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Having a cute pet means having a good and joyous life. However, it is not always so easy to deal with pets as it seems to be. You would enjoy yourself with your pets and suddenly things will become messy due to certain things they do. One of such messy things they can do is peeing on your carpet surfaces. Either you own a cat or dog, you will face this issue. That is the reason being a pet owner, you sometimes have urine stains on the carpets and other surfaces where they live.

This is particularly prevalent when you have kept the kittens or any house-training puppies. Therefore, managing to clean your carpets on time can be a big challenge in your busy routine. Also, most pet owners are confused about the proper cleaning procedure and items needed. We know you often ask ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. So now there are no worries. Because we have compiled this blog post to help in this tricky task. So let’s get started!

How to Clean Pet Urine from Carpet

Often when it comes to the urine of the dogs and cats polluting your carpet, you can do two of the things. Either you can go for immediate action to clean. Or you can clean it later in case you arrive from the office and come to know that something bad happened.

So let us just talk about the quick and immediate action first for answering your question ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. In this regard, it is necessary to locate the region and carpet in your home where the pet has urinated. In most cases, you will be able to see them in visual forms. If you can’t see them then you may get it from the terrible smell of their urine.

Or sometimes you may not see the urine spots or feel the smell but you understand something is wrong. In that case, you may go for using the black light for the detection of the affected areas. One issue associated with pet urine is that it needs to be removed. Otherwise, your pet will be using it as his future urination point. And this is definitely what you don’t want!

Now you can take some immediate steps to clean your carpet from dog or cat’s urine. The following account will resolve your query of ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’.

●       First of all, check if the affected area is in wet form, then you may go for soaking up as much as you can. Because if you pick more urine before drying then ahead you don’t have to do much effort.

●       It is also possible that you get some fecal or vomit scratches, then have your gloves on your hands and dump them in a plastic bag. Also, refrain from the further embedding of any waste into the delicate fibers of your carpet. This is important in case of vomiting. Since you will have a carpet with discoloration if the acidic contents of the vomit get into the fibers of the carpet

●       In the next step, you are required to actively place any paper towels over the unclean region of the carpet. In this way, you will be able to strongly blot the carpets. Or you may use any sort of rugs however you must be doing the proper sanitization once you are done with this task of the cleaning

●       You must repeat this blotting step twice or thrice to take out all the unclean liquid from your carpet. Otherwise, it will keep on giving a stingy and unbearable smell.

●       In the last step, you must apply the final layer of your paper towel or rag over the target area. By applying heavier pressure, you will be able to clean the affected area. You may use foot pressure in this regard.

So, these were some immediate steps you can take to clean your carpet from the urine of the pets. After applying these steps, you need to go for the other set of actions for the final lifting of the bad stains and terrible smells associated with the urine of the cats and dogs on your precious carpets.

Going for the Long term Cleaning Action

As we have told you about what you can do immediately, now we must give you some practical tips in response to your question ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. These tips will help you to get rid of the smelly spots made due to your pet’s urine on your expensive carpet. There are a total of six steps which you need to follow. The following section will make it clear for you. So, please keep reading!

The worst thing about your cat or dog’s urine is its stingy smell. And probably this is what makes you clean. Now you may question which steps you should take to take out that stinky smell from the affected area. Well, for this you must do the proper sterilization and cleaning of the area affected with the urine. Usually, if you leave the urine inside carpet fibers and days pass by, then you will feel that removing the smell and the spot are both challenging tasks.

Removing the dog or cat’s urine from the carpet is an extremely difficult task. In some cases, the smell would be there even if you try hard to clean it. In that case, the ultimate solution is the replacement of the carpet. Or you may get the services of some professional in the carpet cleaning domain.

However, you must not be disappointed as we are here with the step-wise guide. Have a glance at those steps.

Step I: Drying the Carpet

First of all, you need to check if the carpet area is still in a moist or wet position. If yes, then must be cleaning it with a paper towel for the absorption of the extra moisture left inside of it (see ‘How to Dry Wet Carpet Without Vacuum‘).

Step II: Applying Vinegar Solution inside Distilled or Normal Water

Everyone has distilled white vinegar inside their kitchen as a go-to household material. Apart from its use in the kitchen, you may use it for cleaning purposes as well. And the good news is that you may use it for cleaning the smell and spots associated with the urine of cats and dogs. Now, you don’t have to apply the distilled white vinegar directly to the affected carpet region. Rather you need to make the solution.

For the preparation of the solution, you need to mix the vinegar in the normal or distilled water in equal ratios. That means if you are taking 1 liter of the vinegar then add 1 liter of the water as well. Through mix, the solutions until a homogenized solution are formed inside the container.

Once you are done with the making of the solution, then you must place this solution over the area which is contaminated by the urine of your cat or dog. After pouring the solution in a proper manner, then you must be scrubbing it lightly with your hands. Leave the treated carpet till complete drying.

Step III: Removing the Stinky Smell

We understand you love your kitten but you must be hating the terrible smell of its urine sticking to your favorite carpet. So, you may be wondering how to get rid of this smell. Let us brief you in this regard. It is quite easier to get a smell-free carpet just by applying a simple method. Now what do you have to do? Please read below.

Just take a few grams of baking soda from your kitchen shelf. Locate the spot where you used vinegar solution first. After locating it, apply this baking soda to the affected region. Leave it untouched for some time. Meanwhile, you will be glad to see that the baking soda has deodorized your carpet in just 24 hours. Well, baking soda can do wonders. There is no doubt about it.

Step IV: Adding Dishwashing Liquid & Hydrogen Peroxide

In this step, you are required to make another solution. Now this time you have to add three things. These three things are water (it can be normal or distilled), commercially available hydrogen peroxide, and your fragrant dishwashing liquid. Now you must add these three ingredients in a perfect ratio. Then pour them on the affected region where you have already applied baking soda and vinegar solution. After that, you must scrub the stained area more gently.

Step V: Vacuum Cleaning

Once you have treated the affected area with the vinegar solution, baking soda, and then dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide, then it’s time to do some mechanized cleaning as well. By this we mean take out your vacuum cleaner and apply it to the area that needs cleaning. So, here you go with the cleaned carpet. Now your carpet will be free from any sort of stingy smell and spots caused by your cats and dogs.

Step VI: Professional Aid

Well, you should not worry about calling the services of the professionals for cleaning your carpet. Because if you follow the first five steps then you will see your problem will be solved. However, doing things carefully is the only condition.

However, we must also inform you about this additional step if unluckily you are not able to get rid of the stinky smell and spot of your cat’s urine. Now there are two alternatives in this case. Either you can go for purchasing another carpet to replace the one with a stinky smell and terrible spot. Or, you may also call any carpet cleaner who provides the paid services.

Useful Tools & Products for Cleaning

Having the right kind of tools and products can make your life quite easier. This truth is equally valid when you ask the question ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. Because having the right and convenient tools and products can make your work faster and achieve good results with the minimum manual effort. Well, everyone loves to have such amazing tools to make their tougher job easier.

Cleaning a spotty and smelly carpet after a pet’s urination is itself a task which is not so pleasant no matter how much you love your pet. However, the good news is that you don’t have to make special arrangements for these tools and products. Rather, you can have most of them inside your kitchen. And the others not available in your home are present at the nearby grocery store. Let us just give you an overview of what kind of items you will be needing.

  • Dishwashing sponge: Sometimes, you are late to treat the urine of the cat or dog. As a result, the urine or fecal material becomes dry. In that case, you will be needing a proper dishwashing sponge which will help you in removing the stain from losing its grip inside the fibers of the carpet. You may use a sea sponge or any older rug at home in this regard
  • Toothbrush: You might be using older toothbrushes for many cleaning activities. Cleaning your carpet from the urine of your cat or dog is one of such challenging cleaning activities. The toothbrush is a highly efficient and also economic option. Plus, it is easily available at home so now there are no worries about grabbing it from the superstore. However, you must be mindful of wearing proper gloves while cleaning so that you don’t get any bad health effects while cleaning the urine or the fecal material
  • Vinegar: You must be using this natural ingredient with an acidic pH. Some dishes will never be complete without vinegar. Apart from cooking, it is one of the best cleaning agents. It is a matchless option in removing any kind of stain. Also, you will see it does the disinfection as well.
  • Baking Soda: Another kitchen-based product which is very useful in cleaning your cat or dog’s urine is baking soda. You may call it one of the best natural deodorizers. And we do suggest you use it in the last steps for lifting the stingy smells associated with the urine of the pets.

Preferring Natural Cleaners over Chemical Ones

When you ask ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’, then one suitable suggestion can be the utilization of the synthetic chemicals available in the superstores. Though you will see several products available in the market which claim to clean your spotty and smelly carpets. They are available in great varieties in terms of features and price. But guess what? They are after all synthetic chemicals. And synthetic chemicals do have adverse impacts on human as well as environmental health.

You may complain about different types of allergies, dermal issues, and other health ailments as you use these synthetic cleaners to clean the carpets. Another interesting thing we must tell you is that these synthetic cleaners are not only harmful to your health because you are a human being.

But also, your pet is at equal threat due to these chemicals. Since they are the ones sitting on the carpets and doing other activities. So, in that sense, you can say they are not even equal but at double risk of getting ill. But how can we say double threat? Let us make you understand this!

Your dog’s nose is one of nature’s miracles. It is exactly capable of making an accurate distinction between different smells. Well, that means 100,000 better than us. Yes, we did say 100,000 better than us. That simply means that they are capable of many inhalations of toxic cleaning chemicals like ammonia and chlorine as you use them for cleaning your carpet. Therefore, you must be very serious about your and your pet’s health when it comes to cleaning their urine. We hope you are getting good responses to your query of ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’ through these facts we are adding in our blog post.

Advantages of Natural Cleaners

Well, you may be thinking of using synthetic cleaners because we just have to grab them from the store and apply them. That means this is the easiest mode of cleaning your carpet from the urine of the pet. However, be very mindful of the fact that you are compromising your and your pet’s health for the sake of short-term ease. Therefore, please don’t do this and opt for a sustainable and cleaner way of living.

In case you don’t know the advantages of natural cleaners, then we must enlist them for you. Here you go with the beneficial features of using natural ways of cleaning rather than opting for the chemically synthesized chemicals!

  • Excellent output and that too in an economical way
  • Environmental friendly option causing no toxicity
  • You and your pet’s health will not be compromised for short term cleaning ease
  • Excellent removal of the stains and terrible smell due to urine of the cats and dogs
  • You will be able to do the disinfection and odor removal from your carpet in a simultaneous manner
  • The delicate fibers of your carpet will be cleaned and saved from the stronger synthetic cleaners

Therefore, using natural ways of cleaning can benefit you in the long term. Based on our personal experiences and practices, we do suggest you go for this sustainable and cleaner option. You won’t regret it later.


What can you do to cleanse the carpet contaminated with the dog’s urine which has dried up?

The dog’s urine can be very smelly and spotty if it becomes drier inside your carpet. To get rid of the terrible smell and bad spots, you can make the solution of the distilled white vinegar in water and apply it to the target area. After that, you need to do slight scrubbing with the help of the brush and blotting of the unclean region.

Can you use baking soda to clean up the dog or cat’s urine?

Yes, for sure, you can use it in cleaning your pet’s urine. Baking soda is one of the best natural deodorizers. That is why it is suggested that you may apply it in the third step of cleaning after you are done with the application of the vinegar solution and prior blotting. It will cause your carpet to be sting-free.

Should I use natural cleaners or market cleaners?

We suggest you go for the options which are best suitable for your and your family’s health. By this, we mean that we always prefer natural ways over synthetic chemicals. Another benefit associated with natural cleaners is that they are also economic and environmentally friendly.

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Wrapping up the Discussion

With this, we come to the end of our blog post on ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. In this blog post, we have provided you with a detailed review of the immediate and long-term steps which you can take to clean your carpet from the stingy and smelly urine of your cat or dog. We suggested you be very vigilant in cleaning the mess as soon as you detect it. Since, if you ignore it then it can be further messy to remove after that. Because then the urine molecules will be sticking firmly to the fibers of your expensive carpet and damaging it inevitably.

Well, this is what you wouldn’t want. Apart from that, we have informed you about how you can do the stepwise cleaning of the carpet through the items available at home. By using the natural ingredients, you will not only be saving you and your pet’s health, but also you will be able to save money too. Because all the products and tools will be available in the proper pouring the solution home for natural cleaning. Therefore, going for synthetic options is not a wise decision.

We hope we have attempted well to answer your question ‘how to clean pet urine from carpet like dog and cat?’. We also hope that this review will help you in cleaning the urine of pets in an easy and manageable way. We would love to see your response in this regard. Therefore, please do share it with us. Happy cleaning and thank you!

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