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The floor is a part of the interior that we cannot think of replacing immediately. It costs you a lot both in terms of money and energy. Therefore the maintenance and cleanliness of the floor are crucial. Vinyl flooring is a great deal for people with limited budgets. Despite the competitive price, vinyl flooring offers durability and the best aesthetics for your home interior.

Vinyl flooring can be used in almost every part of the room and is pretty easy to clean. Although vinyl resists moisture, temperature, and impact, it can fade away over time. Many factors like moisture, sunlight, poor maintenance, and chemical spill can cause discoloration to the vinyl floor.

How To Clean Discolored Vinyl Flooring?

As vinyl flooring is not highly resistant, it is better not to apply commercial cleaners and chemicals. Here are a few tested DIY methods that we found very useful to clean the discolored vinyl floor.


Vinegar is a widely used cleaning agent that not only cleans the floor but also disinfects them. It is an eco-friendly cleaning agent and efficiently helps with the stains and discoloration of the vinyl floors. You can use both apple cider and white vinegar in this process.

Prepare a Solution

Prepare a solution of vinegar and water by mixing them in 1:1. In terms of hard stains or stubborn discoloration, you can slightly increase the quantity of vinegar in the solution.

Clean The Floor

It is recommended to use a mop for cleaning the vinyl floor. Dip the mop in the solution and start cleaning the floor from one side. After completing one time, wash the mop with clean water and again dip in the solution. You can slightly rub on the stains and the discolored part. You can use this cleaning method regularly to maintain the original luster of the vinyl flooring while keeping your home disinfected.

Baking Soda and Water Method

Baking Soda, because of its abrasive properties, has been used for cleaning purposes for centuries. Baking soda is a natural ingredient and does not affect the finish and texture of the vinyl floor.

Prepare a Paste

You need a large amount of baking soda to make a paste. Make a thick paste by adding water slowly. Paste should be consistent and thick enough to stay easily on the stain and discolored part for a long time.

Apply The Paste

Apply the paste on stubborn stains and discolored part of the floor. Let it stay there for at least fifteen minutes. Baking soda will loosen the stains and scuff, making them easier to remove. After fifteen minutes, gently scrub with the help of a soft brush or plastic scrubber.

Please don’t be too hard on the floor, as it can damage the structure and shine of the floor. Once you are done with the scrubbing all over the floor, collect the baking soda residue with the help of a wet cloth, wet mop, steam mop, or any other cleaning tool.


Bleach is a commercial cleaning agent and can be used for many outdoor and indoor surfaces. Keep in mind that bleach is a commercial cleaning agent and can be harmful to the surface and your skin if not used properly. It is recommended to use bleach over surfaces with stubborn stains and discoloration. It is the eBay solution for hard-to-remove discoloration from vinyl floors.

Prepare a Solution

It is recommended to use a dilute solution of bleach on the vinyl floors. You can buy the beach cleaning agent from a nearby utility store. Mix the solution of water and bleach by mixing them in 2:1. If it is an already hard bleaching agent, you can dilute further by adding more water. Also, it is recommended to do a spot test before applying it all over the floor.

Clean The Floor

Dip dry clean mop in the solution and start cleaning from one side of the floor. Once you complete the first round, wash the mop with clean water and dip in the solution. Gently rub over the stains and discolored part. You can swipe the floor with a wet mop to get rid of the bleach odor.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another commercial cleaning agent that is relatively more expensive than bleach. It is one of the most efficient cleaning agents to remove the vinyl floor’s scuff and yellow discoloration.

How To Apply?

Dip a clean piece of cloth in rubbing alcohol and gently rub over the yellow-stained or discolored part. Keep on rubbing from 5 to 10 minutes to get the original finish and color of the floor. In case of tough stains, you can use a sponge also to break the stain. It would help in fast cleaning.


Lemon is another natural cleaning remedy used widely all over the world to treat discoloration, yellow stains and remove scuffs. You can use lemon indifferently in different situations.

Spot Cleaning

To remove a makeup or chemical spill from the floor, you can use the lemon. Cut the lemon into two pieces and rub it over the stain. The lemon will loosen the stain’s structure and also absorb the color.

Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemon and baking soda form an amazing combination to treat the discoloration of the vinyl floor. Lemon has impressive lightning properties that remove the yellowish color from the vinyl floor and restores its white color.

How To Use?

Add half a cup of lemon juice to a quarter cup of baking soda. Mix them in a way to form a consistent paste. Apply the paste to the affected area on the floor and let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes. Rub gently with a sponge and then remove the residue with a damp cloth or towel.

Dish Washing Soap and Vinegar

Dish wash Soap and apple cider vinegar is another tested remedy for discolored vinyl food. You can add one two tablespoon dishwasher to a cup of apple cider vinegar. Dip a clean piece of cloth in the solution and gently rub the discolored or yellowish part of the floor. Dishwashing soap helps you rejuvenate the original finish of the floor. Apple cider vinegar will work as a disinfectant and also remove the scuff and dirt from the floor.

Use a Vinyl Cleaning Agent

You can find many cleaning agents specifically made for vinyl food cleaning. These cleaning agents are the best option as they are made according to the nature of PVC material. Use the best vinyl cleaning agent regularly on the vinyl floor to avoid discoloration and yellowing of the floor.


How do you get yellowed vinyl white again?

You can use a solution of vinegar and dishwashing soap to white the yellowed vinyl floor. You can also use the mild solution of bleach to remove the yellowish scuff from the vinyl floor. If these remedies do not work, you should use a cleaning agent specifically designed for vinyl floors.

Can you use bleach on vinyl flooring?

Yes, you can use a dilute bleach solution to restore the discolored vinyl floor. However, do not use bleach or ammonia regularly on the floor. Also, the direct application of bleaching agents can damage the vinyl flooring.

Will vinegar damage vinyl floors?

No vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that doesn’t damage the vinyl floor. Vinegar helps you restore the yellowed or discolored vinyl floor and also disinfects the floor from germs, mold, and mildews.

How do you clean vinyl floors with white vinegar?

For regular cleaning, add 1 to 2 cups of white vinegar in one gallon of hot water. Then dip a mop in the solution and clean the vinyl floor. To remove the stubborn stain a yellowish color, prepare a solution of water and vinegar by mixing them in 1:1.

Do you have to rinse after cleaning with vinegar?

Yes, it would help if you rinsed with warm water to remove the grime and residue from the floor. Also, it will help you get rid of the vinegar smell from the room.

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Proper maintenance can prevent discoloration and yellowing of the vinyl flooring. It is recommended to clean the floor with a soft-bristled broom regularly. Also, it is not recommended to mop the floor often as vinyl floors are not waterproof.

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