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Since their invention in the 19th century, vacuum cleaners have had quite a chequered anatomy. Undoubtedly, modern-day bagless vacuum cleaners have come a long way from their horse-drawn, bagged predecessors. Comprising a dust chamber—instead of the conventional porous bag—these new-fangled contraptions are in vogue for the myriad improvements on their bagged precursors. The cutting-edge Roombas have admittedly achieved cult status. But are they really a leap forward?

Pros and Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

If you need some convincing about the efficacy of these modernistic brooms, then look no further. Here is a comprehensive list of pros and cons that will help you make up your mind about—what might be—your next big purchase.


Inexpensive Time-savers

If money is your prime concern while purchasing gadgets, bagless hoovers are just the thing for you. Inclusive of a reusable dirt collection chamber, these wondrous machines will save you big bucks on air-tight bags.

Not having to stock up on said bags is also a cherry on top for those on a tight schedule.


In keeping with the increasing environmental concerns, sustainable living is in high favor nowadays. If you also fancy yourself a bit of an environmentalist, a bagless vacuum should be your top priority—as it heavily reduces plastic waste.

What is more, spiffy features like their in-built dust compartment and longevity can remedy and reduce your widening carbon footprint to a large extent.

Indeed the caveat of changing filters also presents a threat to the environment; however, a filter every six months is still better than one or two plastic bags a week.

Visible Cleaning Action

If things are never clean enough for you, a bagless vacuum—with its transparent dust chamber—will put your concerns to rest, guaranteed. To top it off, watching dust motes gather in the chamber will bring instant satisfaction—making your wild cleaning sprees a worthwhile chore.

An added plus to this feature is knowing just when to empty the chamber—lessening your worries surrounding a burst, dirt-ridden bag.

Continual Suction

An amazing upgrade on their ancestors, bagless hoovers proffer an extended suction despite being choke-full of dust. The unremitting suction makes them more consumer-friendly and allows you to clean on your own terms—instead of kowtowing to a dirty bag.

Decided on these mean machines already? Hold your horses, and take a look at some of the cons to avoid making an impulsive buy.


Health Hazards

One of the worst downsides to a bagless hoover is the spate of allergens that can hold out or escape the compartment. Emptying the dust chamber is also quite tricky to navigate without letting the allergens out. Since allergies are nothing to sneeze at, they discount bagless vacuum cleaners heavily.

High Maintenance

The filters will need to be cleaned depending on how often you use your hoover—which is 2 to 3 times a week for any family. Worse luck—as mentioned above—if you’re severely allergic to dust because disposing of the dust might trigger a reaction.

Reduced Tank Capacity

Unlike their bagged counterparts, these vacuums can only contain a specified amount of dust within their tanks. On this charge, they make for terrible deep-cleaning electronic partners and are, therefore, preferred less compared to the bagged varieties.

Now that you have a handle on all possible advantages and disadvantages of these bagless apparatuses, you can make a more informed investment.

But if crippling indecision regarding vacuums still plagues you, check out the oncoming list of things to consider before buying your first—or eleventh—vacuum cleaner.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Buying a Hoover

Take Inventory of Your Tidying Needs

If you are working a full-time job, then a hand-held vacuum cleaner may not be a suitable option. A self-cleaning Roomba—Roombas being the robotic variety of hoovers—on the other hand, would fit neatly into your lifestyle.

Similarly, the kind of flooring you have should also loom large where vacuuming is concerned—unless you want to ruin your floorboards, of course.

Expensive Does Not Mean Effective

Don’t use the price tag as a reference point for your purchase because everything that glitters is not gold. Oftentimes, the more expensive the brands, the more useless they are.

To avoid being ripped off, try to read as many reviews as possible. Advice from family and friends is all the more valuable and reliable.

Average Out the Noise

If noise is a particular pet peeve of yours, you might have to do a lot of research before making the final deal. If you live in an apartment, your neighbors and landlord may complain profusely about a noisy cleaner.


Stick, upright, or canister vacuum? Cordless or wired? Remember, the composition of your hoover has a stronghold on your cleaning experience and defines its success.

Thus, try to invest in something that you can easily handle relative to your frame; and which, moreover, complements your health. Briefly, your anatomy goes hand-in-hand with the gadgets.

Consider Tech Specs

Technical specifications like suction power and battery-type should also be one of your chief concerns. A vacuum cleaner with an array of bad qualities is just as bad as being swindled by an expensive brand. Do not let the costs deter you from procuring a technically better gadget.

Where we are in favor of buying cheap, it does not hurt to remember that sometimes buying cheap is buying twice.

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Are filters more costly than air-tight bags?

The filter prices greatly vary based on the brand you possess; however, they are cheaper, considering how frequent bag changes tend to add up. Anyhow, you need not to worry because a filter change every 6 or 7 months is still very cost-effective.

Does a bagless hoover clean pet hair effectively?

Yes! But the brand and build have to be taken into account as well—the better the suction power, the more effective the cleaning action. The Stick design is the most popular choice for pet owners (see ‘BISSELL Featherweight Review‘).

Final Verdict

All the cons aside, bagless vacuums are genuinely an excellent leap for humankind—especially the more eco-friendly ones. Their longevity and environmental soundness should be merits enough for you to consider them. However, they are not a long way off from their bagged peers and have roundabout the same qualities. On this note, our job here is done, and we leave the final decision to you.

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