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I personally tried Shark Navigator a couple of times at my aunt’s place and I’d say it’s among the most powerful vacuum cleaners you can find in the market, it has got sturdy built and from my experience, it’s among the top when it comes to cleaning carpets. On our blog, we have also listed it as among the top vacuum cleaners for concrete floors but it’s not limited to just one thing, it’s not handy as others but I don’t think that would be the case if you are looking for this giant in the first place. So, let’s jump into the details.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The best vacuum is the one that has an efficient performance, could lasts longer than a minimum of 8 years, as well as removes and sucks small particles, especially the pet’s hair, if you are a pet’s owner. The shark navigator lifts away is one of the best budget-friendly vacuum cleaners that are efficient and reaches every corner that is hard to get to, and ensures every single particle vacuuming on a single go.

Among many amazing features, one is that the budget-friendly shark family navigator lift away vacuum cleaner can be transformed into a handheld machine, making it more convenient to use under the furniture and upon the ceilings. Moreover, the shark navigator lifts away a pro is a great option for large families living together or having pets at their home because they need constant maintenance of their carpets thorough cleaning.

🧹 Lift away press 🧹 Anti-allergen complete seal technology 🧹 HEAP trap filters 🧹 Dust cap capacity of 2.2 quarts 🧹 Dual cleaning modes 🧹 Weight 13.7 pounds 🧹 Easy to set up 🧹 Additional tools are included in the box


1. Assembling

Shark navigator lift away has a very easy setup and can be assembled in just 15 minutes. After assembling, you can put it to work. The parts do not need extra tools for assembling or any professional hand. You will need to know which part fits where and how.

2. Structural modes

There are two structural modes of shark navigator lift: one is upright, and the other is the handheld mode. When in upright one, the machine measures about 45 inches in length and 13.7 weights. While in a handheld state, the shark navigator lifts away weighs 8 pounds, along with a cleaning passage of 9.5 inches. The purpose of the wide cleaning path is to speed up the cleaning process and save time.

3. Cleaning Power

The shark navigator lifts away vacuum has the latest design having a lightweight body that makes it easy to clean large and small spaces. One of the vacuum cleaner features is that it has powerful suction and can efficiently clean hallways, living rooms, and other floors.

4. Dust Cup

The dust cup of shark navigator lift away is a thin and elongated structure that can hold up to double the dirt and debris compared to other vacuums of the same line. It has enough space that can hold your dirt till you complete the cleaning process rather than emptying it again and again.

5. Anti Allergen Seal Technology

One of the unique features is that the shark navigator lift away vacuum is designed with the latest anti-allergen seal technology and HEPA filter that traps maximum, i.e., 99% of allergen, making this machine a perfect choice for people having allergies to certain particles. Another saline function of the filter is that it maintains the quality of air inside the cleaning space, such as the living room, etc.

6. Additional Accessories

The additional tools are generally included for specific cleaning purposes, such as a handheld wand, wide hose tool, and extension wand, as well as a duster. The crevice tool is for cleaning tricky areas such as corners, the top of cabinets, and the furniture located a little above the normal height.

Along with this, the additional accessories included in the shark navigator lift away vacuum machine play a key role in its ability to switch between different functions. You can now utilize them to switch to different cleaning modes and functions easily.

Cleaning Process

As shark navigators lift away, vacuum cleaners are known for efficient cleaning for a long time. It consists of both spinning brushes and suction. The purpose of the spinning brushes is to loosen the dirt trapped in the carpet, which is later pulled up by the suction pump.

Modes Of Cleaning

There are two modes of cleaning floors involved in shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner, i.e., cleaning bare floors and for carpets.

Cleaning bare floors is easier than carpets. As carpets entrap dust and debris, they settled down more firmly and deep into the carpet for longer. The pet’s hair and food crumbs can be easily removed from the carpets through this mode.

Along with this, you will need to level up the suction a little higher for cleaning a high pile carpet as it requires more strength because of the dust entrapped in its long fibers. Be careful because of the high suction level. Sometimes the pump gets stuck to the carpet. In contrast to this, the low pile carpets need a normal suction amount as it requires less force than usual cleaning.

Cleaning Inside of Vehicle

If you don’t have the budget to buy a separate vacuum cleaner for your vehicle, you can use the shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner inside your vehicle also as it has such tools and functions that drags out a maximum of the entrapped debris from the carpeted floor as well from the seats pushing just like from the sofa seating of your furniture.

Cost of Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The shark navigator lifts away cost around $169.99 through Amazon. As its ability to work on various types of floors, carpets, and more than one surface makes it time-efficient. Compared to the functions provided by the unit, the overall cost makes it an exciting value for a number of customers.

Despite all, some of the most money-valued features are its ability to change from one position to another to entrapped debris from the hard-to-clean and get areas without the need for an extra vacuum machine. Multiple modes to clean surfaces and strong suction power are at the top of the list to make it a good household investment.


The shark navigator company designs and manufactures a large number of household items. Because they have a good reputation among the users worldwide, the main reason is their consistency in product, and good customer services such as its warranty, etc. The shark navigator lift away come with a 5 years warranty to ensure a strong, trustworthy relationship between product and customers.

  • HEPA filtration Anti-allergen seal technology Large dust cup size Versatile functions Light-weighted 5 years warranty It does not produce unnecessary noises Mobile design Budget-friendly
  • Fragile canister Does Not perform well on high pile carpets


What is the difference between the Shark Navigator Lift-Away and the pro?

The difference between the shark navigator lift away, and pro is the dust cup size. The shark navigator lifts away has a 3.0 dry quarts dust cup capacity. While that of the pro has a 4.4 dry quarts capacity.

Why is my Shark Navigator vacuum so hard to push?

Your shark navigator vacuum can be so hard to push because of the too high suction level. If you want to make it works smoothly, just level down or lows down the suction level. Ensure that the suction power button is at the right mark for the respective surface you are working on.

Does the Shark Navigator vacuum have a belt?

Yes, the shark navigator vacuum has a belt designed to make the rotating brush works smoothly and quickly. The rotating brush loosens up the tighten entrapped dust particle to make it easy for the suction pump to pick up.

Summing Up

Keeping your home clean and tidy is an essential requirement for a healthy lifestyle. The shark navigator lifts away vacuum cleaner is a good value investment. It provides several functions and additional surfaces to retain its quality performance throughout cleaning. We hope that this article has made your thoughts clear regarding purchasing the shark navigator lift away. Please share your feedback with us and keep visiting us for more content.

Thank you!

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