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Cleaning an entire house can be a lot of responsibilities. At the beginning of your cleaning, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Do not worry because our team wants to help you as much as possible!

We want you to split up each task so you can maximize your time and overall efficiency. Getting a house or apartment spic and span can take a lot of work, but if you split it into a list you can have an efficient approach.

1. Regular House Cleaning Tasks 

leaning products n the basket by the window

Daily dust can build up on any surface of your house. You want to combat this as fast as possible by using hand wipes for everything. It can begin with simple surfaces such as table-tops. You can begin with places that are always left with crumbs or stains like the dining table or the kitchen.

You can then make your way into dusting the windows and lights before you head to sleep. Also, you want to make sure you empty all the trash. When you’re cooking fresh foods you don’t want to be letting it stay overnight. The food can stink up your place. This way you can wake up knowing that you have a fresh new start.

2. Daily

You want to make your daily tasks a habit so you can have a continual cycle of cleanliness. You want to begin by making your bed first thing in the morning. When you wake up before and after you cook your breakfast you can wipe down the counters.

the dog and the robotic vacuum cleaner

Next towards the end of the day when you start to notice your dishes pile up you can unload them and wash them down. Do a nighttime overview of any items that are misplaced and wipe down the surfaces and sink.

Another daily chore, if you have pets who run around everywhere, you want to use the best robot vacuum for pet hair (see also top washing machines for pet hair). This way you can grab all the fly-aways that may be hard to see when you’re just looking around. The best thing is, the robot vacuum does all the cleaning!

Use the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors. Again, just let it run and you can do something else in the meantime. On a side note check out also the best hardwood cleaners.

3. Weekly 

a person wearing rubber gloves scrubbing the toilet

For weekly tasks, you want to focus on certain tasks that may take you a little longer. Allocate as little as 20-40 minutes on your weekly tasks. You can begin by scrubbing the bathtub and toilets. Using the best toilet bowl cleaner is vital for a clean, white surface.

Change the towels that you had from the week before and make sure you shake the dust or hairs off your bathmats. Vacuum your carpets or mats with a carpet cleaner. Double-check on the toiletries to see if you need to reload for the next week.

4. Monthly 

a woman cleaning the windows

The monthly tasks are great for getting the nitty-gritty residue off your carpets or counters. Do you find yourself avoiding those stains in your kitchen or floors, leave it up to the monthly cleaning tasks to tackle them! You want to clean your furniture by either throwing the pillowcases in the laundry or using fabric or leather disinfectant spray.

There’s a tremendous amount of dust building up in your light fixtures so you want to wipe that and fan blades to avoid dirt. Wash all your beddings to avoid bed bugs. Wipe down all your windows because by one month the view will start to get hazy.

5. Every Three to Six Months 

a woman cleaning the fridge in the kitchen

Do you have a hard time knowing what to clean? For seasonal cleaning tasks, you want to begin with the kitchen. Look around to declutter any pots and pans that you aren’t using. Also, clean out your fridge, especially expired frozen foods.

Look around the house and check on filter clarity. This can be anywhere from your air conditioning to your water filter. Make sure it’s clean because these filters are often used around the house. You also want to dust off your mattress. Grab a friend and shake off all the mites and dust to avoid allergies.

6. Every Six to 12 Months 

a woman cleaning the white carpet

The carpet can be hard to clean if you have big blotchy stains. This is a great time to choose one of the best carpet cleaning solution. With this product, you won’t worry about spot reducing stains you can clean multiple carpet spills and stains without scrubbing too hard.

You want to check on your duvet and pillows. Even though it may seem clean chances are that all your dust is building up from every time you slept on it. Also, check your rugs because sometimes if they’re overstepped it can be hard to wash. You may need to replace them.

7. Spring Cleaning Tasks 

a person using the polish spray

Spring cleaning can begin anywhere from your closet to your living room. It a time to declutter and dust all surfaces. Dust and polish all furniture and lamp-shades. You can begin by washing any mirrors or decorative items you still had up from the winter holidays.

8. Kitchen Cleaning 

Do you ever find yourself wasting a whole bunch of food because you didn’t know the expiration date? You want to purchase a label maker and begin by organizing different food types you have. Dust all surfaces like the rails, cabinets, baseboards, and counter-tops.

Clean and disinfect inside every kitchen tool you frequently use. It can be anything from your microwave, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Mop the floors around you and sweep any pieces of food away.

a clean kitchen

9. Bathroom Cleaning 

a person cleaning the faucet in the bathroom

When you walk into your bathroom, pinpoint your problem areas. Are there cobwebs in the corner? Begin cleaning your bathroom by dusting blinds, surfaces, and cabinet fronts. Make sure you have your towels stocked and washed.

Bathrooms can have soap scum on the ground or hairs on the tile floor. You want to make sure you get everything out. Lastly, empty the trash and check for any light fixtures.

10. Bedroom Cleaning 

Your bed is a place you want to fully relax and destress. When it’s cluttered it can be hard to do so. Start with all the surfaces and hand wipe furniture tops. Look at your closet and also dust off old clothes that you ended up not wearing throughout the year.

Vacuum your carpet and mop if you have a hardwood floor. You want to change all your sheets and pillowcases and throw them into the laundry. Look to see if your trash is empty and organize little nooks of your room such as your bedside table or desk.

a clean bedroom

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