to different floor cleaning features along with this. It doesn’t get stuck or miss a spot that needs to be cleaned. Also, it comes with an option through which you can enable and disable the rotating brush when needed. Lastly, it needs little force to be pushed or pulled as its weight slightly hampers it.


As much as your home needs maintenance, the cleaning tools need it too. The Dyson ball animal 2 has low maintenance and simple methods as it contains a few parts that need proper maintenance, such as,

1. Dirt Compartment;

The dirt compartment of Dyson ball animal 2 can be removed easily and emptied by a single push button without getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is to take the help of the handle to pull it from the top and empty it from the bottom.

2. Brushrolls

The brush rolls are fixed and cannot be removed. You can clean it by unclipping the base plate placed at the button of the head and remove any twisted hairs.

3.  Motor Filter

The pre-motor filter is removable and is placed in the dirt compartment. The Dyson ball animal 2 manufacturer recommends washing it with plain water once a month and leave it to dry completely before attaching and using it again.

4. Post Motor Filter

The post-motor filter is placed in the ball portion of the Dyson ball animal 2 vacuum cleaner. You will need to unscrew the sides of the ball to take it out and wash it with plain water. It has the same cleaning mechanism as that of the pre-motor filter.

  • Advanced technologies Single push bin emptying Excellent on the carpet and hard floors Excellent dirt compartment size
  • Build quality is mediocre


What is the difference between Dyson Ball Animal and Dyson Ball Animal 2?

The difference between the Dyson ball animal and the Dyson ball animal 2 is that the Dyson animal ball 2 comes in upright condition with a long cleaning hose and maximum suction power. However, the Dyson animal ball is a switchable bagless and cordless 2-in-1 upright and handheld vacuum cleaner.

Can you use Dyson Ball Animal 2 on hardwood floors?

Yes, Dyson ball animal 2 works excellently on a variety of floors. It collects maximum dust particles and hairs. The Dyson ball animal consists of simple features that make it flexible to clean hard-to-reach areas even.

Which is the best Dyson for pet hair?

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright is the best Dyson for pet hair. It has a tangle-free turbine tool that collects the pet’s hair from furniture, carpets, and floors without tangling.

Wrapping Up

The Dyson Animal 2 is a bit expensive vacuum cleaner, but looking towards the high suction power and number of build-up technology can be a good value of money. Especially for people who are tired of dealing with pets’ hair everywhere, this is undoubtedly a worthy purchase for them.

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