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Berber carpets, because of their exceptional qualities, are famous among the masses. What makes them everyone’s favorite is their ability to resist stains and dirt. They are pretty easy to keep clean and you can even use a vacuum to clean your Berber carpet quickly. However, once they catch dirt and stains, it becomes challenging to clean a Berber carpet.

If you don’t clean your Berber carpet properly, it will gradually lose its original beauty and finish. There are various DIY solutions and tips that can keep your Berber carpet clean while maintaining its original condition and look. This guide explains a few tested and reliable methods to clean the Berber carpet, but you should also read this post on how to clean the carpeting without a vacuum.

How to Clean the Berber Carpet?

Before we jump to solutions, you need to know a few things about Berber carpets so that you can choose the right method of cleaning.

Identify The Carpet Fabric

Nylon and Wool

High-quality Berber carpets are made from wool or nylon. Nylon is very resistant to catching and absorbing carpet spills and stains. Therefore they are pretty easy to clean and can be cleaned with many traditional and DIY cleaning methods.

Wool is a natural material and is used in the most expensive Berber carpets. Wool is also less catchy towards spills and stains but is highly water absorbent. There it is crucial to dry the moisture before the stain sets.


Olefin Berber carpets are affordable and are ideal for casual use. However, olefin quickly absorbs spills like water and oil. These carpets are comparatively harder to clean, and the best practice is to clean the carpets regularly. However, if the stains get stubborn, it would be almost impossible to clean the carpet yourself. A professional cleaning service is recommended for olefin Berber carpets.

These are some common steam removal methods for Berber carpets.

Spot Clean With Baking Soda

The baking soda is used to remove the stains penetrated deep down in the carpets. Baking soda is very useful in Berber carpet clean as it also absorbs moisture while removing the stain.

  • Bolt the stain to prevent it from spreading.
  • Gently blot the stain with a clean towel. Rubbing will help the stain penetrate deep down.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda all over the stain and leave it for half an hour.
  • Baking soda will absorb the liquid and moisture in the stain. Vacuum the baking soda along with moisture.
  • Again sprinkle the baking soda to see if still moisture is present in the carpet or not. If the baking soda balls up, it means moisture is present in the carpet.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then again vacuum clean the carpet.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the most common and reliable method for carpet cleaning. If you regularly vacuum clean the carpet, it won’t accumulate dirt and will be easier to clean if it gets accidental spills or stains. Berber carpets having loop structure absorb the moisture quickly. It makes them more prone to dirt and debris and makes them stubborn.

Vacuum cleaning helps you remove the excess moisture and dampness of the carpet, keeping the carpet fresh and odor-free. A dry carpet doesn’t attract dirt and absorbs the stains and spills slowly. Vacuum the carpet with gentle air pressure with slow and steady strokes; being too hard with vacuum can damage the carpet’s weave.

Repeatedly vacuum the carpet surface with gentle airflow until all the stains are removed. If the stains are stubborn, you can do a stain removal treatment before the vacuum cleaning (learn also to disinfect the carpet without a vacuum).

Cold Water

The cold water method is an ideal method to remove the fresh stains from the Berber carpet. It is a simple and straightforward method that helps you remove the stains and also maintains the carpet’s original finish.

  • Use a tissue paper or paper towel to blot the stain immediately after the spill.
  • Apply a small quantity of cold water and gently rub the stain with a clean towel or piece of cloth.
  • Avoid rubbing hard as it will facilitate the stain to penetrate deep down.
  • Never use hot water on the Berber carpet, as it will severely damage the surface and internal weave of the fabric.
  • The stain color will appear on the towel after some time. It means the stain is being removed.
  • Repeat the process until the stains are completely gone.
  • Use the vacuum to absorb all the moisture. Never leave the Berber carpet moist or damp.

Water and Vinegar Method

The Water and Vinegar method is a traditionally practiced stain removal method, which is also very useful in cleaning the Berber carpet. The method is simple and straightforward and uses simple ingredients.

Follow these steps to apply the water and vinegar method

  • You will need vinegar, water, a clean towel, or a dry piece of cloth. For this cleaning method, it is recommended to use white vinegar.
  • Prepare the water and vinegar solution. The recommended ratio for the solution is 5:1, which means that in one part of water, add five parts of vinegar.
  • Remember that a strong vinegar solution can result in discoloration of the carpet. It is a good idea to test a small amount of solution on a small area.
  • Next, use a dry towel or piece of cloth to remove excess moisture and liquid from the stain.
  • Now apply the vinegar solution and remove the stains with a piece of cloth or towel. Rubbing the stain hard will deteriorate the carpet’s surface and also help the stain spread.
  • Never use the solution in large quantities. Instead, apply the cleaning solution in small qualities several times.
  • Keep on performing this method until the stain is removed.
  • Finally, use a dry vacuum to ensure that no moisture is left behind.

Commercial Cleaning Agent

Many DIY Methods and traditional home remedies do not work against oil spills, chemical spills, and stubborn stains. In such cases, you can use a store-bought cleaning agent also. Apply these chemicals as per provided instructions. These cleaning agents loosen the stain, and then you can remove the stains with water.

As a general rule of thumb, always vacuum clean the carpet before and after the application of commercial cleaning agents. Vacuuming, in the beginning, will remove the dirt and debris that may hinder the cleaning process later on. Vacuuming, in the end, will remove the moisture from the carpet. A wet carpet can be the breeding ground for mildews, molds, and bacteria.

Steam Cleaning

The steam ceiling is one of the best and reliable cleaning methods you can try. If you have steam cleaning equipment at home, it is recommended to steam clean the carpet regularly. Vacuum clean the carpet to collect dust, dirt, and debris from the carpet. It is crucial because the carpet can become muddy when moisture is introduced.

  • Bring the steam cleaning equipment close to the carpet.
  • It is critical to know how to use steam cleaning equipment. If you have never used this machine before, consult the user manual or online guides.
  • Gently go over the carpet with the machine once. Never repeat the process as it will add extra moisture to the carpet. However, you can apply the steam again on the stains.
  • After steam cleaning, apply a dry vacuum to dry the carpet fully.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a service offered by professional cleaners. However, many offices, organizations, and homes keep the dry cleaning equipment. In the dry cleaning process, a powder is used instead of water and detergent. Before the dry cleaning process, vacuum the carpet to remove moisture and dirt.

  • Buy a quality dry cleaning powder from the nearby store.
  • Sprinkle the powder all over the stains. Leave it for 20 minutes to work with stains.
  • Again apply the dry vacuum to suck the moisture and dry cleaning powder from the carpet.
  • Dry cleaning and steam cleaning will not only remove the stains but will also disinfect the carpet.

Steam cleaning and dry cleaning equipment are expensive and are generally owned by professional cleaning services. If you are cleaning the Berber carpet after a long time, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaner.


Is Berber carpet easy to clean?

Berber carpets made from nylon and wool are pretty easy to clean. However, Olefin Berber carpets quickly absorb the spills and stains and are fairly hard to clean. Also, fresh stains and spills are easier than stubborn dried stains.

Can I use OxiClean on the Berber carpet?

OxiClean is a reliable method to clean the Berber carpet. It uses hydrogen peroxide and sodium percarbonate as cleaning agents. However, these agents can decolorize carpets if not used properly. Therefore it is recommended to use these agents in the right proportion.

How do you get tough stains out of the Berber carpet?

To get the tough stain out of the Berber carpet, you can use baking soda. Baking soda pulls off the stains from the carpet within 30 minutes. You can also use a solution of white vinegar and water to pull the tough stain out of the Berber carpet.

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