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Have you ever wondered that the machines you use for cleaning purposes themselves need to be cleaned often? You clean your home every day, mop your surfaces, and even vacuum them. Your floor is spic and span, and your home always looks tidy. You are satisfied and chilling until you find out how dirty it actually is. The truth that vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned is familiar to everyone because the brushes are very prone to germs and bacteria.

Steps – How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Research has proven that if a vacuum cleaner – see vacuums for thick carpets – is not cleaned after multiple weeks, it can emit human-derived bacteria. This can make conditions worse, especially for people suffering from allergies. After reading this, you must be thinking of throwing your vacuum cleaner in the bin. Hold on; you don’t need to. All you have to do is follow the five steps to clean the vacuum cleaner. 

1. Clean the Brushes and Bristles

After every use, clean the brushes and bristles to ensure that the brushes do not have any hair or scrap entrapped. If the brush has any loose strings or hair tightly wrapped around the brush, do not pull it hard. Just pick out a pair of scissors and cut it out. After that, sanitize the brushes with a disinfectant spray to prevent the growth and spread of germs. For those who own pets and probably have to repeat this routine more often, this Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Review should be an eye-opener!

2. Empty the Vacuum Pail

After every few uses, try to empty the vacuum pail instead of waiting for it to fill up. The best way is to empty it after every single time and if not, empty it once it reaches half of its full capacity. This will result in preventing all the favorable conditions for germs and bacteria to take hold of your vacuum cleaner. Not only will it keep your vacuum cleaner germ free but it also will help your vacuum to perform more efficiently. In addition, it’ll help you get rid of the nasty smell which is released every time you open it.

3. Detach, Wash, and Dry the Filters

The vacuum filters are a sensitive part of the vacuum cleaner. It should be part of your yearly routine to clean the vacuum filters and be checked regularly every month. Almost all vacuum cleaners (check out these for shag carpets) come with a manual. Read it at least once to find out the filters’ locations and how to detach/attach them. If the manual shows that the filters are washable, wash them, and dry completely before fitting them back. On a related note see also how to clean a hose of your vacuum.

4. Completely Deconstruct Vacuum to Deep Clean

It is necessary to completely detach the vacuum parts and wash them in detail after 12 to 18 months. To disinfect your vacuum cleaner completely you will need hot water, dish soap, a cleaning brush, and compressed air.

  • First, soak all the washable parts in hot water.
  • Secondly, scrub with the dish soap and brush.
  • Next, rinse and dry it completely with compressed air to expel any dust hidden in the narrow spaces.

To prevent your vacuum cleaner from any damage, let the parts completely dry before putting it back, and clean the exterior of the vacuum by using a cleaning wipe. You can check out our ‘How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro?‘ post for guidance, as well.

5. Completely Dispose of Your Vacuum After a Few Years

Even if you follow all the guidelines and take good care of your vacuum cleaner, the maximum life span is 10 years. On a median, it is eight years. The vacuum cleaner is basically used to help you in the cleaning process, so you need to check it properly and dispose of it after 8 years. If not, no doubt you are just dragging dirt and germs of 8 years all over your house.

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How often should I clean my vacuum?

On average, you need to clean the vacuum cleaner after 12 to 18 months.

Can I vacuum without a filter?

No, without a vacuum filter, you are just circulating the dirt and dust all around.

Which comes first, dusting or vacuuming?

Dust the room before vacuuming so you can vacuum up the particles that float into the air and have settled down on the floor.

Can glass be vacuumed?

No, glass can damage the interior of the vacuum.

Is it OK to vacuum wood floors?

Yes, Daily vacuuming of your hardwood floors will keep them cleaner than any other process. In addition, check out the top vacuum cleaners for stairs we reviewed earlier.


To ensure and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is necessarily important to clean your apartment or house but cleaning the machines such as vacuum cleaners, no matter if it is a canister or upright one, is of the same importance. Moreover, the vacuums and brushes that have been tested, about 50%, contained bacteria that cause diarrhea in kids. If you focus on the steps and follow them correctly, the process will only take half an hour.

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