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Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is essential as you are expending money. These advanced devices help you keep your home clean and dust-free. Before buying a new cleaner for you, ensure that you have read all the reviews and researched thoroughly about the brand before investing your money. Many different types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market. You can choose according to your need. Different types of vacuum cleaners consist of different types of characteristics. For different floors, different surfaces, and difficult sections such as stairs, we have different types of vacuum cleaners. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be confusing when it comes to finding the best.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing which you should consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner is your needs. The specifications of the vacuum cleaner are different from each other. So choose the vacuum best for your needs & budget. Here are some of the basic features that you should keep in your mind while purchasing the right vacuum cleaner.

You should look at the following features and questions mentioned below related to the vacuum cleaners before buying one for you and after concluding all your needs, finalize the one.

Characteristics to Keep in Mind

1. Choose According to your Suface

You should keep in mind the surface where you would be using your purchased vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum cleaner works differently on different surfaces. We normally need Vacuum Cleaner for bare surfaces (see best vacuums for concrete floor review). We should keep in mind the area of usage so that our purpose is fulfilled.

For carpets and bare flooring, you can go with a canister vacuum cleaner. However, you have to pay attention to a type of carpet as well, as they may not suffice for a high-pile or a thick carpet, like these vacuums here. For the cushions, underneath the mattress and inside the car, you have portable, handheld, or car vacuum cleaners. Busy mothers prefer robotic vacuum cleaners, and for water and dry both kinds of messes, you have wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can suction dirt, water, mud, or debris, whatever you have on the ground.

2. Power System of Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping the power of the vacuum cleaners in mind, it’s easy for you to choose according to your need. Higher power systems of the vacuumers are suitable for hard surfaces and even commercial use. They are used for heavy functioning and continuous usage. The low-power system of the vacuum cleaners works well with hardwood floors, little carpeting, and Smooth surfaces. It’s certainly not meant for shaggy carpets like vacuum cleaners from this post.

For example, for light cleaning or Barber carpeting and rugs, you can use upright and canister vacuum cleaners but specifically those with soft bristles. If you have carpeting of wool surface, you can go with the more aggressive vacuum cleaner.

3. Vacuum Cleaners Performance

You need to evaluate the performance of the vacuum cleaner on the basis of water lift suction and airflow. It gives you the opportunity to choose the exact thing you need to purchase. You need to know how much suction power the machine is creating to pick up dirt and debris and similarly water.

According to your surface type and the mess you have in your house on a daily basis, you need to know about the performance of the Vacuum Cleaner before buying it. For extreme dirt and mess, you should go with a canister high suction vacuum cleaner, and for little and quick cleaning, you have stick vacuum cleaners and vacuums under 50 dollars.

4. Size of Vacuum Cleaner

You cannot overlook the size and the weight of the vacuum cleaner – see lightweight vacuums here – while buying one for you. The vacuum cleaner is heavy machinery that needs space for storage – unless it’s one of the more compact models we reviewed here. It functions well when it is easy to carry and manage. For a vacuum cleaner to easily handle (see cordless vacuums), we need to look at the vacuum cleaner’s size to purchase the right product. Different types and brands of vacuum cleaners consist of different sizes.

When you have easy-to-store machinery in your home, it would be more convenient to handle. If you have smaller storage at home, you can use upright or stick vacuum cleaners to serve your purpose because they can easily be stored in corners of the room or inside the cupboards (see also the best backpack vacuums for their portability). Similarly, if you have more storage space, then you can go with canister vacuum cleaners.

5. Noise Level of  Vacuum Cleaner

Noise is another factor that is to be considered important while purchasing the right vacuum cleaner. A very loud vacuum cleaner is inconvenient to use. It produces sound and irritates. You need to consider noise before buying especially when you’re planning to clean your home on the weekend.

Canister vacuums are the best choice that tends to be quieter than others when it comes to ear protection and especially when you have some patients in your home.

6. Prices of Vacuum Cleaner

According to many of us, we think the more expensive thing is, the better it is. That’s not always true. Always be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a machine you are looking forward to. There are many options available for vacuum cleaners that are reasonable and work efficiently at an affordable price. It’s not always necessary that an expensive vacuum cleaner provides you with the highest quality services.

You also need to consider the maintenance cost while buying a new vacuum cleaner as you need to maintain your vacuum cleaner monthly or yearly if you are a frequent user of vacuum cleaners (see how to eliminate bad smells in vacuum cleaners). It’s better not to take the price leniently and get the inexpensive vacuum cleaner at lower prices and end up having a loss. Choose affordable and easy-to-maintain vacuum cleaners. And remember, to ensure a healthy lifestyle, cleaning the vacuum cleaners is of the same importance.

7. Durability of Vacuum Cleaners

Durability is the life of the machinery. It is the longevity of a product. When you’re investing in a machine like this, it should last long enough. You need to focus on the durability of the machine, which is based on the use of the machine. While buying a new product, you need to set your focus on when and where you need to use it and how regularly you use it.

Look for an easy access model available in the market as sometimes accessory tools need to be replaced or changed, such as brushes or holders, so they would be easy to purchase, and you would definitely continue your machine. If you’re expending money and you aren’t focusing on the long-lasting feature of the machine, it is the wastage of money, so do focus on these features before buying.

8. Dirt Bin Capacity

A dirt bin capacity is also an important factor in vacuum cleaners. A big-size vacuum cleaner bag allows you to work consistently on a large surface area without any interruptions. There are vacuums available with easy-to-clean bags So that you can easily clean dirt after every use. If, on the other hand, the dirt bin capacity is small, you need to empty it more often hence, slowing the overall cleaning process.

There is the availability of both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. A bagless vacuum is a low-maintenance vacuum cleaner that does not require large cost or effort. In contrast, the bagged vacuum cleaners consist of the bag inside their body to trap all the dirt and debris, which needs to be cleaned and while cleaning it may cause more mesa unless and until you have disposable bags inside your vacuum cleaner that automatically fills up and get locked.

Following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before finalizing a vacuum cleaner.

  • Where do I live? A big home or an apartment?
  • Do I need a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning or weekly general cleaning purposes?
  • Can I easily work with cleaning bags again and again? Or do I need to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner?
  • Do I have pets?
  • Am I a working person or a person who stays at home throughout the day?
  • Is there any patient in my house or not?
  • How much space do I have for the storage of the vacuum cleaner?

After answering the questions, conclude what the properties that should be available in the vacuum cleaner you’re going to buy for your home, and here you are.

Final Thoughts

Do consider all of the above-mentioned characteristics before buying a new vacuum cleaner. I personally would suggest buying more than one vacuum cleaner. If you can afford it, you should buy more than one vacuum cleaner. You can go with Canister vacuum cleaners for the main flooring, and for little and tight congested places, you can go with upright or stick vacuum cleaners.

Some aspects are mentioned above that need to be considered before buying a new vacuum cleaner home. There are many do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in view when looking for a vacuum cleaner. You need to make sure that whatever you are buying meets your needs and value for your money. Some models are better suited for some surfaces, and some are not.

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