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Besides keeping your feet warm during winter, your carpet brings the design of your room together. Its texture was probably a consideration when looking for one you would purchase. You probably went around the store having a feel with your hands, imagining how the fluff carpet will feel on your feet. 

A fluffy carpet soothes your feet and makes the entire carpet area comfortable. So it is never a good feeling when it’s rough on your feet or has a matted area. As you purchase your carpet, get information on how to maintain it. 

Why Does My Carpet Feel Rough?

There are several reasons why your carpet may feel rough. They include:

Shampoo Residue

After cleaning your carpet and it feels rough after it dries, high chances are there is some soap left behind. 

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the carpet in a hurry can lead to its stiffness after drying. Soap and dirt will stick on the fibers if you do not rinse them off properly.

Spilled Liquids, Drinks, or Food

Your carpet may feel rough because of food or a substance that dropped or spilled sodas on it. If no one noticed and the dirt stuck on it, it would feel stiff and have matted areas.

Spilled wine on white carpet

Using Hard Water

Minerals are left in the carpet fiber when you clean it with hard water after it dries. 

Your Vacuum Cleaner

A faulty vacuum cleaner will do the opposite of its function. Instead of sucking in the dirt, it deposits it onto the carpet fibers. Worn-out brush attachments can also damage the carpet fibers. 

How Do I Get Hardening Out of My Carpet?

Proper Carpet Washing

To avoid residue left on the carpet after a wash:

  • Take time to rinse.
  • Clean food and carpet spills or stains individually to make sure that you remove them. You will probably have many of these if you have young kids.
  • Pick a day when you have a few chores to do.

Type of Shampoo

Make sure to use the right shampoo for your rug. Using harsh soap can damage it, and some leave too much residue behind that would make a carpet stiff.  

Also, use the recommended amount of water and carpet shampoo. Do not be tempted to use more because it seems too little. 

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Filter

Your vacuum cleaner also needs cleaning for it to work efficiently. Once the filter is full of dirt from previous uses, it will not hold more. It may lead to vacuum clogging and even dumping the old waste onto the carpet.

vacuuming carpet

Water Softener

If you live in an area with hard water, you can use softeners when cleaning your carpet. It will eliminate the chance of the water leaving behind minerals on it after it dries. 

Keep Up With Dirt

To avoid food or drinks sticking on the carpet fibers, ensure you wipe them as soon as possible.  Especially after a party or you have toddlers. Regularly vacuuming high traffic areas will help maintain a clean and fluffy carpet (see ‘How to Make Carpet Look Fluffy‘).  

When you do not have the time to wash the entire carpet, you can spot clean. Put water and baking soda in a spray bottle and apply on the matted areas. Gently wipe with a damp cloth in a circular motion. 

Move the Furniture or the Carpet Around to Keep a Fluffy Carpet

To avoid traffic being in one area, you can regularly reposition the carpet. Furniture puts pressure on the fibers, and when left in one spot for too long, you will have a flattened carpet.

Carpet with funiture

How to Make Carpet Softer After Cleaning

Add Fabric Softener After Carpet Cleaning

After cleaning your carpet, add some fabric softener to the rinse water. Let it sit for about two minutes and extract and repeat one more time. It will leave your carpet fluffy and soft after drying. 

Homemade Cleaning Solution to Keep Your Carpet Soft

There are two homemade solutions you can make at home, and they will leave your carpet with soft bristles. 

White fluffy carpet

  • Water, Dishwashing Detergent, Vinegar, and Fabric Softener

In a gallon of water, add a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of the detergent. Although water and white vinegar would still work, the soap helps strengthen the solution’s cleaning power. Use minimal pressure when scrubbing the carpet. Use half a cup of softener when rinsing the carpet. 

  • Water, Baking Soda, Liquid Laundry Detergent, and Cloth Softener

In warm water, add baking soda and liquid laundry soap. Apply the solution to the carpet and scrub the carpet gently. In the rinsing water, add the fabric softener. This method will leave your carpet feeling soft and smelling fresh. 

These homemade carpet cleaning solutions are easy to make and save you a few bucks. The products are affordable and are most likely already on your kitchen pantry or cabinet. They are also gentle on your carpet and do not leave residue on the fibers that make it stiff or rough.

Professional Vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning

The most significant advantage of cleaning your carpet yourself is saving money. However, there are advantages to using a professional to clean your carpet. They include:

They Do a Better JobProfessional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners have more experience than you. Therefore, it is only natural that they may clean the carpet better than you will. They are more exposed to products in the market and the different types of carpets. 

The professionals will give your carpet a deep clean and revive a flattened carpet.  

Superior Equipment

Professionals have industrial-strength carpet cleaners, and they are better than what you would hire to clean your carpet. 

It Is Convenient

Let’s face it; cleaning an entire carpet is a time-consuming task. Having professionals help you is very convenient. 

Carpet Cleaning Methods That Keep Your Carpet Fluffy


This method is cleaning with shampoo mixed with water. Use a brush or carpet shampoo machine to scrub out dirt, and then rinse with clean water to remove all the soap. Detergents come in the form of powder, liquid, and foam. 

Here are a few things to consider when buying a carpet shampoo:


Check the ingredients used to produce the shampoo. Is it safe for you, your children, and your pets? Look for a non-toxic carpet cleaner that will not cause harm to anyone. 


Is the product going to deliver what it says it will? Look at the product reviews and research before purchasing. 


Finding a versatile shampoo that you can use in other house areas would save you a few bucks. Consider how often you want to clean your carpet before choosing an affordable and efficient shampoo.  


Choose a shampoo that is compatible with your carpet shampooer. Otherwise, you might end up damaging it and your carpet as well.

Cat on a carpet

Dry Cleaning

It is a new technology that people are slowly incorporating into their carpet cleaning process. It involves using as little water or none at all, contrary to the many years of carpet cleaning of using water. Spread the powdered soap on the carpet and use a machine to help open up the carpet fibers. The soap then settles into the threads and absorbs all the dirt like a sponge. 

You will use an extraction tool to remove the detergent and dirt from the carpet. The best thing about this method is that it does not require drying time.  


The steaming method requires two things; hot water and pressure. The pressure from the hot water dissolves the scum in the carpet, which you then rinse off. 

Foam Cleaning

When using this method to clean your carpet, spray the foam detergent on it and let it sit for a few minutes. It will crystallize into a powder and loosen the dirt in the process. To finish, vacuum it to remove the dirt and powder. It is also called the encapsulation method. 

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The bonnet method is a quick clean-up used on high traffic areas such as hotels where they need to clean often and fast. To do this, you use a machine with a rotating pad immersed with a cleaning solution to collect dirt on the carpet. 

It is a temporary fix because it leaves behind dirt and chemical residue that will resurface after a short time.

A room with a white carpet

Wrap Up

A carpet is one of the most significant purchases you make for your home or office. Therefore you want to make sure you will use it for as long as possible.

Cleaning is one of the ways to ensure that your carpet does not get damaged and remains soft. Even with all the DIY tips out there, be careful when trying them out and always do a spot test. Some hacks might not work for your carpet. The manufacturer’s guide should also be helpful.

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