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Are you interested in Parquets or wood floorings? It has a great demand and people admire interior joinery nowadays. The only issue with this woodwork is its maintenance. You will have to stay cautious to prevent scratches or other stains on your wood floors to maintain the charm of your house. Furniture dragging, pet’s nails, harsh mopping, etc. can be the reasons for the destruction of your wood floorings.

You can find different kinds of scratch marks over your wooden floors if you haven’t taken any precautionary measures until now. Some of these scratches can be minor scratches, some can be a little deeper or some can be deeper. To remove any kind of scratch marks from your wooden floors, some of the tested ideas are being mentioned here that will work to hide them properly.

How To Remove Scratches From Wood Floorings

With the help of these different ways, you can easily hide or remove any kind of line or scratches from wooden furniture as well as wooden floorings.

1. For Slight Scratches

If you have kids in your home or even a pet, you would see lots of slight scratches on your wood floors. You can not stop a kid to scratch the floor but you can try to hide or remove those scratches with a little effort. These small scratches are not a big deal and you need not ask the help of any professional. With the help of little apparatus, you can fix it yourself perfectly.

Material Required

  • Stain or pen
  • A piece of smooth cloth


These steps should be followed, to remove slight scratch marks;

  1. Selection of a stain or a pen should be done in the first step, but try to get a stain of the same color as your wooden floor.
  2. Apply that stain directly on the furniture where you have seen that scratch.
  3. Direct application of stain should be done on dark-colored floors while for light-colored floors, apply the color on a piece of cloth first and then rub that cloth on the scratch.

Hence, by doing this you can remove or hide the light scratches present on your floors. This is an effective method as long as your scratch is just slight or not much deeper, so you can easily hide it by applying the same color on it. But for larger or deeper scratches, this color or stain application would not be enough. There are some other methods as well to hide or cover the deeper scratches from your wooden floors.

2. For Deep Scratches

You can see deep scratches on your wooden floors after dragging heavy furniture over it or by mistakenly dropping something heavy on it. These scratches seem very unsophisticated and can destroy the whole image of your wooden floors. So, it is necessary to cover them immediately without letting anyone notice it. You cannot replace the whole wooden floor with just a single scratch so try to cover it by the following method.

Material Required

  • Melted wax/ crayon
  • A piece of cloth.


By following these easy steps, you can get the best results;

  1. Clean the rough area near the deep scratch, and make it a smooth surface.
  2. Take a crayon or a melted wax of the same color as your wooden floor.
  3. Melt the wax into the scratch to fill it.

In short, this is a way you can fix a deeper scratch with the help of filling a scratched area with melted wax. Fill it until the whole scratch will disappear. After filling with wax or crayon color, wipe the upper surface to give a neat touch. The color of the wax or crayon must be the same as the color of the wooden floor, this will help in hiding the scratch properly.

3. For Deep Gouges

If you have seen any hole or deeper gouge on your wooden floor, it can be a source of worry for you. If you consider renewing your whole wooden flooring because of these gouges, you do not need to go that far. With very simple apparatus and in no time, you can fix even the bigger holes from your floors. Try to follow each step, given below, to successfully hide the scratch.

Material Required

  • Wood filler
  • Stain pen
  • Painter’s tape
  • A piece of cloth
  • Sandpaper


To fix the deep holes or gouges from your wooden floors, the following steps will help you to hide them completely.

  1. Clean the rough area near the hole to smooth the surface, which needs to be fixed.
  2. Cover all the sides of the hole with the painter’s tape in a way that only the hole would be exposed to you.
  3. Fill the wood filler in the hole properly. It should fill the inner space of the hole to the surface of the floor.
  4. Remove the painter’s tape.
  5. Smooth the upper dry surface of the wood filler with the help of sandpaper. It must now look like a part of the wooden floor.
  6. Color fixing should be done with the help of melted wax of the same color as the wood.

In short, by following these steps, you will get the best results that no one would be able to notice that the fixed area is not a part of your wooden floor. Wood colors always vary from furniture to furniture. Selection of the best stains or melted wax is the most important part of removing scratches from wood floorings because if there is a little difference in the color of wax, this difference would be visible on your floors.

Ways To Prevent Scratches

Removal of the scratches is the second step. The prevention of scratches should be your priority. There are many ways by which you can stop or prevent scratches on your wooden floorings. Some of them are given below;

1. Lift Furniture

In your household, you will find plenty of heavy things that can not be moved easily. Heavy furniture is one of these things. A piece of furniture that one person can not lift easily, is usually dragged by him. This dragging of heavy furniture can be a reason for scratches or damage to your wooden floors. You can prevent this damage with the help of lifting the furniture while moving. Many people can do this task to avoid the loss of your precious floors.

2. Use of Carpets Or Rugs

Carpets can act as the best resistance against the damaging of your wooden floors. You must use carpet or area rugs to place heavy furniture. These carpets will enhance the interior of your house as well as protect the wooden floors to get any kind of scratch on them.

3. Repairing of Furniture

If you are spending lots of money on your interior by designing it with wooden floors, then its safety should also be your responsibility. You must do some adjustment or your furniture to place it safely on the wooden floors. The feet of the furniture chairs or tables must not be harmful to the wood surface and can smoothly be placed on it.

4. Nail Trimming of Your Pets

If you are a pet lover as well as interested in wooden furniture, both of them can not go together. You must do little adjustments and precautions to prevent the latter damage. If you have lots of pets at your home, you must trim their nails. Nails of pets are mostly the reason for scratches on the floor. Trimmed nails would not be a worry for you anymore.

5. Installation of Furniture Pads

If you have forgotten to adjust the structure of your furniture, you can use furniture pads as well. These furniture pads are foam-like pads that protect your wooden floors against scratches. By the installation of these pads at the feet of your bulky furniture, you can easily drag it on the wooden surface with no worries of damaging it.

Advantages of Wooden Floorings

Wooden floors have lots of advantages if you will protect them against any damage.

1. Enhance The Looks

Wooden floorings are highly suggested to interior design lovers. Huse wives are highly impressed by these wooden floorings because they enhance the look of your homes. Not only looks are mostly required but the feeling of warmth is mostly desired. You can differentiate the difference between the wooden floorings and the simple marbled floors by yourself. Everyone will admire the best wooden floors.

2. Easy To Clean

Another advantage of these wooden floors is that they are easy to clean. You do not need to mop it harshly to get the best results. Light mopping the hardwood floors or even vacuum cleaning is enough to clean them. You will get the best results with not much effort.

3. Long-Lasting

The normal lifespan of these wooden floors is at least 25 years. There’s no need to worry for almost 25 years. You can have them and spend your life free of replacements or fixing issues if you are maintaining them properly. Its maintenance can even increase its lifespan by more than 10 years. If you will prevent it from scratches or holes, it can last for a longer period.

4. No Color Fading Issue

The interior color is the major point of its beauty. If any color issue would be seen, all the craze of your home can be destroyed. Wooden floors have no issue with color fading. If you have some wooden work for the lobby or lawn under the sunlight, then it can face color fading issues. But this issue can also be resolved with the help of repainting or polishing your wooden surfaces with the top floor polish.

Not only wooden floors but any kind of wooden furniture can also be destroyed under direct exposure to sunlight. Try to cover all the wooden surfaces or place them under shades. Sunlight is not only destructive for the color of the wooden material but it is also a great threat to the life or of the structure of these floors.

5. Cost-Effective

In comparison to the wooden floors, marbles or any other material can be more expensive for you. You can have lots of advantages and a long life span with the help of wooden floors with very little expenditure. Easy maintenance, nice interior design, easy to clean, etc. at very little cost is by no means a bad deal.

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Why do my hardwood scratch so easily?

The scratches on wooden floorings depend upon the structure or its make-up. Some of the wooden floors have loosely attached grains in them which makes them easily damaged but some of the wooden floors are made up of tightly bound grains. These floors do not allow damage or scratches on their surface. Oakwood is more resistant to scratches or holes because of its make-up. You can drag heavy furniture or drop things on it with no worries of scratches or gouges.

Are scratches on wood floors normal wear and tear?

Many people do not bother about the scars of scratches on the wooden surfaces, as they consider it normal wear and tear. The normal lifespan of these hardwood floors is almost 25 years. Little scratches, stains, or fading of color can be considered normal wear and tear. But the huge dents or holes should not be considered lightly. Its prevention should be given priority.

Does vinegar works to clean the wooden floors?

The cleanliness of wooden floors is not a big issue. You must keep it clean to avoid any permanent damage. Vinegar or oil is not effective in the removal of scratches but it can be used for cleaning purposes. To clean the wooden surface you must mix equal quantities of vinegar and oil. Pour it on the wooden floors and rub it gently with the help of a cloth. You will get the shiny surface with not much expenditure.

Wrapping It Up

In short, the advantages of wooden floorings are countless but they all can be enjoyed if you will prevent any possibility of damage to the wooden floors. Or if you fail in preventing the wooden surface from any sort of damage then you must try to conceal or remove the scratches from them. The more perfectly you will remove the scratch from the wooden surface the more graceful your house will look.

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