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If you don’t know the right way to get rid of Carpet beetles, then trust me, it will take hell lot of effort. These pests feed on your clothing, carpets, and other types of fabrics. Once these beetles get home around you, it can become quite challenging to get rid of them. However, the task is do-able on your own entirely. Firstly, when you start to see any signs of the infestation, which includes larvae and fecal pellets. You should take all precautions and necessary actions to get rid immediately. Today, I’m going to share how to get rid of carpet beetles easily in 2022.


1. Identifying the source of the infestation

Both the larvae and the adult beetles can cause an infestation in your home. However, the larvae of these creatures do most of the damage as these eat organic materials such as silk, leather, and wool. Squishing the larvae or the beetles whenever you see them is not the best idea. These small creatures have a tough exoskeleton, and it’s hard to kill carpet beetles. Some species of these beetles may also release an unpleasant smell when they are killed or frightened, just like the boxelder beetle. 

Also, to make sure where you have to start cleaning (see here how to clean without a vacuum), first seek, and search for the primary source of the infestation. This would be the area where there will be the most areas of damage and the beetles as well. Try to look for the secluded areas such as the basement, under the rags and the carpets and focus if you see these things such as

  • Bristly, brown-colored shell-like shesed skins of the larvae.
  • Fecal pellets having brown color having the size of a salt grain. 
  • The adult beetles have an oval shape, and these can have a wide range of colors, and these have a size that is larger than the head of a pin. The beetles can fly, and these live outdoors. However, they lay their eggs in darker indoors that are mostly secluded. 
  • The size of larvae are longer as compared to the adults. These often have tufts of hair. Moreover, some species may be smooth and shiny, and these can be red, white, brown colored, and striped. 

2. Vacuum your house

Once you see some signs and you doubt that you have a carpet beetle infestation. Vacuum your entire house to get rid of the beetles and the larvae. A thorough vacuum cleaning session can be the quickest and the best way to get rid of these larvae and beetles from your home ( see also how to get rid of maggots). Moreover, try to focus the most on the most infested areas, but it is suggested to vacuum your entire house and remove all of these beetles. After you are done vacuuming, throw the bag away. 

Keep on vacuuming your house at least once a week. However, if the infestation is at some dangerous level, then you might need to vacuum your house multiple times a day in the starting few days. Moreover, if you have the upholstery and other areas covered with fabric, then vacuum these as well. See the labels of your rugs and know-how they need to be cleaned and clean accordingly. 

3. Discard any infested clothing

If you have any clothing that has an infestation, throw it away. If you see that some pieces of the fabric or clothing got eaten away really badly, then you need to discard them. If you keep the infested garments at your home, it will become more difficult for you to stop the infestation. Moreover, if any garment is eaten, but you do not see any carpet beetle larvae or beetles on the material, throw the garments in any way. 

4. Wash the clothes

Wash all of your clothes, even if they do not seem to be infected, still wash them all. Put all the clothing, blankets, towels, linens, and other fabrics in a washing machine and easy them on the hot cycle with a powerful detergent. The larvae and the carpet beetles are very resilient, and these can not be killed easily, so make sure that you use hot water and powerful detergent for washing your fabrics. Moreover, the clothes that you can not wash, dry clean them.

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1. Insecticides

Use the insecticide spray on the areas that you are unable to clean or wash. Search for an insecticide that has carpet beetles mentioned on its labels list. Follow all the directions that are mentioned. Try to avoid spraying the product in your entire house as you should use the insecticide for only spot treatment. Moreover, try to limit the spray treatment to the places that collect the lint such as around and under the edges of rugs and carpets, shelving and closet walls, and other cracks and crevices. 

Also, avoid spraying on bedding and clothing. Additionally, you should also wear gloves, masks, and protective clothing while you are spraying the insecticides. Moreover, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. 

2. Boric acid

The hard to reach areas should be reached by sprinkling boric acid. If it is not easy to get into some infested areas such as wall voids or attic dust them with boric acid equally. Moreover, you can also make a boric acid spray by taking one tablespoon of boric acid and mixing it with 2 cups of hot water. Mix until all the powder gets dissolved and use this mixture in a spray bottle. Additionally, boric acid owns some bleaching action, so avoid using it on the darker materials. 

3. Hormone based traps

You can also make use of the hormone-based glue traps if you are dealing with stubborn infestations. If the situation of the infestations is really serious, place the sticky traps throughout your entire home. These sticky traps are designed to attract the beetles, and you can avoid many serious problems. You can also catch the flying beetles by these traps. Moreover, after installing the traps, check them one to two times a week. 

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Method #3 – Prevention

1. Nests and outdoor sources

Try to spot and remove any outdoors sources and nests that can add to start a beetle infestation in your home. After getting rid of the infestation once, make sure that these beetles find no way to return, Check all your windows and doors for any holes and throw away any spider webs and nests. You are also advised to examine any plants and flowers, as these may bring the beetles or their larvae. If you see any plant that has some signs of the larvae or beetles, leave them outside your home. 

2. Frequent cleaning

If you have any area that is more prone to getting the infestation, clean those areas more frequently. Washing your clothes and cleaning your carpets, at least one to two times a week, is the best way that you can avoid the varied carpet beetle infestation. It is also suggested to treat the stains and spills immediately. The food and sweet stains can add to attract beetles. Moreover, also keep the lint, dust, and hair at minimum as carpet beetles feed on these. 

3. Seal unused clothes and fabric

Store the off-season clothes and the unused fabric in an airtight plastic container. Make sure to air them in the sunshine and also brush them at least once in a year. Also, make sure to check them once for any sign of infestation. For adding some extra protection, you are suggested to layer the stored fabric by using the resins strips that are filled with insecticide. 

4. Choice of materials

The carpet beetles feed only on the organic products, so if you opt for synthetic material, this will lessen the chances of getting the infestation. This holds especially true for the rugs, furniture, and carpets. The synthetic materials that are typically used for carpeting and rugs include polyester, nylon, and olefin. Furniture in the synthetic option can be made of acetate, polyester, or nylon. 

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Can the carpet beetles fly?

  • Yes, some species of the carpet beetles have small wings, and these can fly.

Is it difficult to get rid of carpet beetles?

  • The removal of the adult carpet beetles can be a bit difficult to do, especially if you are entirely on your own. These beetles are tough and persistent household pests, and performing the Do it yourself methods are not always effective on the varied carpet beetle larvae. However, after thorough cleaning sprinkling, the boric acid can help. You can also spray a mild insecticide on the rugs, carpet, and furniture (there are furniture carpet beetle as well). 

What can be a cause of carpet beetle infestation?

  • The adult carpet beetles usually live outdoors. However, adult carpet beetles lay eggs, and they lay their eggs on the dark, secluded indoors. You might get a carpet beetle infestation, whenever some beetle might lay the eggs in your house. This happens more often in your basements and other less often used rooms. Most of the carpet beetles can be a result of larvae eating, which leads to hole formation in natural fiber materials such as silk, wool, and leather. The larvae are the immature pests, and these have bristle-like hair, which can irritate the skin. These larvae on maturation turn into adults, which feed on pollen rather than fiber items. 

Are the carpet beetles really bad?

  • If you are someone who does not mind inhaling small insects or having the insects to be crawling over you while you are watching tv or sleeping, then carpet beetles are not bad. The larvae of these carpet beetles eat the natural fiber materials, which include carpets, clothing, and blankets. So having an infestation is bad because it gets worse with each passing day if you do not do anything to get rid of it. 

Does vinegar help in the removal of carpet beetles?

  • You can use the apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and scrub away all the grime and the food stains from furniture, clothes, and carpets. These beetles are attracted to dust and food particles. So cleaning these surfaces by using vinegar will hinder these pests and other mites and ticks from feeding on the mentioned materials. 

Does vacuum cleaning help to get rid of the carpet beetles?

  • A thorough vacuuming session makes the best and the quickest way for the removal of the beetles and larvae from your carpets. Pay attention and try to find the most infested area. However, vacuuming your entire home will double check that you have removed all the infestations. After finishing the vacuuming, throw the bag away. 

How can you find the source of carpet beetles?

  • The primary source causing the infestation can be hidden inside any ceiling wall or avoid. The beetles are also found in wasps or bee nests, and these latter ones can also get home in the voids of the walls. These beetles can also be feeding in the rat, mouse, or other animals nest that may be present in any hidden space. 

During what time of the year the carpet beetles hatch?

  • The beetles, after mating near sources of light, the females can lay more than one hundred eggs at a time. Carpet beetle eggs hatch within 35 days. Larvae, after hatching, can persist for many weeks without any food. The duration of the pupal stage varies in different species. The adult finally appears in spring or summer times. 

Is there any way that you can live a life free from bugs?

  • It is a difficult task to prevent carpet beetles and any of the bugs completely to stay out of your home. But there are a lot of ways that can reduce the chances of future infestation. You can do it by sealing all the possible crevices and cracks through which these can enter. Keep all the doors and windows closed if they do not have a secure netting. 

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