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A steam mop can be a good investment only if you know how they really work. A steam mop is an amazing tool that kills germs efficiently and leaves your floor clean and tidy. Moreover, the steam mop has various sizes and styles, but the best thing is that all steam mops work in the same way regardless of the size and style. In this article, we will discuss all the basic steps that most steam mops operate on.

How Do Steam Mops Work

1. Remove Everything From The Cleaning Vicinity

If you want to mop your floors very quickly, the ideal way is to remove everything, the furniture, and objects that can block your way while mopping your floors with the steam mop (see also ‘How Often Should You Mop Floors‘). But if your furniture is heavy such as the sofas and chairs, and you cannot lift them, then a steam mop generally comes with a rotating head part that you can use while cleaning the space around your furniture.

2. Vacuum Your Floor First

For the efficient cleaning of your floors in a quick way is to vacuum your floors first. It will actually speed up your cleaning process. The proper way is to use suction power to clean any dirt or debris around the house. The main benefit is that this step will prevent your mops from getting dirty and protect your floors from getting unnecessary marks (see also ‘How to Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring‘).

3. Prepare Your Steam Mop

Make sure your mop is ready for job by following some simple steps mentioned below.

How Do Steam Mops Work on Floors

  • Attach Mop Pads

If your steam mop does not come with mop pads, then you will need to purchase extra and attach them with the help of clips specifically designed for mop pads. However, many steam mops come with their own mop pads, mostly disposable that you need to dispose of after single-use or reusable that you can watch for future use.

  • Keep Extra Mop pads

The next necessary thing is to keep a few extra mop pads with yourself while mopping your floor so that you can change them abruptly when they get dirty (see also ‘How to Dry a Wet Mop‘). Because moping continuously with a single pad can make your surfaces sticky and dirtier.

  • Fill Your Water Tank

The next mandatory step is to fill your steam mop water tank. We would recommend filling it and switching on the steam mop in a nearby socket till the water gets heated and is ready to use. If your steam mop is rechargeable, then switch it on.

4. Start Mopping Your Floors

Now your steam mop is ready to be used. Just start mopping gently by sliding the mop back and forth on the floor, keeping yourself on track. The best way is to notice the lines on your floor or tiles mopping the steam mop to keep yourself aligned. If there are some grime patches or hard dirt stains, then mop that spot a bit harder by applying the mop more than once in that place for best results. Moreover, when you have to deal with it, steam mop (see ‘Best Mop for Laminate Floors‘) proves to be the best option to use.

5. Switch Off Your Mop

Another beneficial step is to not leave your mop on the floor too long. It may damage your steam mop efficiency as well as longevity. In addition to this, when a steam mop is left unattended for long in the same place, you might get some yellow/brown stains on your floor, so make sure to check out our ‘How to Clean a Steam Mop‘ post, too.


  • If you have a wireless steam mop, always charge it before preparing for mopping.
  • Keep extra mop pads.
  • Use clean water.
  • For efficient results, vacuum your cleaning space first.
  • Switch your steam mop as soon as you are done with mopping.

Benefits Of Steam Mopping

Steam mopping is an excellent and effective way to make your surface germs free. Especially when you have pets or children at your home, the most recommended way is to repeat all these steps ocne in a week if you have a large family or children that need more frequent protection against germs; otherwise, you can clean your home through steam mopping once or twice in a month (see ‘Best Mop for Slate Floors‘, too).

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Do steam mops actually work?

Yes, steam mop really works when used properly. It kills 99.9% of all germs. It provides the best protection against germs and dirt as steam has been proven the best to kill E.coli, bacteria, etc.

Do steam mops really sanitize?

As steam cleaning really kills any bacteria and viruses. That’s why it can be an effective way to disinfect your home and protect your child or pet from inhaling any bacteria (see also ‘How to Disinfect Carpet‘).

Do you just put water in a steam mop?

Yes, many manufacturers have reported not to use any disinfected formula or add any such solution to the water. Just use demineralized water and let it boil as steam can kill germs at a higher temperature.

Wrapping Up

Steam mops are not difficult to be used once you know how to because they can be the best weekly maintenance. In this article above, we have mentioned a few steps from preparing your steam mop to cleaning your floors with it. Please follow the above steps and let us know through the feedback, and do not forget to keep visiting us for more content.

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