How to Clean a Steam Mop in 2021 – [ Shark, Bissell, Vax ]

Don’t you feel that it is highly hygienic to clean your steam mop? Isn’t it necessary to do the process once in a while? Like other things in your home, a steam mop has to be washed and cleaned regularly. This will keep your surfaces bacteria and dirt free. Along with it, it also extends the life of your steam mop.

How to Clean a Steam Mop & Nozzle

The steam mop has made it very easy and convenient to clean your surfaces. Cleaning mops is easy; it only takes a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what brand mop you own, cleaning mop involves just a few steps for every kind of mop.

1. Unplug the Steam Mop

The first step is to unplug the steam mop from the power outlet before cleaning it to prevent any accident. If you own a steam mop that automatically releases steam when plugged in, it is hazardous because steam is the water heated up to 300 degrees that can burn your skin.

2. Empty the Water Tank

The next thing to be kept in your mind is to give at least 15 minutes to the steam mop to cool down before cleaning it up. Secondly, the best way is to empty the steam mop’s water tank because the leftover water can cause corrosion and increase the risk of fungus development inside the tank, shortening the life span of the product.

3. Clean the Water Tank

Moreover, the favorable conditions for fungus to grow are warm and damp places, resulting in a bad smell. Therefore it is highly recommended to empty the water tank every time you use the steam mop. Some steam mops come with the feature of detaching the water tank. All you need is to take a cloth piece and clean the inner space of the tank.

You may find some scaling on the inside of the water tank depending upon the water that has been used while cleaning with a steam mop. A better way to get rid of the white haze layer of dirt is to follow a straightforward home remedy of vinegar or baking soda along with lemon.

After applying the vinegar or baking soda and lemon, dry the tank with a cloth and leave it for a few minutes before attaching it back to the unit. After this, don’t fill it up with water. Just plug it in. Steam has the natural ability to kill microbes.

4. Clean the Nozzles

The steam mop’s nozzles sometimes get blocked, especially when the tank is filled with hard water because hard water contains limestone and minerals. In addition, it is necessary to use distilled or demineralized water instead of hard water in the tank. It will allow the steam to flow freely and exceed the lifespan of your steam mop.

Cleaning the nozzle is very necessary because it may make the steam mop stop working suddenly during the cleaning process. But you need not worry, just un-attach the mop head base and access the nozzles. Some steam mop comes with a device to help you clean the nozzle. But if you don’t get the tool with your product package, you can use a paperclip py pushing it back and forth in the nozzle. Once it is done, reattach and use it again.

5. Wash or Discard the Mop Pads

Next is to wash the mop pads after every use. This can help you to reduce the growth of bacteria and contaminants. It’s best to use disposable pads, but if the pads are made up of cotton or microfiber, they are generally reusable. We then recommend washing the pads after every single use.

Wash the pads by using a teaspoon of mild liquid detergent or baking soda. Mix it in a bucket of hot water. Soak the pads in it for a minimum of 25 minutes. Finally, wash it with clean water. Do not use any bleach to prevent your material from any damage. Also, the machine may develop mold or fungus if stored in a moist place. To avoid any foul smell or stains, let the pads dry completely before using them again and store in a moist free space.

Microbes are susceptible to high temperatures and are more likely non-functional when exposed to a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 25 minutes. Therefore go for the washing machine settings that can efficiently kill the microbes.

6. Clean the Exterior of the Steam Mop

Despite this, cleaning the exterior is as important as cleaning the interior of the steam mop. Wipe dry cloth all over the exterior, especially through the moisture spots that may later grow if not cleaned. More importantly, do not ignore the base where the mop pad has been placed.

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Concluding the whole process that if you want a well-looked floor, you will first need to start with a fresh and tidy steam mop. It will save you time if you wash it on time after every use and help you maintain hygiene. Every time you start with unplugging and cleaning a water tank, once you get into the habit of cleaning it before using, it won’t take you long every day.

Always remember that good health comes from good hygiene. We are very hopeful that this article has made your understanding of cleaning a steam mop. Do not forget to share your feedback and keep visiting us for more such content. We would love to help you out!

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