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The first step in getting rid of maggot infestation from your carpet is to find the infested areas in your house and get rid of them. You’ll have to kill maggots along with eggs and clean thoroughly afterwards. In case you’ve got pets, you’ll have to clean your pets and take them to a vet for thorough inspection.

There are several ways to perform thorough cleaning depending on if you want to do it organically or chemically. I’ve described the most effective ones in detail below.

If you see maggots in your house area, garden area, or anywhere else. You should know that a particular area needs some cleaning. If found in a car carpet, you should eventually wash the carpet and clean the car. They can be found in leftovers or disposed of food in the trash. Flies are usually attracted to the dirt. They lay eggs on the disposed of food. When these eggs hatch, they turn into maggots, a filthy creature. I mean, you have no reason to hate it, but there is no way you would want it anywhere in your house.

How are Maggots Formed?

Maggot is a larva of a fly, and it could be a production of any fly. It could be a house-fly or a fruit fly. These flies give eggs when hatched gives birth to maggots. After that, this larva turns into pupae and then into a proper fly. This is a continuous cycle of the birth of both maggots and flies.

Flies give birth to maggots, and these fly larvae turn to flies. These flies are captivated by leftover food or dirt or rubbish. Also, flies lay their eggs on pet food or rubbish, later transformed into larvae. They feed on that rotten or disposed food. The flies are usually found in dirty places such as dirty kitchen shelves, filthy carpet, etc.

Furthermore, it has some benefits in the field of medicine. It is used for cleaning wounds and killing bacteria. But outside the world of medicine, it holds no benefit to you. It infects and destroys your fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it can ruin your garden if you do not take steps to eliminate them entirely.

Where do Maggots come from?

Still Water in Pools

If the water in pools is standing still for a long time, then it could be an attractant for maggots. Still, water invites them. Some types of maggot infestation can easily live and reside underwater. They can breathe underwater as well. Hence still water is good habitat. Although, when it turns into flies, it leaves the water and go to dry grounds.

Rotten Vegetables 

Rotten fruits and vegetables are other attractants of maggots. If fruits or vegetables are left to rot in the kitchen area, flies will lay eggs on them. 

Filthy Kitchen Area

If kitchen shelves or kitchen area is not kept clean, it will attract maggots. Maggots in the kitchen area could be as disgusting as it sounds. It will destroy all the food items. 

Dirty Trash Bins 

Although trash bins are for trash, it is very important to clean your trash bins regularly. Not doing so will attract maggots to reside in your trash cans.

Rotten Meat 

Some maggots also reside in rotten meat. They live inside the rotten meat and eat that meat. When they are grown up into flies, they leave the rotten meat. After that, they could be found in other areas of your house, such as kitchen shelve area, kitchen floors, carpets, or in the garden area.

Untreated Wounds

If the wounds on humans or animals are not treated, they captivate flies. The flies then lay eggs on the wounds forming maggot infestation. This could make the wound even worst. It can give rise to many other infections or diseases. Also, it can slow down the healing of the wound. It is very important to treat the wound as it occurs. Also, never leave a wound untreated of your pets.

How to Get Rid of Maggots in Carpet

Maggots are creepy little flies. No one would want them in their house area. If you discover them in your carpet, first find that source that is attracting them. There could be some spilled food on the carpet. Also, there are other possibilities, and maybe your carpet is dirty. However, it is essential to know that maggots could be eliminated. Hence, there is no need to throw away your carpet. All you need to do is clean and disinfect your carpet with a vacuum cleaner and some boric acid. Please do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, which is usually recommended to get rid of maggots. If you use hydrogen peroxide or bleach, it will affect the quality of your rug. 

If you want to get rid of maggots from your carpet fibers thoroughly, you need to follow the following steps (learn also to get rid of carpet beetles). 

Discover the Source Attracting Maggots

The first step is to find the source that is attracting them. Have a clear and thorough look on your carpet. It would help if you found what captivated the larvae to find a home in your carpet. 

Find the attractant. It could be leftover spilled food, it could be pet injury, or it could be a rotten fruit or vegetable lying on the carpet. Once you have discovered the attractant, now you have to remove it once and for all. Make sure to remove the attractant so that they do not come again.

Killing Maggots 

After you know what caused them to come into your carpet, it is now time to kill them. In this step, you have to shower or spray some boric acid into the carpet. You could use a brush or a broom to sweep it deep into the carpet. Make sure boric acid reaches out to every part of the rug. Because the surface of the boric acid is rough, it will kill them completely.

Vacuum the Carpet in detail

In the previous step, all the maggot infestation are killed by the sprinkling boric acid into the carpet. Now you have to vacuum your carpet deeply with the best vacuum cleaner to clear away the dead filthy creatures as well as the boric acid from your carpet. In case, if you see some of it alive, spray some more boric acid to the carpet and again vacuum it thoroughly. After that, when your carpet is clean, take off the vacuum’s bag. Wrap the vacuum bag into an airtight plastic bag tightly.

Next, dispose of the plastic bag in an outdoor trash bin away from your house. In case your vacuum cleaner has a canister, first, pour bleach on them to make sure they are dead and throw them in a faraway trash can. After that, again pour some bleach on the canister and clean it.

Steam Clean your Carpet

Only vacuuming the carpet is not enough. You might have missed some of them. To ensure that, you need to steam clean your carpet fibers with a steam cleaner. It will get rid of maggots that are left alive. This step will completely ensure that all larvae are killed, and it will also remove the stains from the carpet. Throw the water of the steam cleaner outside, or you can simply flush it. This is the last step of killing them. After this, your carpet is clean and free from all dirt and filth.

Eliminating Maggots from Car Carpet

Many areas of your car, if left unclean, could be a habitat for maggots. It can easily reside in car carpets, in seats, and in the trunk. If your car is not sent for service or is not cleaned regularly, it would easily live and grow there. These creatures in the car area could be formed if you accidentally drop your food in the car. Hence, it is important to be careful while you are eating in the car & get the best vacuum for your car in order to perform through cleaning.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a lifesaver when it comes to killing maggots. All you have to do is spread some boric acid into the car carpets, under and into the seats, and in the trunk to kill them. 

Vacuum Deeply

Vacuum the car carpet using top quality car vacuum cleaner deeply and thoroughly to remove dead maggots. If you still see them, repeat the process over and over again until you are sure all of them are killed. Throw the dead maggots in any outside trash can.

Steam Clean 

After that, steam clean your car carpets, the seats, and the trunk area to ensure and avoid any future maggots from growing in your car. Steam cleaning ensures that even all eggs are removed.


Just like boric acid, borax also kills them. Borax is found in dish-washing soaps. Hence, use those dish-washing soaps that contain borax and spill it into the seats, trunk, carpets, and other parts of the car where you suspect them to be living. This will kill all maggots.

Hot Boiling Water 

Spilling hot boiling water over maggots also kills them. If you add a little bleach in boiling water, it will do wonders. Similarly, adding a little hydrogen peroxide into boiling water would also perform the job.

Getting rid of the maggots is tough, but if you know the art of doing the job perfectly, it should be hard anymore. In case you’ve any other queries or would like to share your feedback as well as some cool ways which I might not have mentioned, don’t hesitate to comment.


1. Can maggots burrow into carpet?

Maggots are little worms that can wiggle their way into any part of your home, but they are especially difficult to get rid of in your carpet. Maggots in the carpet are a terrible combination that many homeowners fear. Keeping a dirty house is often associated with it, even though this is not always true.

2. Does baking soda kill maggots in carpet?

Despite not killing the maggots, baking soda will reduce their stink once the infestation is eradicated.

3. Will Salt kill maggots in carpet?

One technique that has been proven to be effective for killing maggots is the application of salt. Any table salt will do. Simply sprinkle salt liberally over the maggots. Salt should also be sprinkled around the rim of the bin to deter them from returning.

4. What spray kills maggots?

Permethrin spray is one of the most effective ways to eradicate maggots. A man-made substance that is employed as an insecticide and is capable of eliminating a maggot infestation. The concentrate can be used both inside and outside the home. Dogs, furniture, carpets, pantries, and cabinets are all gentle on it.

5. Does vinegar kill maggots instantly?

Usually, it takes about 8 hours for maggots to die once the vinegar is applied. Still, vinegar can be a helpful method of getting rid of maggots on your property, when used the right way.

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