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Are you tired of moving around the house with your large, voluminous vacuum cleaner? Do your backaches or physical/health issues do not allow you to muddle with the cumbersome machine? There is a solution to these problems and all others that come with using big, bulky vacuum cleaners. I am going to share a very lightweight vacuum cleaner which is good for cleaning concrete floors, wooden surfaces or carpets.

Features of Shark ION F80

Shark ION F80 cordless stick vacuum is your escape from all the inconveniences of your ordinary vacuums. This vacuum has a range of striking features which will alter the experience of daily house cleaning for you. We are pretty sure you are not going to settle for your current, standard vacuum cleaner after giving this one a try.

MultiFlex Technology

Shark has debuted the MultiFlex technology in ION F80, and it is surely a game-changer for multiple reasons. MultiFlex is basically the tube of the vacuum that bends, allowing flexibility and consequently easy cleaning. Cleaning under heavy furniture is no more a problem with this feature of Shark ION F80.

The underneath of furniture is probably left with dust because ordinary vacuums don’t reach there easily, and it’s not an easy task to move heavy furniture on a daily basis. The MultiFlex feature in ION F80 is particularly designed to offer ease and facility in that manner. You don’t need to move or lift furniture to do the cleaning, nor do you have to tire or cramp your waist by leaning down to look and reach underneath.

The flexible wand of ION F80 curves at some points, making the head of the vacuum reach below the furniture. This is especially a plus for the people who have health issues like aching waist or back. Moreover, MultiFlex also renders the vacuum easy to store. It is freestanding, and the wand bends, reducing the size and height of the product, making it compact and convenient to store behind a door or in a wardrobe.

Dual and Powerful Battery

Another striking specification of the ION F80 is its powerful dual battery which is also removable. It comes with two batteries which are removable, meaning that you can also buy extra batteries if you want more usage. The perks of being removable are that you can remove and charge one battery while using the other and maximize the battery power.

The removable and dual batteries push the runtime of the vacuum to up to 80 minutes. The batteries are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which makes them exceptional in terms of voltage capacity, self-discharge rate, and power efficiency.


DuoClean is another win of Shark ION F80; it gives the vacuum the versatility feature. The product, unlike ordinary vacuums, has two brush rolls instead of one to offer cleaning on a range of surfaces. One of the brush rolls is the normal stiff-bristled brush used for cleaning carpets and picking up larger dust particles and those firmly stuck in the carpet.

The other brush roll is a soft brush designed for cleaning bare, hard, and smooth floors without being harmful. This feature makes this vacuum a game-changer; since most vacuum cleaners are only made for cleaning on carpeted floors, for being used on smooth and sensitive floors, the suction is altered, which is not enough for efficient cleaning. Shark ION F80 allows cleaning on a variety of surfaces just by switching to the wanted setting, and the vacuum transitions to that mode.

The vacuum head has a removable lid, and the brush roll is detachable, making it easy to clean thin particles like hair, which gets stuck in the brush roll. Also, the opening of the vacuum head is larger, allowing large dust particles like a piece of rock or something to be sucked in. Most vacuums lack this feature; they only move the particles around, unable to pull them in.


The weight of the Shark ION F80 is 8.2 Lbs which makes it exceptionally light and ideally portable. It is about half the weight of an ordinary upright vacuum. The design is ultra-slim and smart, and not bulky at all. Besides, the bendable wand can be folded a few times, reducing the height of the vacuum to make it compact enough to be stored in a small space.

These characteristics make this model really convenient to use, and by someone from any age group. The MultiFlex wand is detachable for easier use of the vacuum on higher places like walls or ceiling. Detaching the wand will reduce the weight of the vacuum cleaner to about 3 to 4 pounds.

Dustbin-Dust Capacity

This ultra-slim and non-bulky vacuum cleaner don’t have a bag to hold the dirt; it rather uses a bin for that. This is perhaps an area affected by the lightweight and slim design of the vacuum. The bin consumes a maximum dirt capacity of 0.3 dry quarts or 0.09 gallons. This dust capacity is admittedly pretty low if you feel the need to vacuum your space on a daily basis; in that case, you need to empty the bin after every use.

Though, the vacuum, to some extent, makes up for this downside in the form of the highly accessible dust cup. Other than that, you just need to press a button to release all the debris from the bin. The small dust capacity is a drawback, but the convenience factor still tops the overall experience of using Shark ION F80.


No more worrying about cleaning the areas that are dim or completely dark, with this feature of Shark ION F80. There are headlights installed in the front head of the vacuum, which will not let any debris left unnoticed by you in the darker areas, at night, and all the tiny dust particles in the areas with dull light like under the furniture.

Final Verdict

There are so many reasons to opt for the Shark ION F80 vacuum cleaner. That’s especially if you are looking for a lightweight unit because of any potential reason like having a backache or any other. It features a super convenient MultiFlex wand, DuoClean-two brush rolls for different surfaces, and high capacity dual and removable batteries.

These features make this model of Shark stand out among the other vacuum cleaners in the market. There is an area with a downside, the dust bin with low dust capacity, but the overall comfortable use and experience of this model win over that for us!

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