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There is no greater bliss than getting your house cleaned without even lifting a foot, using the best vacuum cleaners available. Yes, that is very much possible in the present era. Technology will go the farthest to bring ease and convenience into your lives. Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that will grant you all the comfort and rest by cleaning the floors in less time. It is programmed in such a way that it detects dirt type and obstacles and does effective cleaning.

How To Maximize Your Roomba’s Battery & Life

Roomba is equipped with a powerful battery that offers a long-lasting backup as long as two hours which is superb. Now, there are many ways to maximize your Roomba’s battery and life. The number one step will be to take care of your little cleaning robot so that it can last longer than you have imagined. Listed below are some of the steps on how to maximize your Roomba’s battery and life.

Step 1 (Take Extra Care Of The Battery)

The battery of your Roomba’s cleaner is like its main powerhouse. Taking care of its battery will not only extend its life but also maximize its performance. Make sure you never replace the robot’s original battery; taking good care of the battery will prolong its life. If there comes a situation where you need to change the battery, only use iRobot batteries.

Make sure you use the product regularly; keeping it unused might cause a decline in performance. Also, while charging the device, make sure you charge it in a cool and dry place to keep the battery safe. In addition to that, once it’s out of charge, plugin for charging immediately and never wait for too long as it destroys the batteries.

Step 2 (Vacation Mode)

For storage, keep the robot away from the heat when not in use. Charge it fully and keep it in a cool and dry place for optimum performance. Moreover, if you plan on not using your Roomba cleaner, let’s say, for a month or two, then you can also put it on vacation mode. It is another effective way to prolong its battery life and protect it from any kind of damage.

How To Put The Battery On Vacation Mode?

Vacation mode doesn’t come with the appliance, neither is it an option in the battery. Rather it is what we call a trick that can be done by any one of you. You simply have to remove the battery (after you fully charge it) from its housing by loosening and removing the nuts and screws. Keep it away from the robot vacuum cleaner and put it in a cool, dry place. Put it back in its place when you want to use it again.

Step 3 (Use Often)

Another effective way to increase the battery’s and the device’s life is to use it often. Using any kind of machinery and giving it run time as often as you could extend its life and performance. It prevents the internal parts from rusting. Also, the Roomba cleaners come equipped with nickel-based batteries, which work best if you keep them charging when not in use, unlike the lithium-ion batteries.

Step 4 (Exhaust The Batteries And Keep It Cool)

For best results, it is advised to drain the battery completely by keeping it running until the battery dies. After that, charge it fully; this will offer long battery life and will keep it performing well. You should also repeat the process a few times for the best results. If you think the battery needs replacement, you should only use iRobot batteries.

Step 5 (Clean It After Every Use)

The first and foremost step, which applies to literally every appliance in the world, is to clean it after every use. You cannot expect the Roomba to clean itself after it cleanses your floors. This cleaning robot isn’t programmed for that. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all the debris, lint, and any dirt build-up from the brushes of the cleaner.

Why it is necessary is because the Roomba needs to work harder to roll its brushes while cleaning if the dirt debris and fabric strings are still there. In that case, the motors will generate more heat, and the performance and life of the machine will decline. Adding to that, the cleaner will spend all its energy to spin the brushes, which will drain them from the battery quicker than usual. Therefore, to optimize its performance and battery life.


How do I increase my Roomba battery life?

To increase the life of a Roomba’s battery, you need to take care of a few things. For instance, make sure you only use iRobot batteries for your Roomba cleaner. Also, you can also fully exhaust batteries in order to fully charge them again. In addition to that, keep the Roomba plugged in when it’s not in use. Moreover, keep the brushes clean from debris and other dirt particles. By following all these steps you can increase your Roomba’s battery life.

How many years does a Roomba last?

Usually, Roomba cleaners perform optimally for about 2 years. If you look after your device and take proper care of the battery, then it might last for 3 years. After that, you will need to replace the battery; make sure to use the iRobot battery for optimum results.

Why is my Roomba dying so fast?

One of the reasons why your Roomba’s battery is dying fast is because it is getting hot after running. Keep your Roomba vacuum cleaner in a cool and dry place and give it some rest time. In addition to that, exhaust the battery fully to charge the battery again for better performance.

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Final Thoughts

Having a squeaky clean house without you spending any energy can only be achieved if you have a Roomba vacuum cleaner by your side. Roomba also needs some care and attention so that it can perform the best it can. The best way to take care of the robot vacuum is to keep its battery in the best condition. For that matter, you need to follow a few steps which will prolong Roomba’s life as well as its battery. This article is all about how to extend its batteries and its life.

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