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Dogs bring a whole new level of fun into a man’s world. But even so, all the cuddling can leave a lot of mess as our furry friend’s hair gets stuck on our clothes. So, are you wondering how to get dog hair out of clothes? 

Having clothes covered with dog hair and not knowing how to remove them can be frustrating. Imagine thinking of ways to remove dog hair on a busy morning? You may end up wasting a lot of time and put on hold things that matter. 

So, you must learn how to shed dog hair off your clothes easily and effectively. Read on and discover new ways. 

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Without a Lint Roller?

You are used to shedding dog hair off your clothes using a lint roller, right?. What if you misplaced it, or it’s no longer serving its purpose? Would you know how to get dog hair out of clothes in such a situation? Luckily, you can still get the hair off in these simple ways.

Use duct tape. The easiest way to remove dog fur from your garment is to rub anything that hair sticks to, and duct tape is the ideal choice. To remove pet hair from the clothes, wrap the duct tape around your palm with the sticky side on the outside and gently swipe the tape over the garment. 

Use damp rubber gloves or hands. You can successfully remove dog hair from your clothes using your bare hand or rubber glove. Pass your hand over some cold water and wipe the affected areas in a downward motion. You will notice the hair balling up together. 

Use vinegar. To deal with the pesky pet hair problem, sprinkle a little vinegar during the machine’s rinse cycle when doing your next laundry session. Vinegar acts as a fabric softener and softens the fabric releasing the trapped hair.

It reduces the static found in fabrics by forming a non-sticking environment, making it hard for the fur to stick on. A drop of pet-friendly essential oils goes a long way if the vinegar smell pisses you off. 

equipment for removing dog fur from clothes

Always keep the closet door closed. Clothes in your closet somehow collect strands of pet hair, especially if you have not worn them over time. Usually, pet fur is launched into the air, something we cannot prevent. The hair strands find their way into the clothes through the slightest opening in your closet. However, keeping the closet door closed is the perfect way of shutting out the pet hair. 

Eliminate pet hair in the air. The easiest way to avoid pet hair from finding its way into the closet is to get rid of pet hair in the air. How? Vacuum the floors and clean the upholstery regularly. You can also use an air purifier or a Swiffer. 

Do Dryer Balls Get Rid of Pet Hair?

Dryer balls are pet hair removers that get rid of pet hair on clothes while in the dryer. The dryer balls create friction, remove pet pair and other debris from your wash load, and push it into the lit tray. Subsequently, you can recycle wool dryer balls by setting the gentle cycle of your washer and hot water. 

After a thorough wash, dry them on high heat and give them a new and refreshed look. Dryer balls are made of soft foam. Therefore, using two or three balls or a small load and four to five balls for a big load is ideal and safe for your clothes. 

a person putting a dryer ball into the washer

How Do I Wash Dog Hair Out of Clothes and Blankets?

Having clothes and blankets covered with dog hair is quite discouraging. Sometimes, we cannot control dog hair from getting into the air and landing on our clothes. Also, our naughty furry friends sneak into our bed and leave the blanket and beddings covered in fur. So, how best should you wash the fur-infested clothes and blankets?

Get rid of loose hairs. Before you start washing, it is important to remove as much hair as you can. You can use a lint roller or pet hair remover. You can also go for a simpler way; dip your hands in water and wipe off the hairs. After removing loose pet hair, it’s now time to concentrate on trapped dog hair

Toss the wash load into a dryer with wool balls and a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets and wool balls have anti-static properties that loosen dog hair stuck on the fabrics. The loose hairs are removed from the load and pushed into your lint trap. Always set your dryer to a no-heat cycle when tossing. 

Toss the wash load into the washer. After removing the load from the dryer, shake the clothes off to remove left hairs and toss them into the washer. Add your favorite detergent and a cup of distilled white vinegar when washing clothes. Vinegar is an excellent fabric softener and helps loosen pet hair. White vinegar also dissolves pet hair once tossed in a washing machine

Set the running cycle. Once the washer starts running, the vinegar penetrates the clothes, softening and removing trapped hairs. The hairs are deposited into the lint tray; therefore, you should clean it regularly during the cycle. 

Dry the clothes. It would be ideal if you dried the clothes as normal. After the whole process, your clothes will be clean and free from dog hair (see also cat hair removal). Use a damp cloth to wipe the interior of your washing machine and collect any pet hairs. 

a brown little dog lying on the blanket

How Do I Get Pet Hair Out of Laundry?

If you are tempted to toss hair-infected laundry into the washing machine, please don’t. A mixture of hair and water clumps and get stuck in the water filler. Eventually, the mixture clogs the machine’s drains, making it harder to wash the clothes properly. In a worse scenario, your machine may break down, and fixing it can be expensive. So, how do you get pet hair out of laundry? 

Brush Your Pet

Is your pet the first culprit of leaving hairs all over the place? Then brush off the excess hair and discard it before it gets to your furniture, floor, carpets, blanket, and clothes. Brushing will save you the trouble of removing stuck hair on the fabrics. It’s also a perfect opportunity for the two of you to bond; your dog will love every bit of the moment. So, buy the right pet brush and brush him at least once per day. 

Use a Lint Roller

A lint roller is a lifesaver when dealing with pet hair on clothes. Passing the roller over the cloth removes hairs making your laundry ready for washing. You can also pass your wet hand or sponge over the cloth and remove loose hair if you do not have a roller. 

a person using a lint roller on her sweater

Toss in a Dryer Before Washing

Putting hair-covered clothes in a dryer and setting the low-heat cycle, and tossing for ten minutes removes excess pet hair from the fabric. If not satisfied, run the cycle again for 5-10 minutes to avoid the hairs getting to the rest of the laundry. It is also advisable to stop the cycle and empty the lint trap so that collected hairs do not get back into the laundry. 

Clean Your Machine Regularly

Our washing machines accumulate soaps, dirt, germs, and any other debris that sticks to the laundry. If you have a pet, pet hair can cause serious clogging problems. So, it is ideal for wiping the machine or running an empty wash cycle immediately after washing. This way, you get rid of Dirt and prevent pet hair from clogging the drainage system. Alternatively, you can do a thorough cleaning of your washing machine at least once a month. 

Cover Pet Bed

If your pet belongs to those dog breeds that shed hair frequently, think of covering their bed with a removable cover. Most of these covers are made of anti-static properties that repel fur and are easy to wipe. When washing the cover, toss it separately to avoid hairs from getting to the other laundry. 

Get a Good Vacuum

If you do not own a vacuum cleaner yet, you need to add it to your shopping list. Vacuuming upholstery, furniture, and your pets’ favorite spots frequently help remove hairs and prevent them from sticking on your clothes. We recommend buying a vacuum designed to clean pet hair as it is more efficient and can trap more pet hair, though.

a person vacuuming the room

Pick Pet-Friendly Clothes

Choose fabrics to attract lingering pet hair if you are ready to allow your pet to dictate your fashion sense. You should avoid fabrics such as loose-knit, velvet, and corduroy, or wool. Instead, go for satin, leather, shiny and synthetic fabrics

The Bottom Line

Pet hair on your clothes is nothing to be proud of, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the company of your furry friend. There are simple and less costly ways to remove unwanted pet hair from clothes in a less complicated way. Things such as lint rollers, wool dryer balls, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners make it easy for you. 

Also, take preventive measures such as covering the pet bed, brushing the pet, cleaning your machine regularly, and buying clothes to attract pet hair. Implementing the measures will make your experience more bearable. 

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