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A Carpet is an important part of our home that gives the comfort and warmth you need. When you acquired your new carpet, it was so fluffy and lovely. However, with time the entire carpet starts to look deflated and flat. You can make a difference by having your flat carpet look brand new and fresh.

In this article, we focus on how to make carpet look fluffy again using all-natural methods and eco-friendly remedies to make your carpet fibers stand up again. Using some of our greatest tips and tricks, you can learn how to make carpets softer and fluffy again.

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How to Make Carpet Look Fluffy

Carpets have a likelihood to flatten out in congested areas, especially where you leave heavy furnishings for extended periods. The time and effort you put into the methods listed below might be the answer to your dismal and flat carpet problems. You can pop back your carpet fibers using the following methods, which we will discuss in detail.

How Do I Make My Carpet Fluffy Using Eco-Friendly Methods?

Below are some eco-friendly ways you can use to make your carpet fluffy if you are concerned about the environment, pets, and small children. The good news is there are some carpet cleaner solutions available in the market that will help your carpet feel more fluffy and softer. Some of these solutions include:

Carpet Rake and Groomer

If you want to unflatten your carpet without damaging the environment, using a carpet rake and groomer is an excellent choice for you. You can cover a large carpeting area for deep dents from high-traffic areas as well as furniture and make your carpet fluffy again. The carpet rake and groomer push and pull method will fluff and bring out debris, including dirt, human, and pet hair trapped deep in your carpet.

Using a vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of the debris brought on the surface. Lastly, you can remove the tracks left by the vacuum cleaner on the carpet. Vacuuming your carpet helps prevent small particles from accumulating and building up inside your carpet. It is advisable to choose the best vacuum for a thick carpet with powerful suction power to pick up all small particles in the carpeting.

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet & Floor Cleaner

cleaning with Bissel Natural

Bissell natural sweep carpet and floor sweeper is another effective way to remove the dirt and debris from your carpet. It has a dual-action brush head that removes the dirt and debris from the top layer of your carpet and, at the same time, makes your carpet fluffy. The brush head is made of stiff but soft bristles that easily get into the crannies and nooks of the carpet fibers.

The sweeper is made of Bissell as an added advantage to help save pets. Bissell sweeper is easy and lightweight on various surfaces like carpet, hardwood floors, or tiles. You should make sure that you clean the brush head after each use. Here are some reasons why Bissell sweep carpet and floor cleaner is eco-friendly

  • It is 100% made from recycled plastic
  • Its parts are PVC-free
  • Operates without electricity
  • It does not need wasteful disposable cleaning products

Blow-Dry method

You need to fill a clean spray bottle with warm water when using the blow-drying method of fluffing. The water should not be extremely hot as it might damage the fiber on the carpet. Use the bottle full of warm water to spray flat areas of your carpeting.

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Take extra effort to cover dented areas of the carpeting underneath furniture by spraying enough warm water to the point the area becomes completely damp. You should not spray until saturation as it might end up causing damage to your carpet.  

User a standard blow dryer to dry the damp area of your carpet. Make sure you set the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting and plug it near the area of carpeting you are working on. If your blow dryer offers the fan setting option, you can set it to on.

Hold the blow dryer while moving it back and forth around six inches from your carpet. Repeat the fluffing process until the carpeting area becomes dry. However, if the process doesn’t meet the expectation you want, use a stiff brush with soft bristles to brush over the carpet to achieve the right amount of fluff you need.

Suction Method

You can try using the suction method by vacuuming the indentations on your flat carpeting. The dents result from heavy furniture placed on the carpet for a very long time without the owner trying to move them. You can have the carpet fibers back up into their original positions through vacuuming.

You can run fingers through the carpet fibers several times while rubbing your hands in a back and forth motion ensuring that the carpet is fluffy again. If your fingers aren’t good at it, you might consider using a plastic gift card to run through the edges of the fibers. Consider using a removable hose and nozzle if a regular floor vacuum setting isn’t working well.

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How Do You Get Carpet Unmatted Using All-Natural Methods?

Matted carpets can be embarrassing as they give your floor an outdated and old appearance. There are several tips and tricks to revive lifeless fibers stand up again. However, if you are not sure about handling pesky matting problems by yourself, you can hire a team of professional carpet cleaners. You can make your carpet fresh and fluffy using the following all-natural methods:

White Vinegar and Water Method

Vinegar is eco-friendly and non-toxic ultimate multipurpose home cleaning solution. Areas on the carpet that are dented, high traffic levels, and stairs require much fluffing effort. You can use a solution of equal amounts of vinegar, and water can do good. Mix the solution in a spray bottle, and then spray the dented and flattened areas of your carpet. However, you should not soak the area. Cover the entire area with the solution. Leave it for about half an hour to work its way into the fibers of the carpet.

Blot the area until you soak up most of the solution using a cloth or paper towel. We do not recommend using a colored towel as it will color your carpeting area. Use the hedge of a spoon to scrape the carpet in straight lines. Your carpet fibers should stand up again. However, if the fibers fail, you can use a brush not made of metal bristles or opt for a folk instead.

bottles with vinegar and water and a sponge

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a homemade go-to cleaning solution that you can use to eliminate odor from your carpet. Through this baking soda method, you can bring your carpet back to life as it kills bacteria and refreshes the carpet fibers. When applying baking soda, make sure to spread it evenly over the entire carpet. Work it through the carpet fibers using a stiff brush and let the baking soda sit overnight.

The next day you can vacuum the baking soda then spray with an equal solution of vinegar and water over the carpet. Make the carpet damp enough, then use a stiff brush to work into the fibers. The carpet will look fluffy again, and the vinegar smell will go away after several hours.

a spoon with baking soda poured by water

Ice Melt Method

If you want to remove dents on your matted carpet fibers created by furniture sitting on the same spot for too long, look no further than the ice melt method. When using the ice melt method, place a few pieces of ice in the dents of the carpeting. A single ice cube is enough for smaller dents, but you can place more ice cubes if the dents are larger.

Leave the ice cubes for about 20 minutes to melt completely. Soak the water using a clean paper or white towel after the ice melts. You can fluff the carpeting using a spoon, a fork, or fingers. If you want better results, you can use a soft bristle brush.

ice cubes melting

Iron Out the Problem

Fire the iron you use to steam your clothing at medium heat. Wet a clean towel and lay it over the dented carpeting area. Iron the towel gently while moving it around, like forming a circle for 30 to 60 seconds. Please do not place the iron directly on your carpeting area as it might damage its fibers. Repeat the ironing process until the dented area dries, then fluff it using your fingers, a fork, or a spoon.

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How Do You Maintain Carpet Softness?

You should maintain your carpet softness, especially after cleaning. You should always move your furniture to your carpeting area to help its softness last longer. Start moving the furniture at least an inch to the left or right every day, so they don’t stay in one spot for a longer period. If you leave furniture like chairs and tables in one spot, they will build pressure causing dents.

You can also put rags in high-traffic areas to help absorb the pressure from footsteps. The carpet underneath will remain in good condition and maintain its softness. Some of the high trafficked areas you can put rags include the doors, common gathering areas, and walkways.

To minimize the chances of your carpeting flattening, you can get your hands on a high-quality carpet. Make sure to buy a dense and strong carpet next time you go shopping. You can get some advice on the best quality carpet you can get to meet your needs from an interior decorator, contractor, or any attendant at the carpet store. On another note, they can also explain to you how to measure the floor for the carpet before laying it out.


Making your carpet look fluffy is a simple process that does not take much of your time. You need to take care of your carpet properly to keep it completely looking intact and soft. There are plenty of different techniques that you can try out to make your carpet cleaner and fluffy. You can easily remove carpet stains and restore your carpet’s appearance with the above methods.

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